• The war raged for many months, and many of the warriors were weak by this time. Most had died or fled. No one truly understood why they were fighting, but they were, and valiantly. However, they were losing ground daily…until today.

    The commander of the Arctic Fox demons had sent a request to a mixed breed, one well known for dark powers. He needed all the help he could get, no matter what the complaints had been.

    She stood at his side now, a vision of terrible beauty. He now knew why others had voiced against his bringing her here. Her aura swirled with evil and good powers, so strong it made his fur crawl. But he didn’t want to stop watching her.

    He had just been informed that the enemy had brought powerful mages onto their side. Grinding his teeth hard, he turned to the woman.

    "Sevina, are you ready to do your part? It won’t be pretty." He said quietly.

    The look she gave him nearly had him cowering. "I will win this battle for you, one way or another," she said darkly.

    Sevina watched the commander giving orders. She moved out with the men. Reaching the front lines, a smile played at her lips. She could see the enemy lines rushing at them.

    Suddenly she was in battle, the enemy had sent its best fighters against her, many seasoned warriors and a few powerful mages. She swung her sword gracefully, as a moving blade of death.

    Her wake of blood was large, and it as gaining their side ground. She blocked a mages attack, while stepping over a fallen foe. She pulled down three more warriors and a mage in a matter of moments.

    She took a glance around at the mayhem, blood stained the snow and Ice, men moaned everywhere, parts of their bodies spread for as far as the eye could see.

    Her own breath came out in thick steam clouds, and color was rising in her cheeks. She fought like twenty men. The last remaining mage fled, his terror mounting at the power she was building within herself.

    She glanced at the commander, and at their eye contact he knew it was time. Giving the command for a fall back, he said a small prayer for his men who had fallen. He turned his back on the fight and fled with the remaining men.

    Sevina laughed as the power filled and spilled from her. The sun vanished, leaving the land dark and nearly barren. The only light came from fires, making the clouds look like painted blood.

    The warriors surrounding the beautiful women stepped back. Terror wrote itself across their faces. With a smile she let the force lose, it devoured everything. Many simply drifted away on the breeze as fresh ash, a few burned painfully and still others exploded from within.

    The commander turned at the series of pained cries, then silence. What he saw took his breath away, it was something that was burned into his mind. The woman standing in the middle of the blood and gore was a vision, one of powerful beauty and fury.

    Her silvery blond hair drifted around her, both of her swords where plunged into the ground at her feet. Her violet eye meet his for a moment, he was shocked at what he saw. The pain and loneliness that poured from them ripped is soul into a thousand pieces.

    He was interrupted at that moment, by a messenger from the main force. He had a letter from the commander of forces, calling his troops back to the main force. It also stated that all outsiders should be paid and let go. The war was going to end within the foxes.

    He turned to look at Sevina again and sighed, she was gone.

    Sevina landed in a tree. She sighed heavily, looking around her at the young forest. It was just marking out its territory. She leapt gently from the tree, lading a few feet from an intricately carved door. It was fresh and clean. The shingles and windows seemed to glow in the fading sunlight.

    She walked up the steps to her new house. It was the only of its kind, and she had paid the humans well to build it. She trailed her finger over the door before she opened it. The smell of fresh wood drifted up to her.

    She smiled as she closed the door behind her