• Twins: The arrival of Rhyushi

    Neshira-Namea stepped into the small tavern, moving silently and almost invisible in the gloom. "....hello? Dark? Scion?" sighing heavily she slid behind the bar, pouring herself a pick-me-up. An assassin she was..but also a bartender now at the forgotten faith bar...friendship had won her over, and made her linger in this community of souls almost as lost as she. Living at the Bloodlust, She'd begun working at the forgotten faith, though she did not need the money.

    She heard a noise behind her and turned, a man stood, grinning at her with open arms, she ran to him, smiling for once, yet the sorrow never leaving her eyes. "heya Sci, what's up?"

    "Not much..someone is looking for you in town..." He appeared worried, so she found herself in the main part of the city, until a head of black hair much like her own, though short, caught her attention. He was tall, and lean with a face so much like hers that he could have passed for a male version of herself. His crimson eyes were scanning the crowd, and not in a pleasant manner.
    "It's...Rhyushi" Namea whispered softly. "he's..I should go..but This is my home now...the only one I've ever had...I'm not leaving it because my brother wants to kill me."

    A month passed quickly, rain coming to the town right on time with the season, emptying the tavern most of the time as people cuddled at home with loved ones. The night was dark and Neshira Namea stared out the window, polishing glasses. Suddenly the building shook..the sky roared, and the door flew open.
    "Hey sis....it's reunion time." The man in the doorway grinned, his eyes identical crimson to hers, and his fangs much longer. Rhyushi had arrived.