• I jumped out of the way and 2 smashed into the ground. The third got it's claws into my leg and brought me back down as I screamed from the pain. Titan tried to run and help me, but two werewolves grabbed both his arms and pulled him off the ground. "Darkness!" he yelled and shifted into werewolf form. But, he wasn't strong enough. He was still held back. My leg was spilling blood at an alarming rate, I could barely even stand. One slashed out and I jumped in the air. The three werewolves stopped moving and blushed, so did Titan. I landed on one of the werewolves faces and repeatedly kicked him in the face saying "Don't look under my skirt, you pervert!!!" while my face was red. I jumped off and landed as the werewolf fell to the ground. I grabbed the second one threw him in the air and lied down on the ground below him. When he got close, I lifted my legs up and kicked him from right, then left. Then I kicked high into the air with both feet. I ran a little far away then jumped toward him and kicked him in the air, he flew off in the other direction. I looked at the third, he looked at the unconciouse bodys of the other two and ran away. The two werewolves holding Titan let go and he reverted back into ears and tail form. I fell towards the ground, but Titan caught me. He kneeled down on the ground and held me. "Darkness, Darkness!" he said. I rose my hand to his cheek. I transfered some of my energy into him and I could tell in his eyes he could feel it. "Sing" I mouthed, and I blacked out as Morgead's laugh echoed in my ears.


    She defeated two and the other ran away, but she was bleeding to death. I couldn't get out of the two werewolves's grip.When the third ran away they let go, I went back into my ears and tail form, and my clothes regenerated. I caught her as she fell and I sank to my knees. "Darkness, Darkness!" I yelled. I felt completely helpless, I was the prince of all werewolves, and I couldn't even save one person, the person I loved. She rose her hand and pressed it against my cheek. I could feel her power flow into me. "Sing" she mouthed to me and her head went slack. My father laughed in joy, and I opened my mouth to sing the song she sent into me.

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