• Prince and the Pauper
    chapter 1

    I paced throughout the huge house back-and-forth answering to the relentless calling of the snooty and sinister house owner and daughters, with their pompous dresses and mediocre riches. I was tripping all the while and stumbling over waiters and pets. Just to fulfill the needy wants and whines. Now, let me tell you, being a 14 year-old “pauper” as some call it isn’t so easy. Now imagine being the only pauper throughout the entire metropolis mansion of Warucho. ARGH! Being so young has so many downsides here. I ran, and ran all the way till sunset, which I was still running but just so I could get to my cot in the kitchen and actually earn some sleep for once.

    But yet again, I was stopped. But not by the usual whiny girl voice, it was the voice of a boy. I froze when I heard him, “Excuse me ma’am but are you the ‘pauper’ here?” I heard him put italics around the word pauper as I always did. I turned to my left where the voice had come from and peered into the bedroom, “Yes, why do you ask?” I asked suspiciously. “I’m the king’s son actually,” He spoke and a grin formed when he said ‘king’. I couldn’t help it, I had to smile back. His was so brilliant I felt my cheeks creeping in temperature slowly. “No, no don’t be so shy!” He cried out when he saw me blush and I saw his cheeks go a dark crimson. I shuffled into the room nervously twiddling my thumbs. He held out his hand, “Ello poppet, I’m Neji” he spoke, “I-I-I’m Myoko” I spoke in a quivering voice, and shook his hand once dropping it right away.

    He chuckled, “How old are you Myoko?” he asked, “14, and you?” I answered and asked. “Same here.” he answered flashing that large grin from before. I ducked my head in embarrassment with my hands folded in my lap. “Oi” I heard him mumble to himself. I lifted my head back up and began to lift to my feet, “Well I had better go, the girls and Warucho are waiting.” I almost mumbled. Impatiently I thought smiling at my inside joke. Before I could take a step he grabbed my arm carefully. “Please don’t go, I’m practically all alone since I just came back from the southern edge,” He begged. I sighed, “Fine but don’t be annoying.” “I swear” he spoke hold his hand to his heart and smiled. I smiled too and sat back down. “You know, you don’t look fit to be a pauper,” He commented. “I’ve never been told that before. Although I’ve ben called ugly things instead.” I answered with my voice lowering near the end. “You feel nervous don’t you?” He asked then after a few seconds of silence, “Not really, no,” I answered lightly flashing a tiny smile.

    “Well if you stay we could just talk. You never know, we may become best friends in a matter of minutes.” He grinned again. Why did his smile have to be so perfect?! I felt my heart skip a beat when he smiled and butterflies flutter in my stomach. I folded my hands over my long white dress and escaped to my inner mind’s confines. I thought of the music I heard at least 3 times a week which I always loved the sweet sound and rhythm. “Lia?” I heard Neji whisper, “huh?” I breathed embarrassed yet again. I fumbled to my feet whispering half to myself and half to Neji, “I gotta go, I’m sorry, crap I’m sorry.” and I made my way to the door through the darkness. I pulled my long gloves and tights back up and smoothed my long skirt. After ‘primping’ myself I started to walk down the hallway when after about 4 steps I tripped on my skirt (so like me) and yelped before landing in a sets of arms. My eyes were frozen with shock as the person set me on my feet again. Then I saw his smile, Neji had caught me. I went over this in my head with the voice whispering his name. My cheeks turned a dark red then and his smile faded. “Did I hurt you? What happened?” He asked in an anxious voice. “No, no I’m fine just startled. How did you get over here so quickly?” I breathed in exasperation clutching my ever beating heart. I let go of my chest and moved my hands to my temples, rubbing them slowly. “Ai” I mumbled to myself. I then lifted my head up to look at Neji and I finally got a good look at him in the dim candle-lit hall. I gasped at his beautiful face, his eyes were a deep ivory and his hair midnight black, he had a rounded jaw and thin lips, and was wearing an average t-shirt and jeans but his face was absolutely perfection at best. I took in a sharp intake of air and began to fall back. He caught me from the back and I drifted into unconsciousness.

    I awoke with a start the next morning to the face of Neji staring down at me grinning all the while. I stared back with my cheeks flushing red again. Why do I get so nervous when he smiles? I thought to myself before sitting up and climbing from Neji’s HUGE bed I rubbed my head and went to the mirror in the corner of the room. I looked at myself and noticed that I was wearing the uniform for Cambrige Geof University. I gaped at my thin reflection and gasped. There was a small note in the pocket, like it? It read in a thin, cursive, manuscript. I turned back to Neji, “What’s all this for?” I accused, “You and I are going to a private school for boys and girls so you can finally get the education you need.” He answered cooly unshaken by my tone, “Myoko, you told me about your lack of education last night, so I enrolled you after you had fainted and had the waiters change your clothes.” He added. I grumbled to myself and started for the large doorway but was stopped by Neji’s restraining hand on my forearm, “Please don’t go, we can go out and have some fun as friends” He pleaded. I sighed and shook off his hand to turn, “Fine” I agreed and tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear.