• it was snowing and i was cold.i stopped a nd shivered listening for my pursuers and recalling just what had brought me to this goddamned forest.my pursuers were definitely evil and i had fled from them without pausing to grab anything but weapons,which i would surely need on my journey.i continued running looking for something to eat and a place to shelter for the night.i eventually found some berries and after deciding they werent poisonous,ate them.then i found a large tree and laid down to sleep temting both frostbite and my pursuers,but knowing neither would catch me,my pursuers because i was fast for them to catch me,frostbite because i had the gift of fairy fire to keep me warm.i suppose i shall have to recount for you the tale of how i came to be here for you to understand the rest,including my pursuers and what type of fairy i am,i shall not try to get you to understand me for,so far as i know,no creature is capable of that."i once lived in a peaceful queendom,yes queendom only girls ruled there, but then one day an evil force which we could not identify descended upon the fairy people.my mother was the queen and i the princess.my mother often let me rule for a day or two helping me to get to know the position i would one day have to take over.my mother would not advise me,but not too much,for she warned,she would not be there at my side every time i made a decision.now her words have proven to be all to true for the evil that came has killed her.
    they will not kill mefor i have the potential to be good,evil,or a mixture of both.but they will try to capture me and train me to rule with an evil and iron fist.fortunately iam fast either on foot or wing i am fast.i have wings that look like pieces torn out of the night sky studded with stars diamonds pieces of obsidian and amythestsand i have long lean powerful legs.my wings i did not inherit from my mother for hers looked like beautiful pieces of blue-green sunset,and i nor my mother knows who my father is.fairy fire is a gift that all females who are to rule here have.fairy fire is a fire that we can make by snapping our fingers or thinking about it.fairy fire is always with the current ruler of the fairies.the appearance of it now is of normal fire laced with purple and black.when one fairy rules the fairy fie is lace with whatever colors are their favorite."

    back in the forest...
    i woke and listened to the sounds of the forest.the wolves were howling they dont like me because dracula is my great-grandfather,i guess.dracula also came and visited giving me some of his blood while he was here,making me stronger and also a little bit more of a vampire.combinig my vampire and fairy strength i am stronger than most anybody,except for a n entire army,which is unfortunately what is hunting me.as the wolves didnt like me i decided to head toward the mountains.as i flew (but very low for doing otherwise would be inviting capture)i thought to myself"ill have to feed my vampire side soon i wonder if ill have time to feed in the mountains because i cant eat here for again that would be inviting capture." "sometimes having preternatural powers isnt all that great,especially if they have to eat"i grumbled.i flew on being sure to remain under the trees and to not make sound although being above the trees would be more time-effectivebut unfortunately this would alert the army,after all my wings although being a bit shiny because of the gemstones,would blend in,however my body would not.i realized as i continued toward the mountain range that i was for the first time in my life truly alone,at the palace i was known for being one of the more athletic girls but also something of a recluse,but if i was not with a friend or my mother i was with my books."and now theyre all gone"i whispered,bursting into tears as i did."my mother dead my friends if not already would be if i brought them into this.and my books to hell with them theyre no use now and even if they were im sure whoever's controlling these...these...things had them burned already", i said between sobs.and with this realization our little princess just barely a teenager started crying all the harder and so we shall leave her.