• When I was little, I never wanted for much. Just sunshine and a little something to drink now and then. And maybe some company. But since I was so little, the only company I usually got was dogs and never liked it when they came around. I didn’t even like them when they had their owners with them. Besides, I never got real company until I grew up.

    The real company was worth the wait.

    What I loved the most were people. The people are the best thing in my life. There were so many different kinds of them along the years, that there’d always be someone new to surprise me. Young people though, they were by far the most interesting. They were so extreme with everything. Their moods, their things, even it seems, with their money. Their random and mostly sudden bits of passion always intrigued me, whether it was positive or negative.

    You see, I’ve seen a lot of things people have done. I’ve seen people fight, argue, make out, make love, and even get killed. I never said everything I saw was good. That would be a lie, and there’d be no point in lying, would it?

    Throughout it all, I have to admit that people are the most self-destructive species I’ve seen. And I’ve seen a lot. Well, what I think is a lot. But however destructive the world seems, they have something counteract all the violence and negativity. It is hope and positive actions.

    Despite what moody or what the people who call them selves Emo think, positive is a much greater force than negative. It accomplishes so much more with less people than negative manages to do with several. Being negative is only easier.

    The problem with the human race is that is really has no self-preservation. Every person perhaps knows, logically, they’ll die some day, but it hits very few people how one’s life can be snuffed out in an instant. The thing is, they don’t feel they need to preserve their selves. It doesn’t seem urgent to them at all. Why get water if there’s no fire, right?

    I think there’s too many comfort zones. People have too many things to think about and all their priorities are mixed up. It’s mixed up with media, occupations, and ownership. The human race has some strange preoccupation with owning and having things. It’s what will ultimately lead to their downfall. The priority list has become some sort of wish list, did I get those new fall shoes? It’s all out of order.

    No one cares either. The whole planet could be one nuke away from going to hell on a rocket and people would be competing to see who has the biggest spaceship all to themselves. Or even place bets on who’ll die first and last. Pitiful. If they all trusted one another and really wanted to strive for a better future, they’d get their heads out their asses (something I picked up from a twelve year old boy talking about his parents).

    But then again, what do I know? I’m just a tree.