• Maggie, a seemingly normal human to the rest of the world, but deep
    inside she holds a dark secret. A secret she must keep, for her life
    depends on it. She is restricted to even keeping this secret from her
    loved ones.
    Hard at times, she sometimes thinks that there is nothing for her to do
    except embrace the creature of darkness inside her. Some call it a
    blessing, others a burden. Being only sixteen she has only just begun to
    see the world as it truly is. Cruel and uncaring. Maggie always thought
    of herself as the burden to life, the bringer of death and misfortunes.
    Until one seemingly average day....


    Screams of terror broke the silence of the midnight air; Maggie woke,
    sitting upright instant fear arising in her. Looking around her, she saw
    she wasn't in her room as she had been when she had fallen asleep earlier
    that evening. She saw blood and many dead bodies around her. Her mind was
    cast to what she had thought was her dream. "oh No... no... no no no no...
    Please no..." She curled up, putting her face in her hands. She looked
    up and into her hands seeing the blood stains and tears falling from her
    crystal blue eyes, "This isn't a dream... Its all too real..." The rest
    of her words were drowned out by her sobs. On impulse she ran away from her
    hometown. She ran as far as she could until her legs and cries of pain
    could carry her no longer. I have to get out of here I cant endanger
    anyone else I am a monster She said as she cried herself to sleep out in
    the cold winter air.

    Maggie woke with a start, memories of her former life still floating
    aimlessly in front of her like cold hearted specters. Had it been a
    she wondered pushing herself up from the grass, "grass?" oh.... she
    groaned as the memories came flooding back to her, the darkness, the
    anguish the screams of terror and... she carefully licked the perimeter
    of her chapped lips, the blood. She shook herself awake realizing that she
    was sopping wet, i hate winter she thought drying herself off as best she
    could on her back pack. She thought back to the night before, the fear
    which had gripped her when she realized where she was, what she had done.
    She remembered hurriedly shoving everything she could into her small
    Metallica back pack and setting out from the house. her mother had always
    marvelled at the fact she was never scared of anything, but the explanation
    was simple, her bravery was only due to the fact she knew the only thing
    she had to be scared of was herself. The cool morning air stung her
    sensitive nostrils as she inhaled deeply allowing the scent of the dew
    to trace a fine track in her nose. she grumbled scraping the escaped trails
    of hair into a high ponytail. Miserably she ripped the backpack open but
    no luck. in her grand plan she had managed to pack a hoodie, trainers,
    fresh underwear, the photo of Dameon from before he disappeared, and a
    Metallica CD and yet, she thought throwing the bag on the floor, no food.

    She had to start making a plan for food. She could hear the groaning. It
    was starting to become unbearable to the point of ludicrously.

    sulkily she made her way over the emerald ridge of the gorge, she looked
    down remembering summers spent starting at the stars with Dameon she
    could remember everything like it was yesterday, even his cologne and the
    way his eyes would shine even when there was no light to reflect off their
    glossy exterior but most of all she remembered the day he disappeared,
    s**t! she was crying, how stupid she thought rubbing mechanically at her
    eyes it hurt to think of him...

    She was at a loss as what to do. How can she carry on living when all she
    could think about was Dameon? "I need to find some way that wont hurt when
    i remember him..." She mumbled wiping some of the tears off her cheeks.
    Without discarding the constant images of her past love a new thought
    crossed her mind, "Where am i going to go?"

    She stopped and took a moment to think. Staying with a relative was out
    of the question. Staying outside on her own was also discarded, "I need to
    survive somehow... But What else can i do?" Asking a complete stranger now
    and then wouldn't be that dangerous... Would it? "Still the question of a
    shelter and warm bed hasn't been solved..." She mumbled as she tried to
    warm herself up.

    she was almost at the truck stop now, wandering dazed in the morning
    light the rumbling in her stomach had grown to the point her rib cage was
    reverberating she slowed down a little as she approached the highway and
    the warming smell of fresh waffles wafted entrancingly through the cool
    morning mist. she dug instinctively in her pocket and produced a rather
    crumpled $10 note. "thank god," she thought straightening it out on her
    palm. she carefully traced the outline of the tiny white scar that ran
    across her wrist, she frowned remembering how much good that had done her,
    three weeks in a shrinks office was enough to make anyone slit their
    wrists. she just wished some people knew when to leave matter alone, but
    they never did. the flashing lights of the truck stops diner were now
    clearly visible in the distance, she rummaged in the backpack and
    produced the hoodie she had shoved in there. She pulled it roughly over
    her head and lifted the hood shivering a little, all she hoped was that
    the news
    of her disappearance hadn't traveled that far.

    The warmth of the diner was welcoming, Maggie stood by the door looking
    around her at the cozy restaurant. A waitress walked up to her, "What can
    i get fer yeh darlin'?" Maggie forced a smile at the girl, her accent was
    so fake it almost made Maggie laugh. Maggie opened her mouth to order but
    someone else spoke for her, "Waffels with chocolate syrup and a glass of
    cream soda..." How could the stranger know what she was going to order.
    It was humanly impossible... Unless... Maggie turned and stared wordless at
    the figure in the doorway.

    it was taller and more angular, its hair was wild and tussled but it was
    unmistakably him. Maggie felt a rush of blood to her head and then a
    sudden darkness she awoke in a quiet booth in the corner of the diner, in
    front of her was a plate of warm waffles and directly across the table
    sat Dameon. she pinched herself hard and felt an instant rush of pain shoot
    gleefully up her arm, it wasn't a dream, but how could he be here after
    all this time? she looked up at him her mouth open in amazement. He had
    combed his hand through his short black hair and now it sat in unruly
    spikes which stuck out in all directions. she could tell he was analyzing
    her like he always had, taking in every detail of her being she felt
    herself blush and avert her gaze. then she shook herself from her girlish
    paralysis and her blush was replaced with a red hue of pure rage. "Where
    the hell have you been!" she demanded staring directly into his startled
    emerald eyes.

    "Hey calm down Maggs," Dameon held his hands up in surrender. His eyes
    glittering warmly in the light from the diner, "I had some business that
    needed tending to..." His hands slowly came down to rest on the table
    between the two. He had diverted his gaze from Maggie at that point
    was not normal in the least. Something had happened during his 'business
    trip' that he didn't want Maggie to know about. Dameon smiled and turned
    his gaze back to Maggie, "You better eat your waffels they are getting
    "Let them get cold," The venom in her voice was uncontrolled, she was
    angry she had the right to be angry after all this time. Didn't she?

    "I never stopped thinking about you too..." His words took her by surprise,
    she hadn't even said anything. Well he had always been good at knowing
    what she was thinking. Maggie virtually attacked her semi-cold waffles to
    take her mind off the past, It was still too painful to bare with.

    in the mitts of her feeding frenzy she had neglected the minute detail
    of chewing and now found herself in a rather embarrassing choking fit. to
    her surprise she felt a very hard thump on her back as she hacked up the
    mangled wad of waffle. How had he gotten up so fast? she wondered her
    colour returning to normal. "thanks," she gasped wiping her mouth off on a
    serviette. " are you okay?" he inquired, his perfect face riddled with
    concern. "fine," she hacked expelling the last of the offensive waffle.
    "it was true what i said," he probed glancing earnestly up at her she
    could see that the corners of his mouth were fighting an epic battle with
    his facial muscles in his attempt not to smile, i know it was funny she
    said at last, its okay if you want to laugh. he chuckled lightly looking
    down at his shoes, " i have never seen a girl eat like that" he said a
    cheeky smile edging onto his face, " liar" she retorted " I've seen you
    eat like that all the time" it was a weak insult but it made her feel
    better none the less.

    " mind you you have been on the run since last night," a cold shiver ran
    down her spine, how did he know that she had run away? they used to go to
    the diner all the time before the disappearance. she looked up at him, her
    face now questioning and distrustful," what makes you think i ran away?"
    she said making sure s he maintained eye contact. "oh, well," he blushed
    and contemplated the floor." actually i came looking for you last night."
    she was shocked, how long had he been back? she wondered wrinkling her
    nose at the gooey mush left on her plate.
    " when you weren't home by 3 i guessed you must be on the run so, well i
    remembered the diner and, i just kinda knew you'd be here. "so no one else
    knows where i am?" she asked an unexpected shiver running down her spine.
    "no," he replied and, well our meeting isn't by chance, I'm here because,
    "i sensed you needed help."
    "oh fancy that" she sneered ," you leave me here alone all this time to
    cry myself to sleep and only now you decide that i need you?" she could
    feel the tears starting up again. he looked hurt "hey i had stuff to
    deal with too, you think it was easy for me to leave you here?" he shouted,
    she had never seen him angry before and she shrunk back a little in the wake
    of his rage," all i meant was....",
    " i know it wasn't fair," he yelled then he softened a little ," but it
    was the only way i could protect you."

    Maggie was still semi frozen waiting for Dameon's rage to dissipate. Was
    she being unfair by stating that it wasn't fair he had left without a word
    and returned without a word? Maggie kept her eyes adverted while she spoke
    in a small voice almost inaudible to even herself, "If you left to protect
    me... then why are you back? There's never any trouble around here..."
    She could hear the doubt in her own voice and she hoped that he hadn't
    noticed it too. Inside the rebellious Maggie said, "i don't need
    protecting! I can handle myself!" Dameon watched> her, he had now regained
    his passive features which held little emotion. His eyes still had a hint
    of the previously displayed anger rant but that too was slowly dying. He
    didn't speak, In an attempt to keep harsh words at bay? Maggie wandered.

    It was a long barely durable silence and Maggie couldn't take it any
    longer. School was less stressful than this. It felt as if the world was
    on some sort of slow motion tape, almost like the movies of the early ages
    of film making, except this was in colour and not black and white. "Please
    say something, Its been..." The rest of Maggie's words were lost to the
    floor.Dameon half smiled, Maggie was just as she had been. Barely changed
    in the time he had last seen her. Just as he remembered her too.
    Although a memory can never live up to the standards of the real person.

    Another smothering silence engulfed the pair as they both sat nervously,
    not knowing what to ask next and not sure if they wanted the answers.
    "have you got another, um mm, boyfriend?" Maggie spluttered in shock,
    "uh, stupid question" was all she could reply. he laughed a deep calming
    laugh and then regained his quiet disposition, smiling inwardly to what was
    clearly an insiders joke. Maggie found herself smiling too something she
    hadn't done in a while and she liked it. Dameon ordered another round of
    cream soda and contemplated her from the other end of the wooden table. he
    could see a sadness in her eyes which hadn't been there the last time they
    were together, something that was ripping her apart from the inside out.
    he reached almost as if in a trance across the table to take hold of her
    hand. she flinched," don't," she whispered pulling away from the comfort
    of his touch, " i don't want to hurt you." it was almost dark outside the
    cafe, many silent glances had passed across the corner table in the past 6
    hours. they had hardly talked at all but it seemed that all that they
    needed to say would only drive them apart.
    " come home with me," dameon said looking hopefully into Maggie's eyes.

    "i cant... i don't want to hurt you..." Though there were no tears the
    sadness showed, more with each second that passed, in her eyes and the
    hurt her words caused was shown equally in her voice. Maggie looked out
    the window in an attempt to keep her tears at bay. The sun was low, she
    needed to get out of public before she did something she knew she would
    regret. Dameon just watched, confused by her words. "i... i have to go..."
    Maggie got out but before she could move more than a few feet, Dameon was
    there in front of her holding her by the shoulders, concern written all
    over his face, "Maggs please... i don't want to loose you again..."
    Maggie didn't look at him, her eyes would betray the hurt too much if she
    did. It hurt to look at him knowing what she was, but it also hurt to not
    look at him because of the time that has seemed endless without him by
    her side.

    she rushed out the diner without another word, hearing the door jiggle
    open again behind her made her quicken her pace to avoid the unmistakable
    owner of the thudding footsteps racing to catch up . " please Maggs" he
    begged the pain audible in his voice " please come back to me." but she
    couldn't ,she couldn't imagine what she would do if she hurt him. she
    turned showing more bravery than she felt and looking him straight in the
    eye," dameon," she said as firmly as her voice would let her,"go away"
    his eyes fell and she began to walk away just as he grabbed her hand and
    kissed her. she felt like she could melt away in the moment, safe and
    loved but out the corner of her eye she saw the sun was now only a
    luminescent sliver over the ridge and it would be dark soon so she pulled
    regretfully away, "I'll find you," she said letting go of his hand and
    running into the oncoming darkness the animal within her ravenous to be
    released. she sprinted lightly over the grassy field leading up to the
    gorge she had to move quickly the pangs of hunger were already beginning
    to wrack her body. "no" she felt herself saying," not yet." she stumbled
    the last few steps down to the cave and lunged into the corner as she
    began to fumble with the lock the sun disappeared making the land below
    instantly colder and the darkness engulf the monstrous happenings within
    the merciless depths of the cave.

    Dameon didn't follow, the weight of Maggie's words had planted his feet
    firmly on the rough tarmac. It hurt to watch her run away from him.
    Maggie sat on the cold cave floor fighting the battle she had to face each
    night when the sun fell and moon rose. By this time she was near the point
    of loosing, "i cant... not tonight... not with Dameon back..." Tears fell
    down her cheeks as she fought the epic battle for her humanity. "why me...
    why now?" she cried to the empty cave, her words bounced of the walls
    creating a dull echo, "its not fair..." she managed to mumble before the
    beast inside her took over for the night.

    she awoke with a throbbing headache and began fumbling for the light
    switch, when she couldn't find one she knew she could only be in one
    place. something wet dripped down from the ceiling above, she didn't
    look up because she knew what she would find. there was no mistaking the
    consistency of the congealed liquid, she quivered and tried to find
    something warm to crawl under. she froze as her feet came in contact with
    something soft, fury and deathly cold. "stupid dog," she thought tears
    brimming in her eyes, it must have gotten in the way. her walk to the
    bottom of the creek was slow and somber each step bought a new onslaught
    of tears. she wasn't sure how she could go on like this.

    the attacks had become worse and recently she remembered little more than
    disjointed flashes which haunted her every move. She greatfully splashed
    the cold water from the spring onto her face, the pink droplets that fell
    made her turn away. she was still covered in blood.

    The smell of blood on her was very strong. Maggie had tried her best to
    wash most of it off but somehow she just couldnt get it all. Maggie had
    wandered many times who had made her the way she was today but she could
    never think of anyone or anything. "Damn... i reek..." the light hearted
    joke about herself did nothing to aid her cheering up. The sadness was
    too strong for the feeble efforts of a badly phrased joke.
    "Dameon... This is why i had to run..." Maggie thought to herself as the
    previous late afternoon events replayed in her head. She hated herself
    for not being able to tell him about her 'condition' but a strong force
    inside her told her that it was better to keep what she really was a
    secret. No one can know, not even someone who would have been the first
    she'd tell can know.

    Maggie saw it as her curse and she wished for no one else to know what it
    was like to be a monster. No one should have to suffer the way she did
    every night as she watched the monster take control of her body and create
    chaos every where she went. The media would soon be reporting on the
    strange murders that take place each night in increasing numbers. Maggie
    could just imagine the Headlines in the Papers, 'Mass Murderer on the
    Loose Lock up your homes at night' "A crazed mass murderer... wow i feel
    so special..." The Sarcasm was leaking off every word she said. She
    would have to try be careful... or at least the creature inside her would if
    it continued to increase the number of victims it killed each night.

    She straightened up , allowing the cool morning breeze to slap her icily
    awake. she felt guilty to be alive when the mutilated remains of her
    innocent victims lay strewn about the countryside. the authorities had
    started to take notice of the alarming rise in violent crimes but she
    couldn't help it, she was just a kid. she didn't want to return to the
    cave even though she had vacated the body she had found hanging grotesquely
    from a stalactite .the person had looked vaguely familiar but she didn't
    have much to go on, after all the majority of the persons flesh had been
    removed. the image burned her retina causing bile to rise in her throat
    "oh god," she thought to herself , "why me?"

    She eventually managed to keep from soaking herself in another
    terrible smelling liquid. She carried on, on her mission to get to a place
    where she wouldn't be a danger to the people of a community. "i cant keep
    going like this..." she mumbled as she walked the forest grounds, "There
    has to be a solution to..." Her words were cut off as an idea came to
    "i have to control this creature... but the only way i can do that is...
    if i find a way to destroy it!" Not only in her words and expression was
    there a new hope but also in her heart. The hope filling it with a
    meaning it never had before.

    she scrambled shakily up the dewy embankment and began her ascent to the
    top of the gorge. the rumbling that she had felt in her stomach the
    night before had subsided to a dull but foreboding growl. she stumbled
    the last few steps to the top and then carefully straightened out her
    clothes whilst looking across the fresh, undisturbed field. she was alone
    again, and it hurt

    Maggie could no longer move forward without risking herself falling and
    potentially hurting herself. Memories happy and grim flashed through her
    mind. They only increased the on going waves of hurt she felt. Blood.
    Running. More blood. Past Dameon. More Running. Dameon at the diner.
    Running again. The hurt only increased more with each thought of Dameon.
    Though as much as it hurt it got Maggie thinking. Dameon… How did he
    know I had ran away? How did he know where to find me? What did he mean by:
    ‘I have come back to protect you’? Protect me from what? Many question
    surfaced but none as unnerving as, Did Dameon know what I really am?
    The thought scared her more than being a blood craving fiend. She knew
    she had to find out if he knew or not but she also knew that she needed to
    be really careful about it. Her ultimate secret can never in a million life
    times be told to anyone… Not even a person she trusted most.

    Dameon awoke with a startling jolt. the nightmares he had been running
    from all those years ago and thought had disappeared had returned more
    brutal and vivid that they had been when he left. his body quivered as he
    lifted himself shakily from the wrinkled bed sheets and made his way
    toward the bathroom. his face scared him, he was pale and gaunt, purple
    shadows ringed the underside of his eyes which were bloodshot and wide
    with fear. he filled the sink and splashed his face, preying it would
    alleviate his mind of the gruesome flashes which had still not left him.
    he dried his face and laid out a new set of clothes before he made his way
    to the shower.

    his mood had not improved much by the time he had made his way downstairs
    in search of food, stumbling in the strange and spacious surroundings of
    his childhood home. he had forgotten what it was like to have so much
    freedom after all those years... he shook his head in an attempt to remove
    the haunting thoughts of his life away from home. his mother was already
    awake, shuffeling happily around the kitchen in preparation for the new
    day. she gasped in surprise when she saw him standing there, she hadn't
    ever heard him come in, but then again it was still shocking to have him
    back after all this time. she smiled happily and pulled out a chair at the
    breakfast table for him. " what would you like to eat dear?" she inquired
    sweetly pouring him a mug of coffee, breakfast, yet another thing he was
    no longer used to. " just some toast please, mom" the words felt strange
    in his mouth, " where's dad?" he asked, taking a deep swig of the coffee
    and cussing as he burnt his tongue. his mother appeared offended by his
    use of language but said nothing but continued along sadly, "i.. i don't
    know how to say this," her voice was raw and chocked with tears, " there
    was an accident," the words spilled from her tongue with a bitter twist, "
    he's dead Dae"

    Dameon was stunned by ths news and found himself lost for words in the few
    seconds of silence that gathered in the air. "Dae... Honey?" His mother
    went to stand infront of him to get his attention.
    Without realising it Dameon had gripped the coffee mug harder and his
    knuckles were white.
    "But... How?" His words were what lead to another silence but this one was
    "Dae Honey it was an accident... Its sad i know but we must carry on with
    our lives its what your father would have wanted us to do" His mother's
    words were barely a whisper.

    he sat in awestruck horror for what seemed like a lifetime. Hot tears blazed a trail of raw heat down his flushed cheeks. His dad had always seemed so strong and brave. They had not parted on good terms. He recalled the heated argument they had had in the car on the day he had left; he struggled to regain his composure wiping the tears wistfully from his face. The last thing he had told his dad before he’d left was that he hated him. The memory bought up a whole new set of emotions; he regretted never telling his father that what he’d said wasn’t true, not telling both is parents every day that he loved them. But most of all he regretted leaving his mother alone to deal with the grief of losing not only her son, but her beloved husband too. He was also ashamed for not telling them where he had gone but, at the time, it had seemed like the most logical course of action. He looked up to see his mother staring nervously at him; she looked like she’d seen a ghost. “What language was that” she looked imploringly at him, her eyes had and acquired a strange steely gaze. “Excuse me?” he spluttered his brow creasing into a frown. “Just now, after I told you about your dad,” she said now shifting uncomfortably in her seat, “you started muttering in another language and then you went blank.” His eyes widened, not again, not after all this time he groaned standing abruptly and leaving his mother looking worriedly after him from the kitchen if he'd turned he would have seen the solitary tear which slipped quietly from her eye and splashed with a forboding finality onto the lifeless granite floor.

    Maggie, strolled through the forest grounds unsure whether to carry on searching for Dameon or to just collapse where she was. The desision seemed to be made for her without herself knowing it. That was to keep searching for Dameon despite how fatigued she was.The forest seemed to go on forever and Maggie's steps seemed to drag out the more tired she became. Soon she was barely able to carry her own weight on her feet. In the distance a wolf's howl was heard, sending chills down her spine. Maggie walked on soon coming upon a clearing which held a river and a clear veiw of the full moon above as well as the rising sun. It was a while before Maggie snapped out of her trans.
    "I need to focus... Dae where are you?" There was an unsual urge to go hunting, she had already been hunting but still the urge to have blood was almost over whelming. Crawling into a curled up postion near the base of the tree. There Maggie tried and seemed to succeed in keeping the blood lust at bay. But for how long was uncertain.

    her sleep was turbulent, phantom memories flitted by at a nauseating pace causing her to toss restlessly. When she finally awoke she was covered in an ice cold film of sweat. A sudden breeze bought an entrancing smell to her nostrils she inhaled greedily and allowed it to fill her body. It was so familiar but she couldn’t quite place it. At last curiosity got the better of her and she found herself strolling through the forest in search of its source. Meanwhile Dameon had left home and made his way into town. He wanted to catch up on the parts of Maggie’s life he had missed. But he guessed her parents wouldn’t want to see him after the treacherous rendezvous he had had with her father shortly before he left so he tried to track down the next best thing. Her best friend Amy summers.

    Maggie, following the the entising smell that had made her walk on through the forest ignoring the much need sleep that kept being put aside, found a small cottage. The site of the cottage and the smell that seemed to be coming from inside the cottage bought up a past memory. This cottage seemed somehow familiar but she could not place the memory with the correct facts.
    Though she was fairly unsure whether to approach the cottage was a good idea she went ahead walking as slow as was possible within her increasing resistance toward the cottage door.
    Maggie didnt realise until she was on the porch that the entising smell origionating from the cottage's kitchen had reawakened the hunger for normal food. How long had it been since she had had a decent meal? At the Diner? How long ago was that? Maggie had no answer to any of the questions that now flooded her thoughts. Maggie gulp and knocked on the door, it was time to find out why this cottage was so similar to her.

    There was a muffled cry of pain inside followed by a fairly impressive string of cusses. then there was the sound of rust against wood as a large brown eye appeared and stared wildly from the peephole. Maggie took a step back but for some reason didn't feel threatened she recognized the calm but mildly insane eyes as though she stared into them ever day. the eye had now focused on her and the look of annoyance had disappeared to be replaced with a gaze of pure shock there was a throaty cough and then the eye disappeared. disheartened Maggie turned to leave but stopped dead in her tracks when she heard the clunk of a key in a lock. then with an unexpected ferocity the door was flung open to reveal an elderly man with a wild sliver mane which stuck out in every direction. approaching Maggie his expression remained unchanged until he was within a centimeter of her when he lowed his eyes and serveyed her startled expression.

    Maggie was amazed yet not embarresed but her unannounced appearance. The silence stretched on for a while. Maggie was finally able to say something but she was still slightly awestruck at the sight of the old man. "Reign..." The name sent a wave of undeniable emotion running through her veins. She barely knew the man yet she felt compelled to protect him from the dangers of the planet they lived upon and anything else that came his intended way. Shaking her self internally she caught a grip on reality as she realised that she Margrett Greystone was probally the most dangerous being on the planet Earth.
    Reign watched Maggie struggle with something internally and wasnt quite sure how to Approach the girl. Keeping his unwavering facial expression he spoke only her name, for that was enough to bring Maggie back to her present surroundings and jump back almost ten feet. Now back to the present veiw of the world and its inhabitants and environment She started mumbling her appologies for zoning out not realising until Reign had called her name for a fourth time, "Maggie!".
    "I'm so sorry Reign... I didnt mean to... " Her sentances started blurring into each other until it was completely impossible for the words to be signaled out. Finally embarrased by her clumsiness she concluded with, "Sorry Reign..."