• The first chapter.
    Nov 3 2010 Gabriella Swine sat at her usual table in the caf. With #4647 Betty sues, #1212 Kate lea, #1246 matt hues, and #4444 Clipper seadon. She had sat here every day since the school had turned into a compound and testing facility. BPJH Birth project junior high, Ella remembered the day the school had turned perfectly.

    Oct. 10 2010 Ella had 1st period PE today. They had played soccer her favorite sport and she had kicked a**! She was way sweaty so she popped into the showers right away. Suddenly the tornado alarm rang and everybody screamed they grabbed towels and ran down into the boy’s locker room.

    Hours later they stood, still in towels, in a huddle. A woman walked in she said "hello students my name is Taylor Smith. Call me doctor smith. I have uniforms for you to put on." everyone looked around in confusion.

    Nov 3 2010 Ella looked over an clipper across the table. She had this huge crush on him since she met him. He was very hot but she wouldn't go into details. Suddenly she heard the voice she dreaded the voice of smithy-d
    "Number 4443 you may dump you tray." doctor Taylor smith said "oh shut it smithy-d" she replied and stood up. Ella walked over to the Hole in the wall {a device the BHJH used it collected trays, spit out towels and food, and a clean uniforms every morning} she put her tray in the hole then stuck her hands in it to be disinfected.