• Where is my favorite place? My favorite place only exists in a world where no other can enter except me. This very place is where I can be anything. Anything I want goes. On this other side of the world there is no limit to what you can do. There is always peace and harmony. This place that I speak of is my mind.

    I escaped away into my own imaginations. All I have to do is picture the scenery in my head and imagine that I am there at peace with no worries. There is a great waterfall, a light mist forms as it crashes down into a serene pond area where I meditate on top of a stone. The wind blows a slight cool breeze that makes the cherry blossoms fall from the trees. All stress, worries, doubt, pain, and sadness melt away. Nothing can pass through from the outside world to effect or hinder my thoughts. I sit there at peace, I sit there as my true self, the absolute.

    Whatever my limitless imagination can think of, many things can happen in this place. I can be staring out into the country on top of a castle in a world where magic and dragons exist or I can even be helping children escape a terrible war. It could be a place where I can help people and make a difference in the world. I can reach out and touch people’s lives. It can be like a continuous movie that can satisfy anything that I need at that time. It’s always there and it’s always mine.

    Many people escape into a fantasy world or dream of something that they need or can’t find in reality. Like the way the body needs to sleep and dream to recover physically and mentally. This special world revitalizes spirit and mind. It can be like taking a deep breath before going back down into the water that is life. This is my favorite place, it is only mine and no others.