• The white boy keep telling seaser that he lost his mom and then the white boy stared at Ayde and she noticed that the little boy was very pale. The white boy told Ayde to give give him her hand. Soon,since Seaser reads about little boys trying to take you to another world,Seaser noticed that the white boy was one of them.Seaser saw Ayde about to put her hand to his and was gonna tell Ayde not to but he was too late. Soon,Jullia shaked her hand off of her X boyfriends hand but the next thing you know she ended up in a beach with her x boyfriend wchith was named Josh. Jullia was very scared and wanted Ayde to be with her. And then she noticed that she left Ayde alone.
    In her mind she was thinking if the same thing happende to her. Josh told Jullia "Welcome to my beautiful world". Jullia noticed that the beach that she is on is when Josh and her spend time together when they were couples.
    Jullia blurted out that Josh was a monster because of where they are. A beautiful purple light came to her and Ayde. And the light was.........