• it was three weeks before christmas and a boy named david was talkng to his girlfriend. he misses her since she moved 3 months ago. he really wanted her to be with him for christmas. she wanted the same. she asked him to talk to his parents. he handed the phone to them. when they were done talking she told david that she won't be able to talk to him for three weeks because she needed to get her schoolwork done so she won't have any homework for break.

    three weeks later it was christmas day. david wasn't that happy because he wanted to spend the day with his girlfriend. but when he walked down stairs he saw a large box. it said "to:david from:someone specal" he was gonna open the box but just then the box started to move then it bursted open. when david looked his girlfriend was there "i guess our christmas wish came true."

    so the meaning of the story is..."if you really beilieve in something it can come true."