• Hate is love at me through your criticism.

    Admit it or not but you wish you

    were me in my realism.

    A writer can make you feel,

    know, carry their weight, and see

    what they're seeing in their vision.

    They get a pen and paper and

    make a life altering decision.

    The real ones are out for meaning.

    Towards truth, respect, and

    sincerity they're leaning.

    Look me in the eye, Do you want this life?

    Writers take what they take and

    use it in their observation.

    You've met your match in someone

    who each time puts their heart and

    soul on the line regardless of the consequences,

    Give credit where it's due,

    Deep down you have admiration.

    With words I can make you or break you.

    A goal is to make the coldest people cry

    and I'm serious that the battle's worthwhile.

    A writer at any time can change in depth

    so don't deny what you deny, Get out of denial.

    The world's overtaken by real writers that

    always have been and always will be true fighters.

    We have our own agendas, Lives to pursue.

    We're in our moment so let it bleed through.

    Time of breaking,
    Something no one else can we're making.