• I couldn't sleep. I don’t really know why. It was about 3:00 am and still dark out; but I didn't care. I just felt like I needed to go outside. I put on my jean jacket and some sneakers and opened my door.

    It was quite outside. I didn't hear anything, and now that I was outside I couldn't figure out why I wanted to be there. I just felt like I needed to be there, outside on my front porch. I would soon find out why I was there, why I felt the erg to go outside at 3:00 in the morning.

    Ch 1


    It must have been at least twenty minutes before I heard someone coming. As I stood in my drive-way I saw a boy who looked to be about my age run down the street. When he saw me he stopped and said so softly "You gotta...help me. He’s coming." Then he fell forwards onto the grass. Not even a minute later a man, what looked to be a man, came running down the street. He also saw me and stopped.

    In a horse voice, that honestly scared me when IT first spoke, IT said "Where is he?! I need the boy! "

    I didn't know what to do. I figured I shouldn't tell IT that the boy was lying on my lawn right in front of it, so I lied. I tried to lie. "Wh...what boy?"

    "Don’t lie to me girl...wait you!!! It’s you he was to... I don’t believe...I don’t believe it! HA they were wrong! They were wrong and now...now I am to have the two powers hahahaha!"

    I was so confused. "Um, Sir. Are you alright?" I asked thinking HE, or whatever it was, was just DRUNK. It rambled talking to itself for a moment more.

    "HA you don't know do you. Oh this is great. Your stupid parents never told you," he said as he looked down and noticed the boy being to wake up right in front of us. As the boy noticed IT standing over him, IT picked him up and slung him over his. What I guess was his shoulder.

    “Come with me and you shall not be harm. Stay and,” he paused giving me time to think of what might happen,” well that’s not really an option." IT said with a smirk

    Ch 2
    What The!

    "Yeah right. Like I’m going to go anywhere with you. Now put the boy down or else." I said. Surprisingly I meant it.

    "Or else? What are you going to do about it? You don't even know how to use your powers?"

    "Remember when you said my parents never told me about my 'powers'? Well you where right they didn’t, BUT someone else did now put the boy down!"
    "Yeah Put me down” he interrupted.
    "Shhh.” I didn't need his help "You're going to be in a lot of pain," I said looking IT straight in 2 of its 4 gray eyes, that I could see now that the hood of his green cape had fallen off.

    "Prove to me you know how to use your powers and I shall leave you and the boy alone. If not, well I’ll just have to be creative," IT said and begun laughing again...

    "Ummm" before I could even think of what to say IT was on the ground, and the boy was pulling me towards my house.

    Inside he locked the door and moved a cabinet up against it.” I don’t think this will hold HIM long. Now what spells do you know?” He asked
    "You're joking right?” I almost burst out laughing “Spells. What? You actually think I have...,"I paused thinking *this kid is crazy* "powers?’
    He sighed ”So you were lying. No one has told or thought you anything yet."

    "Boy, you are crazy" I said rolling my eyes at him

    “Okay. 1.stop calling me boy. My, name is Ethan. 2. I'm not crazy. You do have powers. 3. If you don’t believe me wake you parents up and ask them"

    "Ok...Ethan if I have "powers” what are they and how do you know about them?"

    "Everyone on Edgetenton knows about your powers and you can cast spells. Duh. And you can control the elements also...." I didn't let him finish before I turned and walked down the hall to my parent’s room. I opened the door and walked up to my mom. I figured she'd be a little more understanding when I told her a crazy boy from "Edgetenton" thinks I have "powers". I almost laughed at the thought of the look I thought my mother would have on her face

    Ch 3

    No really

    "Mom. Mom wake up." I whispered so not to wake my father up

    "What is it?" she asked still more than half asleep

    "Well I went outside a little...."
    I said no more before the boy walked out from behind me and loudly said ”How you could’ve not told her! She’s what 14 and doesn’t even know she has powers!" My mother put her hand out and he stopped talking.
    "We did not tell her for we hoped that if she never knew about them she could never use them. Then HE could not find us. Do you now understand why we didn't not tell her?" My mother asked surprisingly calm

    "Uhhh that makes scene. Except HE has already found us, I mean you, and HE is probably going to get more of HIS kind and come back." Ethan said sounding a bite scared.

    "We better explain to Emily what is going on." My mother suggested. "Emily this is Ethan he's form Edgetenton. Your father and I are well... the rulers of Edgetenton” I cut her off I mean she sounded crazier then Ethan. Rulers of Edgetenton?

    "So I’m what the Princess" I couldn't help myself I started to laugh, but my mother’s facial expression was completely serious.

    "Yes you are the next ruler of Edgeteton and Ethan is telling the truth you do have powers. Now that HE has found us I suppose we have to teach you how to use them."

    "You people are nuts, and say I do have 'powers' who says I want to learn how to use them"

    "Rather you want to learn how to use them or not you have them, and it would be easier to control them if you know how to use them. You wouldn't want to go turning someone into a block of ice now would you?" I looked at my mother as though she was crazy, but I agreed to learn how to use them. Of course this only happened after I woke my father up and went through the same thing I had just gone through with my mother. We agreed that the next day I would start my lessons. Mother planed to teach me to control water and fire and father would teach me wind and earth. Ethan agreed to teach me every spell he knew which according to him could take a long time.