• Dark Redemption


    I knew my lord would kill him a soon as he could, or at least I thought… he always got the job done at my lord’s pleasure. Jon, or better known for his codename Dark Cloud was an excellent alchemist and sword wielder. He is the assassin for Lord Equinox himself.
    He took Jon in as his assassin when he was a young boy after his parents‘ deaths, trained to know no fear or regret. As well as various other skills. He assassinates any senator, military officer, or loyalist powerful enough to overthrow him. At age eight he killed a military officer and his squad.
    After a successful ambush and assault he proved himself worthy, perhaps too worthy for Jon could have been Equinox’s equal or even successor. At age twelve Jon was named the Seventh of Lord Equinox’s Apocalypse Assassins.
    This year at age sixteen Cloud has been assigned to find the one thing even my lord feared: The Twilight Blade.