• Prologue

    I never get what I wanted. My sister Anne is such a b*****d no matter what I do and what she says is "you? Love me?" All she does is just turn away. I love her at least used to. But guess what? Someday I will be queen...

    Chapter 1

    I burst into tears with terror. "Why me, father? Why not Anne?" I said. My governess stood silently, staring father. I ran to my chamber weeping. I never did anything wrong to this kingdom nor father nor Anne. I always get into the middle and gets hurts. My chamber isn't really a chamber it is just a little room for my father's pets. Now his pets have their own house. Anne peeked at my room. She looks pail and angry and she said, " look at you Catherine you look beastly. Your mouth is such a blood sucker I bet your a witch. " I looked at her, confused but Anne ran to father I ran to her and grabbed her hair, she grabbed mines. My governess laughed like it was just a big joke. I for one has still tears on my cheeks I couldn't take it anymore. I need to have a plan and plan to move out. I will be queen someday, yes but not with Anne. I always was the loser, I will show who the loser is, Anne and Father

    Rose was my best-friend. She lives in an inn next to our palace. I am planning to live in that inn. Father somehow doesn't know about that inn I for one didn't either but when I first met Rose next to the town's lake (that is where I always go when I feel sad.) that was the first time i ever heard a about the inn.Now let me tell you why I was weeping. Anne told Father she meant to be the queen of England not me. I heard their discussion. Anne also told Father I should be killed just like my mother.