• I woke up.i was in a mysterious room.scattered with books,games,everything.
    then i heard a noise.someone was coming,i could hear it. i couldn't resist.

    it came closer and closer then suddenly a voice said "WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD!"

    i fell off the bed surprised."mom! you know i don't like being scared!"
    "sorry sarl, you were going to be late for school."

    "now go pick up your cloths."

    "now go pick up your cloths what drag." i muttered to myself "what did you say!"
    "nothing!" i said "well good."

    at school, their was this kid named Carl Winser.he was the smartest kid in the class.

    i sit next to him during school.when were doing test,i copy off his answers. my teacher usually reads books during test."life is tough." i said sarcastically.theirs these kid that make kissy and googly eyes at me i wonder if their in love with me or teasing me.

    anyway when i got home from school.my mom was mad at me.
    "i ask you to pick up your cloths and you didn't." my mom said "i can explain,i jus..." i was interrupted "enough of your excuses young lady your grounded for a week"
    "a week!but mommmmm." "no!" "please!" "NO!" "fine!" "now thats my girl."

    a few hours later,my dad came home. "hi sarl!" "hi dad!" i hugged him with joy.

    "where were you!" i said "sorry i was working full time."

    "shes grounded for a week because she didn't pick up here cloths like i asked her to."

    "a week?isn't that a little to harsh for just not picking up her cloths?"

    "well what am i supposed to do about it?" mom said "i dont know!" i grinned at mom.
    "i have a idea."