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    "Can someone please get that for me?" I heard Mrs. Patterns call. As I reached for the tape, I felt another hand on top of mine. It was Jake's. "Sorry," I mumbled, giving him a smile. He returned my smile with a playful punch, "No prob, M," he said, my heart doing flip flops. Of all the 16 years of my life, I have lived in this orphanage with nineteen boys, and four other girls. Yes, that's a big difference, but that's the way I’ve lived. I hadn't minded, I mean, all the girls were adorable, and the guys were gorgeous, even if, you know, they were all younger than me. Although, there were very few older ones. For the girls, I was the oldest one, our ages ranging from 3, 5, 9,12 and 16. But even with all those age differences, I still hadn't minded. That reason was the boys. Out of all nineteen of them, there was one in particular that I was officially crushing on... and let me tell you,he is the cutest and hottest thing you could ever see. The oldest age would most likely have to be 17, which was Jake. There were three four year old boys, four six year olds, four ten year olds, one eleven year old, four twelve year olds, one fourteen year old, one fifteen year old, and one 17 year old. By the time I noticed I was staring into Jake's green eyes, Maria, the three year old, had tugged at my pants, beckoning me to pick her up. Jake noticed me picking up Maria and gave me a heart tugging smile,

    “Hey, M… I was wondering…” he said, his face turning a bit bright. “If it’d be okay for me to… accompany you with the groceries this afternoon. I mean, it must be difficult for you to carry all those bags in the subway… and all that.” I gave a thankful smile. I couldn’t believe my ears. To me, Jake asking to help out with the groceries was like asking me out on a date. Thank goodness I grew up with guys. At least I know how to handle things.

    “That’s great. I’d love the help. Meet me here in about...half an hour. I’ve just gotta help Mikey with his skateboard lessons, and then teach Shane how to shoot a basket.”

    I giggled at the jealousy in Jake’s voice. “They could have asked me, you know… and I wouldn’t mind helping them out too. I’ll tag along!” he exclaimed. Was it my fault I was liked by everyone? I smiled and grabbed onto his hand. I’m just so glad I’m not like those girls who start giggling like crazy around a boy. I know how to handle a guy.

    “He’s gotten better, don’t you think?” Jake asked me, as we were on our way back from the grocery. We were passing by the park by now, and the sun was just setting. “Yea, especially since he doesn’t fall off the board anymore,” I giggled, the image of Mikey falling off his board replaying in my mind. Soon enough, there was an awkward silence in between us. He was the first to break it. “How about we check out this park?” he asked, a hint of hope shining in his eyes. He grabbed my hand, dragging me along with him.

    I didn’t know how long it had been, but Jake and I had been sitting at the park bench for a while, watching the sun set until he looked into my eyes. The light of the stars highlighted his sizzling green eyes, his blue black hair, his high cheekbones, his lovely smile, and his thin, pink-red lips. I, myself, never knew I could feel that way about anyone. After my parents had abandoned me, I felt like the world was useless. I put on a fake smile, and was an artist in conning people. It was my only way of life on the streets. But being in the orphanage changed me. Everything about me, in fact. And sitting here, the last of the sun beating down on my face, as it set in the horizon, I never knew that it could happen at all. Let alone get a taste of Jake himself. heart