• Mystic Vampire
    Chapter 4: A Change in Personality

    Today is Wednesday! It’s bright and sunny. And, everything feels good today. I think things might be okay. I go take a hot shower, then I get dressed in the semi-ugly school uniform; a knee length skirt for girls (guys wear shorts or long pants) which is khaki, and a black shirt which the boys and girls wear, with a few alterations. I put my hair in a pony tail for a change, and for some reason I felt like wearing more black. I put on dark eye liner and on top of it green eye shadow. I wear diamond studs and a black choker. Around my wrists I wear black bracelets. I wear cute long black socks that reach over my knees and brown shoes. I pack up my book bag, zip it up and go into the dining room. Andrew and I leave for school together.
    Andrew stood beside me as we were walking down the halls and people were starring our way. You had the Jocks in their blaring red orange and black team Jackets whistling. Our nerds starring in envy along with the geeks. Popular girls had faces on like “OH MY GOD,” grabbing their waists as they swung their hips. Of course I’m thinking, “How transparent can they be?!” Then, we have the Stuck Up’s. One of the girls named Ashley strolls in front of me with her ‘slaves’ and says, “OMG! What the hell are you wearing?” And her friends back her up by saying, “Yeah,” while shaking their heads and making pouty faces.
    Pushing her back I say, “No, no, no sweetie. The question is what are you wearing?”
    Then a crowd surrounds us with the famous, “Ooooooo.” Some guys have their hands over their mouth in a cone shape.
    Ashley says, “Sure, wear a skirt where you can see half your a** and a skanky tee, and you talk about me? That’s out of the question. When you get a fashion consultant, come back and say something.”
    As she tries to walk away I slap her so hard in the face with the back of my hand. The sound echoed through the entire school. Ashley got angry and reached in to choke me. Her hand cupped around by neck, and my face filled will red… The veins in my skin were literally popping out. Soon, a huge fight broke out.
    After a few minutes I was almost knocked unconscious as I lay on the ground, with blood slowing dripping from the corner of my mouth. Then that witch has the nerve to walk past the hyped up crowd and scream, “THAT’S WHAT SHE GETS.” Unfortunately for her, I heard that. I opened my eyes fast in complete and utter rage. My eyes began to glow a bright, intense red and my face was scrunched up. My fangs hung over my bottom lip as I hissed at her. I stood in a fighting stance with my knees bent low ready to attack.

    (Let’s stop here for a second. Yeah, yeah. I know that I’ve been a vampire for a while now, but I’ve just exposed that secret to the entire school!!!!!! Worse than that. My good girl image is gone. My reputation has been blemished!!! I’m doomed to suffer for the rest of eternity!!! Okay, yeah, I know. It’s just high school. But high school decides everything! What’s going to happen to me??????)

    Everyone standing near this fight started shrieking back in fear. People had looks of disgust on their face as they pointed at my fangs. It was weird that no teachers came to stop the fight. But, Andrew rushed in to break things up. He grabbed my hand and sped out of the building. Suddenly my head rushed and pulsed with incredulous pain. I fell unconscious in front of the school guard. He ran over to see if everything was okay. But…
    I was taken to the nurse’s office and there was a bright light being shined into my eyes going left and right continuously as I woke up. There were unfamiliar faces that surrounded me. A pale skinned boy with dark brown hair, perfect face, and almost red lips. Two girls with long hair. One had long blond curly pony tails, peach colored skin, and bluish green eyes. The other with dark long hair… Before I could continue my head spun and my vision blurred.

    A lady spoke and said, “Katie? Katie?” The volume varied in my head, going up and down. I looked around the room in confusion searching for this girl. The lady said, “This isn’t good.” It started to annoy me when she called for this “Katie” girl so many times.

    I politely asked, “Excuse me Miss, who is this Katie you’re calling for? We seem to be the only ones here. Has she left?” Then I see the people around me with sad and worried looks on their faces. Then I say, “Ummm…who are all of you? Come to think of it, who am I?” A shiver runs through my spine and I suddenly feel cold. I try to stand up, but my vision is shaking and I’m a little tipsy. There’s a mirror against the wall and I stare at the reflection. I stop moving and go into shock. I touch my faces and keep saying…”Who…who…who…” Then, I fall hard to the ground and my knees crash hard onto the floor tiles. I rub my hands around my face, and my jaws begin to shiver. My hands drop to my sides and I turn around to the three people standing beside me and say, “Who am I? Please. Someone tell me!”
    A soothing voice behind me says, “You’re Katie Nile.” His face clearly showed despair.
    “And who are you?” I say.
    “I’m Andrew.”
    The girl with blond hair says, “I’m Tiki.”
    The other girl said, “I’m Kristy.”
    The kind woman who shined the light in my eyes said, “Girls, come with me for a while. Give these two some space.” I get up from the ground and I still can’t keep my balance. I’m falling, when Andrew caught me in his arms. For some reason a tear rolled down my cheek.
    I’ve lost it. I’ve lost everything!!! I mean, who am I? How old am I? Where am I? What’s my life story? Right now I’m walking with Andrew’ he’s taking me home…where ever that it. For some reason, he’s the only one I can trust right now. Things are kind of awkward because he keeps looking at me. So, to break the silence I say, “So who are you exactly? I mean, what’s our relationship…how do we know each other?”
    “Well, we live together. But, things are a bit complicated. How about I tell you later? It would probably be for the best.”
    I put on a cute puppy dog face and say, “Please???? Please, please, please, please, please??? I wanna know!”
    Andrew puts his finger over my lip and says, “Not now.” Then he pulls me close to his chest and kisses the top of my head.
    I whisper, “Did I miss something here?” He quickly pulled back. He must have heard me… Then I try to compromise with him. “Okay, okay. How about this. You answer my questions; I’ll answer any of yours. Deal?” I say with such hope in my voice.
    “No!” He demands playfully, but somehow not.
    “That probably wouldn’t work anyways. I wouldn’t have any answers for your questions.” Andrew lightly laughed and put his arm around my waist, pulling me close to his side. Inside my head I laugh maniacally because I have the perfect plan.

    Plan A:

    “Andrew, my stomach hurts,” I say with a sly voice.
    “Are you hungry?” he asks.
    “I’m not sure.”
    “I’ll make something for you to eat.”
    “What about you?”
    “Ummm…don’t worry about it,” he says with a startled face.
    “Can I go lay down for a while?”
    “Yeah, you’re room is upstairs, 2nd door on the right.”
    “Thank you!”
    I purposely made myself look like I was unconscious in the middle of the hallway, until Andrew would come running my way. I waited….and waited…and waited…then finally!!! About 20 minutes later he calls to tell me that the food is ready. When he didn’t hear a response he got worried. My plan was falling perfectly into place. Andrew panicked running up the steps and found me laying there. He grasped me in his arms and scooped me up. He laid my head against his shoulder and my legs hung over his arms. He brings me into a room, which I’m guessing was mine, and put me on the bed. Then he grabs my hand, and puts his head down.
    “I’m so sorry.”
    He slowly heads for the door. Now’s my chance!!! I jump out of the bed and run to the door before he could. I locked it, and sat on the floor leaning my back against it. I yelled, “Hehehe! We’re alone, and it’s later, so SPILL!” I close my eyes and smile like I’m so smart.
    “Same old Kate.”
    “So, you’re gonna tell me?”
    “Does that mean I have a say in the matter?”
    I laugh and say, “Nope!” Mission accomplished!!!

    “So, where do you want to start?” Andrew says, taking a deep breath.
    “Tell me about you, everything!!” And so the life long story begins.
    “Well, you already know that my name is Andrew. I’m 16 years old, just like you. We’ve known each other for about 9 years. I guess I’m kind of average. I like reading, writing, playing sports. That’s about all.”
    “There’s something you’re not telling me.”
    “Well what do you want to know? My favorite color, song…”
    I interrupt, “Just tell me.” But he can’t seem to talk. I started into his limpid red eyes and say, “Tell me…” It became late at night. Time passed so quickly, and I never got an answer from him. Finally he speaks up.
    “Kate, I’m a Va--,” he stutters.
    “A ‘va’ what?”
    “A vamp--,” he continued then stopped, when suddenly something strange happened.
    The clock hit midnight. Without control I walked out of my room, through the halls, down the stairs, through the living room and out the door. Andrew spotted this so he chased after me screaming.
    “Wait!! Kate, where are you going?”
    I was in a trance. I was walking outside, which was completely deserted. I paused in a field, facing the moon and began to chant silently:

    “When the clock strikes midnight, on the first
    During the Vampires’ right time
    On that exact day and time a full moon shows
    They will keep their form for all eternity.
    Immortal they will become
    Time becomes not a burden, but a blessing
    For some, a curse
    May their hearts continue to beat
    Accept thy fate.”

    There’s no expression on my face… same with Andrew. We were dazed as we unconsciously walked toward each other and soon held hand in hand, walking towards the house. We walked through the front door together, heading slowly towards the living room. Together we fell into a deep sleep.