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    Chapter One: The Days of the Phoenix

    Naruto stood in front of Jiraiya, standing on water at a stream outside of Konoha. “WOO HOO, I DID IT!” He hopped around on the water, until Jiraiya said. “Alright, gaki, now get back here, I have another technique to show you.”

    Naruto was so surprised he fell into the stream, Jiraiya sighed. “So anyways, this jutsu is called the ‘Jenova un-sealing jutsu’, a very deadly one, and if I’m wrong about whom your father was, then you’ll be dead in the next few minutes.”

    “WHAT!?” Naruto yelled as he got out of the river, he ran up to Jiraiya after getting his clothes on. “But I’m too young to die!”

    Jiraiya said. “Calm down now, I’ll explain this jutsu for you.”

    Naruto sat down cross legged. “Ok, this jutsu was made by the fourth hokage’s father, a man named Zack (hint, hint); he was a different kind of human, because he had cells from a strange creature named ‘Jenova’ that Was a calamity that fell from the sky and landed on the other side of the world, and started to destroy everything it saw.”

    Naruto was entranced by this story. “What next?”

    Jiraiya continued. “This went on until a company named SHINRA caught it and used it to create an elite group called SOLDIER. They had mako injected in most of them, only Zack, and several others had true Jenova cells within them, they were used to kill anybody that tried to stop SHINRA from using up all the energy from what they called the ‘Life stream’.”

    Jiraiya stopped for a breath. “. Until one, named Sephiroth, learned of his horrible creation, started to kill anything in his path, Zack and a human named Cloud Strife, along with many others fought against him, but soon SHINRA was pulled into the fight and Zack ended up killed, but a few years before that, he had an...Affair with a woman from the Elemental Countries named Izumi Uzumaki.” He stopped Naruto from interrupting as he heard the word Uzumaki. “She had a child later, and went back across the sea when Sephiroth’s betrayal to SHINRA became known.” Pause for breath. “Cloud soon found out he had Jenova cells also, but still not being the SOLDIER he dreamed of being. After many battles, Sephiroth was defeated, but many SOLDIERs died.”

    “Two years later, three fighters who were remnants of that human devil, came to the rebuilt city of Midgar in search of Jenova’s head for what the leader, Kadaj, called a ‘reunion’. Soon the battle was taken to Midgar. They fought until Cloud was on the verge of winning, but Kadaj leaped from the building before Cloud could kill him, and held Jenova’s head. Cloud saw this and tried to deal the last blow, but as his blade fell...”

    (Flash back)

    Cloud’s blade came towards Kadaj’s head, thinking that he succeeded and that Sephiroth would never come, but before it came in contact, there was a flash and he found his sword blocked.

    A long sword formed in the hand of his new opponent, blocking the blade, the man looked up and instead of Kadaj, was the nightmare, Sephiroth. “It’s good to see you, Cloud.” He said as he looked up at him.

    Cloud’s eyes widened, Sephiroth pushed his blade back so Cloud was flipped over in mid air and slashed him in the back, he cried out in pain as he was sent flying all the way back up to where he had jumped from.

    Cloud landed on his feet on the roof top section, he put one hand to his side, where the blade had almost completely cut through him, but had no time to recover, Sephiroth leaped up and landed like he was floating in water, on a slightly higher part of the roof.

    “So your Geostigma is gone too?” Sephiroth asked. “That’s too bad.”

    Cloud glared at him and demanded. “Sephiroth, what do you want?”

    Sephiroth gave him the same mocking look and said. “The last thoughts of Geostigma death. Those remnants will join the life stream and circle the planet, choking it, corroding it.” He stopped as he raised his hand to the sky. “What I want, Cloud, is to circle the darkness of the cosmos, with this planet as my vessel, just as my mother did long ago.” He opened his hand and within seconds a dark vortex gathered above the SHINRA building, hundreds of dark tentacles reaching towards the ground.

    “Then one day we will find a new planet, and on its soil, we will build a shining new future.” Sephiroth continued.

    Cloud asked. “What about this planet?”

    Sephiroth chuckled. “Well, that’s up to you.” He went into a momentary stance, and then charged, Cloud ran to meet him and their blades clashed in a burst of energy.

    (End flash back)

    “They fought to the best of their abilities, and Cloud won, he defeated Sephiroth and as the dark clouds vanished, he saw Kadaj in Sephiroth’s place.

    (Flash back)

    Kadaj was on his knees, gasping for breath, in the middle of the rain that appeared at the moment of Sephiroth’s defeat, he looked up to see Cloud, sword in hand as his other five blades lay around the fight, he glared at Cloud, and with all his rage put into one final attack, he got up and rushed towards him, he swung once, but missed and stumbled, as he fell, Cloud caught him.

    Kadaj looked up into the sky blankly. “Brother...”

    A voice of a young woman filled the ears of the remnant; Cloud swore he could have heard a familiar voice also. “Mother...is that you...?”

    A few seconds of what looked like silence to everybody watching from the Shera, he raised his hand to the sky and slowly, his body started to split into millions of green pieces of energy, soon Cloud could see nothing of the remnant, he got up and looked to the Shera, where he could see through the window everybody celebrating.

    He smiled for once and stood there for a few seconds as the Shera came closer to the building, but the silence was shattered as a bullet came through his back and out the right side of his chest, he gasped and fell to his knees, behind him stood Yazoo and Loz, Yazoo holding his gun/sword. “We go...together.”

    He dropped his gun and Loz said in a struggling voice. “And together...we’ll play...”

    Cloud slowly got up, and spun around, a look of rage on his face, he let out a battle cry and ran towards them, his blade making sparks come from the ground as It scratched it, he leaped up and brought his sword down, but the two raised their materia powered arms and the two attacks met, creating an explosion.

    (End flash back)

    “After the fight, the children were cured of Geostigma, and the story of what happened in Midgar, has ended, now I’ll tell you of Izumi Uzumaki...”

    ((Flash back))

    Izumi was weeping into her hands, she had heard of Zack’s death and was terrible, her son, Minato, was nearby, he was holding some shuriken, and a wooden post in front of him was filled where the organs of a human would have been.

    He was sad about the news of his father’s death, but he kept up with his ninja training, but as he took out some senbon and started throwing at another wooden post, a tear could be seen coming from his eye, nearby, Jiraiya sat in a tree, he sighed, he had known the young women, she had met him at the chunin exams when he and his team met hers in the forest of death.

    He got up onto his feet and vanished in a puff of smoke.


    (Five years later)

    Jiraiya walked inside a class room and called out. “Team seven, please come with me.”

    A young blonde boy with blue eyes stood up, followed by a women with a dog no her shoulders and the marks on her face that clearly said she was an Inuzuka, followed by a young hyuuga boy with long raven hair and a softer expression then the other hyuuga in the room.

    They went up to the roof and started to introduce themselves. “My name is Minato Namikaze, my hobbies are eating ramen, training, and finding out secrets about my father, I hate those stupid Uchihas because they think they are all great because of their sharingan eyes, my dream is to become the youngest hokage!”

    The girl stood up. “My name is Inuzuka Tsume, I like dogs and Minato-san, I like to invent new jutsus for the Inuzuka clan to use, and also hate the Uchiha pricks, my dream is to be the head of my clan!”

    The hyuuga stood up. “My name is Hyuuga Hizashi; I like my brother, the branch family of thee Hyuuga branch, and to make new techniques for the jyuuken. I hate the clan elders and the caged bird seal, my dream is to be freed from the caged bird seal and to help bring the two houses of thee Hyuuga together.”

    Jiraiya smiled. “From what I can tell you all are indeed true prodigies unlike the Uchiha who keep copying techniques, and now you all have your own goals, but to get there you must all be willing to work together, that is needed to make those dreams come true. Meet at training ground 7 tomorrow!”

    (End flash back)

    “After that I trained Minato until he reached the rank of Hokage, helped Inuzuka Tsume become head of her clan, but before I could help Hizashi complete his dream, he let himself be killed when those cowardly Kumo shinobi called for Hiashi’s death for killing a kidnapper that tried taking Hinata, the heiress of her clan.”

    “Now tell me, what you have learned from those stories, and only things that include you or your family.”

    Naruto thought for a few moments. “Zack married Izumi Namikaze, which means minato got the Jenova cells, and if he’s an Uzumaki, and the only one born the night of the Kyuubi attack was me, and the wife of the Hokage was said to have died that day, that means he’s...” He fainted before he finished that.

    Jiraiya sweat dropped and brought out a scroll and a bucket of ice cold water appeared from it, he dumped it on the boy, who leaped into the air and yelled. “THE YONDAIME HOKAGE IS MY DAD!!”

    “Yep.” Jiraiya said while he read a book like he was saying it was no big deal.

    “And if he had the Jenova cells, and I’m his son, that means...” He fainted.

    “Not again.” Jiraiya said before he repeated what he did a few seconds ago.

    “I HAVE JENOVA CELLS IN ME!!” Naruto yelled as he leaped into the air and grabbed onto a tree branch.

    “Stop fainting and stop yelling already.” Jiraiya said in annoyance.

    Naruto asked. “But why haven’t I felt any side effects from them?”

    “Simple, Zack sealed the Jenova cells while your father was still unborn, so they didn’t activate in you either.”

    Naruto asked while he was nearly on the verge of jumping one hundred feet into the air just after he fell back to the ground. “How do I unlock them though?!”

    “I’ll show you how, this technique is called the Blood line unsealing technique, the Jenova cells and mako were in the blood like any normal bloodline, so they technically were a bloodline.”

    “What are the seals?” Naruto asked as he started to shake like he just ate 1-million chocolate bars.

    “The seals are Dog, Boar, Dragon, Snake, Dragon, Rat, Dog, Dragon, Tiger, Boar...” He trailed off as he went through at least 50 seals.

    “Crap.” Naruto said before he went through the first few hand seals, after nearly an hour, in which Jiraiya bought some pop corn and soda, he finally got it right, just as Jiraiya went to grab a sake bottle he dropped, Naruto exploded into silver light, sending the sannin flying nearly 500 yards away.

    Naruto started to reshape under the silver light, but the first thing that changed was his eyes, one was now tinged green in the middle, the other was red, Jenova was unlocked.


    Kyuubi frowned as a glowing figure appeared in front of his cage; it was a woman, wearing a dark blue kimono, had long silver, glowing mismatched eyes, and pale skin. “Who are you?” demanded the Fox.

    Jenova smirked and replied. “I am Jenova, the calamity that fell from the sky years ago.”

    “Jenova! How are you here!?” Snarled the fox angrily

    Jenova narrowed her eyes. “You, you were an ancient that transformed once my cells got a hold of you, aren’t you?”

    “Just shut up and let the ningen have his stupid Jenova cells, ok?” Kyuubi said quickly.

    Jenova shrugged. “Sure.” A beam of light shot from her, and down several corridors, where Naruto stood, trying to find his way around the sewers. “WHAT THE-!?” It cut him off and sent him flying down the tunnel until he slid through the murky water. “EW!” He was able to yell and swear before he was surrounded by a white aura.


    Jiraiya looked straight ahead as soon as the light cleared, revealing a different Naruto, he had long raven hair tied in a low pony tail with bangs going just low enough that they covered his whisker marks, which were even bigger, his face had no baby fat left, and his eyes were now like that of a hawk’s, he wore black ninja sandals, black pants with a kunai holster on it, a blood red T shirt, and a black trench jacket that was connected at the middle of his solar plexus only, and on his back appeared a sword that had a blade longer then himself, 4 inches thick from the front to the back, and had the letter’s ‘Jenova’s Legacy’ on it.

    Jiraiya smiled. “How do you feel?

    Naruto turned to him. “Like the position of chunin is mine, no problem, believe it.” He had actually said his catch phrase without yelling it, and instead said it in a calm voice that hardly even sounded like his own (Imagine a voice similar to Zack’s but sounds younger).

    Jiraiya smirked. “Very well, gaki, come back tomorrow for your next jutsu lesson, but first.” He bit his hand and flashed through seals. “Summoning jutsu!” A large toad appeared in a cloud of smoke, its tongue unrolled, revealing a scroll, and a silver box, Jiraiya took them both and handed them to Naruto. “The box is yours to keep, but only sign the scroll with your blood, then give it back.”

    Naruto bit his thumb and signed the contract in his own blood; Jiraiya rolled it up and said. “Good, come back tomorrow, we still have a month of training left to go.”

    “What’s in the box?” Naruto asked.

    “In this box is the very last thing Zack gave to Izumi, powerful objects, called Materia, they look like gems, but in reality, they could summon beats strong enough to topple a demon, use the powers of the elements, and were even sued to make weapons, choose one now, and I’ll tell you about it.”

    Naruto picked one up; it was like a pale sapphire.

    “Ice materia, very good choice, to use it, try putting it into a weapon.” Jiraiya said.

    Naruto saw a slot in ‘Jenova’s Legacy’, he put the sphere in and the weapon glowed bright blue for a moment, Naruto asked the sannin. “Now what?”

    “Focus chakra into that sphere, and then it will come to you naturally, these crystals aren’t like jutsu, they use spells as attacks.” Jiraiya said as he vanished in a puff of smoke, Naruto sighed and looked at the blade, he raised it and yelled. “Ice Storm!” That part of the forest was never seen again.


    (One night before the chunin exam)

    He went up to his apartment room and looked inside to see two chunin trashing his apartment, he sighed and opened the door completely and charged inside, only two girly screams were heard from the apartment as the chunin were sent flying out of the apartment and down to the streets below, clutching their rears.

    Naruto flopped down onto his bed and fell asleep, and woke up in a sewer again.

    Kyuubi, in the form of a man the same age Jenova looked, with blood red hair and eyes, whisker marks, sharp canines, nine blood red furred tails behind him, and wearing a black haori with blood red cloak, and Jenova stood in front of him; both were yelling angrily at each other, neither was winning. “HEY STOP FIGHTING!” yelled Naruto, but the two all powerful being just ignored him.

    Naruto imagined 2 cages floating above their heads and dropped it on them successfully stopping the argument. “NARUTO!” yelled said being

    Naruto smiled. “In the flesh.”

    Jenova growled and said. “Remind me why I gave you my cells and let you live.”

    “I am your only ‘descendant’ and you would cease to exist if I died before I had a child.” he replied smartly.

    “When did you get smart enough to know a word like descendant?” Asked the bijuu bewildered

    “Enough arguing, I need you to help me with my training.” Naruto got serious.

    “Fine, just don’t barge in on us ever again.” Kyuubi said before surrounding Naruto in chakra. “You should have access to Kyuubi’s chakra, now here is several techniques you can use for tomorrow’s match.” Jenova said before loading Naruto’s mind with techniques, a scroll appeared so he could see information about them, since she only gave him hand seals and names.

    Ice Flash: The user is replaced by an ice sculpture shaped like him, and appears wherever he wants within 100 yards.

    Twilight Kunai: When the user throws a kunai, the kunai will glow as a sign the jutsu has worked, it increases the temperature around the kunai as it flies so it melts any normal metal there target uses to block it.

    Ice Wall: forms a wall of ice around the user.

    Ice Shard Blizzard: covers an area the user is in a blizzard filled with large shards of ice to attack multiple targets.

    Naruto smirked and said. “Thanks, you can go back to your, um... activities.” He left his mindscape and went back to the real world, to find he had 30 minutes before his match started! “AHH!” He ran for the door and ran outside and found Jiraiya who motioned him to get on, hopping on the toad. “Sarutobi doesn’t know that you have transformed or grown so strong, so you’ll need proof that you are Naruto!” He called over the rushing winds.


    (At the chunin exams)

    Hundreds of people were gathered inside a large stadium, nobles, ninja, samurai, and two kages in the booth at the top of the stadium, a jounin chewing on a senbon named Genma stood in front of most of the contestants, all were there, except for Naruto and Sasuke, Sakura was losing her mind. ‘Where are those two!? If Naruto misses this I’ll grind his face into the ground!’

    A toad hopped into to the arena, Genma walked over to Jiraiya and asked. “Who’s this kid?”

    “This is my apprentice, Naruto Uzumaki!” The crowd gasped as the sannin shouted this out, Naruto got off the toad.

    Jiraiya took the motor cycle to the stands and stopped beside Gai and Asuma, he scowled. “Kakashi is playing favorites?” They nodded. “Thought so.”

    Back on the ground, Temari was having a hard time not looking at Naruto, but she shook herself out of it. ‘No, he’s the enemy; he’ll be dead by the end of the day anyways!’

    The Sasuke fan club was also trying to resist Naruto’s charm, and Hinata almost fainted at the sight of him, in the good way, then Genma yelled so the stadium could hear. “The Chunin exams begin now; the first match is Naruto Uzumaki vs. Neji Hyuuga!”

    The other contestants went up to the stands and the two contestants remaining faced each other, the jounin raised his hand. Then yelled before vanishing. “Hajime!”

    Naruto drew his Jenova sword and rushed forward, he swung once, his blade glowing blue like the materia at the base of its blade, as it was brought down, Neji tried to block, but the kunai was sliced in half, he leaped back as it nearly cut him in half, he threw three shuriken at the swordsmen, which were easily blocked, and as he tried to draw two more kunai, Naruto appeared behind him. “Surprise!” He kicked Neji in the side, and sent him flying across the arena, amazing Ten-Ten and all the others who knew about the Hyuuga prodigy’s skill in combat.

    “Interesting.” He said as he got up. “You’re speed is even faster than Lee’s, but you shall still not win with speed alone, fate has decreed that I shall win this match.”

    Naruto smirked and said as a plan formed. “Really, then why does it say I shall win?”

    “What!? Fate says you will win, but it says I am to win, but if it says were both to win, then- OH FORGET IT! Why did I have to start using fate talk in every fight? Now it’s being used to defeat me!”

    The audience nearly fell down laughing, the so called genius had just made a fool of himself, and even Gadara started to snicker.

    Naruto said. “Wow, that plan actually worked.”

    Neji froze, he looked up to see Naruto was gone, in his place was an ice sculpture, and behind him was the real one. “Oh, crap.”

    Naruto yelled. “Ice Prison!”

    Neji saw ice appear from nowhere and start to form a dome around him, he growled and activated his Byakugan, he yelled as he started to spin. “Kaiten!” A dome of chakra broke the ice apart, and the Hyuuga was now sneering at the Uzumaki. “Nice try.”

    “But not good enough.” Said a voice behind him, he turned to see three Narutos with their blades drawn, they smirked as they charged, He tried to counter their slashes with jyuuken strikes, but ended up only destroying one and was cut up all over his body.

    “Face it, Neji, it’s over, you lose, and your talk about fate is just something you use to hide something. What is it anyways?” Naruto asked as he walked over to the fallen Hyuuga.

    “When I was four, Kumo sent several ninja to sign a peace treaty with this village, but during that night, the leader broke into the compound and tried to kidnap Hinata-sama, lord Hiashi caught the intruder and killed him before he could escape.” Neji said as he slowly started to rise.

    “Kumo was furious and didn’t even have anything to say about the attempted abduction of Hinata-sama, and demanded that Lord Hiashi to be killed and given to Kumo, but to protect the main house, the council forced Hizashi, my father to be taken in Hiashi’s place, since the caged bird seal would stop the Byakugan from being taken by Kumo.” Neji said as a tear fell from his eyes, he took off his head band to reveal a green symbol burned into his flesh.

    “Kit, after this fight, talk to him, I have a way to take that seal away.” Kyuubi said.

    Naruto sighed and said. “Neji, if your think you have it so damn hard, look at what I was treated like, beaten, burned by torches, stabbed and refused service by stores and hospitals and with hardly any money, you still have your family, but I. Have. No. Family.” As he finished this speech, his eyes turned red and where they were green turned black, he charged and elbowed Neji in the gut, he whispered. “Meet me after the fight, I have a way to remove that seal and put another so that the council can’t put it back on.” He backed up and let him fall.

    Neji smiled as he fell. “Thank you...” He blacked out as he hit the ground, the medics took him out of the arena, and Naruto walked up to the waiting area, the crowd cheering, or those from Konoha and the main branch of the Hyuuga, besides some like Hiashi and Hanabí, and Hinata.

    “The next match is Shino Aburame vs. Sabaku no Kankuro!” Genma called out.

    Kankuro raised his hand. “I forfeit!”

    The crowd booed. “Next, Sasuke Uchiha vs.-.”

    He was cut off as a jounin whispered something to him. “Were postponing this match and going onto Nara Shikamaru vs. Sabaku no Temari!”

    Naruto had to push Shikamaru over the edge., literally, to get him to fight, he started to win, until he just gave up when he had Temari trapped in his Kagemane, he had too little chakra to finish her off, but the judges gave him positive marks.

    Gaara teleported down to the arena in a vortex of sand, he said. “Where is the Uchiha!?”

    As Genma was about to disqualify Sasuke, said Uchiha appeared in the arena with Kakashi, “YOU’RE LATE!” Everybody in the audience yelled at them. “Sorry, got lost along the-.”

    “ROAD OF LIFE!?” The audience finished, gaining a sweat drop from the contestants, judges, Genma, Kakashi, and Sasuke.

    “Well anyways, you’re up, Uchiha.” Genma said as he and Kakashi vanished. “Hajime!”

    Sasuke started using Tai-jutsu he copied off of Rock Lee to fight Gaara, who just blocked with sand, this went on until Sasuke used a new technique. “Chidori!” He yelled as he charged at the sphere Gaara was inside of, he pierced it, and after a few moments, a yell broke through the arena. “BLOOD!! MY BLOOD!!” Sasuke flinched and started up his Chidori to electrocute whatever was holding his arm, he broke free and leaped back to see a large tan arm with blue lines along it, and had a claw at the end come out of the sphere, it vanished inside, and the sphere opened up, to reveal a half Tanuki, half human Gaara, which roared and charged at the Uchiha, who charged another Chidori and stuck it into Gaara’s chest, drawing blood, but he was sent flying into the wall, and fell unconscious.

    “Winner, Sabaku no Gaara!” Genma said before Gaara charged at Sasuke, only to be met by Naruto’s blade, he pushed Gaara back with one push of his arm, and sent him flying across the arena, “That’s enough, Gaara, you have won, he has lost, so get up to the stands before I slice you in half!” Gaara grinned slightly and said. “I look forward to drinking your blood, Uzumaki.” He returned to his normal form and went up to the stands; medics took Sasuke out of the arena.


    The Kazekage grinned under his mask and said. “An interesting set of genin you have for this year’s exam, a genius, a hyuuga prodigy, from what I’ve heard the Aburame is a prodigy of his clan too , an Uchiha, and that Uzumaki especially, Sarutobi.”

    The sandaime grinned and said. “He has advanced further than the others in my opinion, Lord Kazekage.”

    Orochimaru smirked beneath the guise of the Kazekage and thought. ‘Maybe the Uzumaki is a better choice for a vessel.’

    Shino and Temari fought next due to the fights being drawn by numbers again, ending in a tie, due to wind scythe wounds and chakra exhaustion, now only Naruto and Gaara were left to fight, the audience was getting excited now, these were the two fighters that had shown the greatest fights today, and they could only imagine what would happen this time.

    “Hajime!” Genma vanished and the two fighters charged.

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    Chapter 2-

    “What do we do!? The gaki is getting killed out there!” Kyuubi roared from his cage.

    “We have one choice, Kyuubi.”Jenova said calmly from the other side of the room.

    “No way that is far too dangerous, we swore we would only use that when the kit is faced with somebody like-.” Kyuubi was cut off.

    “Like my son?”Jenova snapped.

    “Still, we will have to find a new way to save Naruto.”

    Kyuubi said.

    “I think I have an idea.”Jenova said while smiling and focused energy into the seal.