• Chapter 1: The Modern boy

    The ominous clouds that appeared suddenly wrapped Hyrule like a thick blanket signaling the return of darkness once again. The rain produced by the dark clouds created a sense of dread and fear. Ganondorf, king of evil, had escaped his desolate prison in the dark realm, his destination, Hyrule castle.

    Zelda paced back and forth in her room, stopping once or twice to stare at the harsh weather conditions out side the castle through her window.

    “This can’t be good,” she said in a worried voice, “I can feel the evil presence that is making
    its way here”.

    The princess was well aware of coming evil and tried to warn her father but he did not believe his daughters word just as he did four years before when she had warned him about Ganondorf. Of course, he did not remember due to the fact that Zelda herself had reversed time to a period were Ganondorf was no more.

    “Where is Impa?” she asked. “I’m sure she would believe me but recently she is nowhere to be seen. “What should I do?” her voice showing signs of worry.

    Just then an image of Link flashed through her mind. Link had defeated Ganondorf before and had rescued her. But then again, he was in a form of a seventeen year old plus he had the Master sword. Now he was 14 years old and even though he had matured as a swordsman he was still no match for Ganondorf in his current state. She hesitated but eventually decided to call forth her friend for help once again.

    She channeled her power and tried to establish a mental connection with the fairy boy. “Link, can you hear me? It’s Zelda. I need your help Link, please,” Zelda said patiently waiting for a response.

    Meanwhile, on the green forest known as the Lost woods, a teenage boy wearing emerald green clothe and his little fairy companion who was no taller than 5inches slept under a huge tree. Navi, which was lying on top of Link’s head, woke up noticing the strange presence surrounding them.

    “Link?... Link?” said Navi now becoming more annoyed. “WAKE UP!” she yelled.
    The once sleeping boy woke up with a start and was rapidly looking around to scan for any danger. After deciding it was safe he turned to his fairy companion.

    “What was that for?” he asked while cleaning his ear with his little finger.

    “You are just as lazy as when I first met you, geez,” the fairy stated.

    “Whatever,” Link shot back, “So why did you wake me up Navi?” he asked

    “Take a look at the sky,” demanded Navi.

    Link obeyed and looked up. His expression turned into a serious one as he saw the black clouds.

    “Those look like the same clouds that appeared over Hyrule when Ganond….,” he stopped midway. Realization had dawned on him. “Oh no, this cant be, he can’t be…back”.

    “There is a good possibility,” said Navi.

    “But how?! It doesn’t make any sense, how could he escape the power of the sages?!” His voice rising with anger.

    “I don’t know Link but I think its best to contact Zelda immediately,” replied Navi.

    “Good idea,” said Link as he calmed down.

    In that moment he heard Zelda call out to him. “Zelda?” asked Link. “Pease Link, I need your help,” said Zelda, her voice almost shivering. “Ill be right there Zelda, just hold on,” replied Link while grabbing his shield and sword.

    “Let’s go!” said Link to Navi as she closely followed.

    The sound of a bell signaled the end of school for the year. The voices of many students shouting out of joy could be heard throughout the school. Only one was an exception. A boy about 14years of age and spiky brown hair (same as Roy from fire emblem), wearing the school’s uniform ran all across the hallway. The boy ran like his life depended on him. He turned around a corner and laid against the wall.

    “I think… I lost… him,” said the boy without any breath.

    “Guess again Zero,” said another boy about an inch taller than the other boy.

    The taller boy had messy hair, wore an earring in his ear and his evil smile emanated fear.

    The boy known as Zero stood back and swallowed as sweat drops formed over his forehead.

    “I got to do something,” thought Zero as he looked for some mean of salvation.

    “Give me your damn money…NOW,” shouted the menacing boy.

    “Just be brave, just be brave, just be brave” thought Zero, his hopes diminishing“N..n..no” he finally managed to say earning a smile from his more intimidating “friend”.

    “Suit yourself,” said the big kid.

    “Wow, that was easy,” Zero thought smiling at himself.

    The bigger kid walked towards Zero and picked him up like a rag doll.

    “What the hell are you doing?!” demanded Zero as the other boy kept silent and walked.

    “Where is he taking me?” thought Zero as he became more worried.

    “This is your stop,” said the boy and he dropped Zero into a dumpster outside of school.

    “Have a nice summer, loser ha ha ha,” he laughed as he walked away.

    “Per…fect,” said Zero as he took a banana peel off his head. He started to walk towards his home as fast as he could as to not attract too much attention to his new stench.

    Star Island is where this boy lived. It was given this name due to its star like form. A small island in the Caribbean Sea, Star Island was considered one of the hottest inlands around. This did not bother Zero at all since he felt a strong connection to fire for some reason.

    Zero reached his house which was located just outside the city near the woods. He entered his house, noticing that his mom wasn’t present he quickly took a bath and put on a shirt with a flame on it and some jeans.

    “Might as well get some practice,” he said as he took an old wooden sword from under his bed.

    Zero was a huge fan of swords. Just the sight of one made him fell all tingly inside. For some reason, he felt a nostalgic feeling every time he wielded one. Snapping out of his day dream he quickly made his way to the woods where he secretly trained everyday.