• The three dogs padded along, their narrow figures casting long shadows through the dark. Creatures scurried around, heading for their dens before midnight broke.
    Shen looked in awe at the setting sun, turning everything from soft pinks, then to striking purples, and last to flaring oranges. Kioshi padded next to her, his pelt a light orange from the sun’s rays.
    “Aye, the sun, it be beautiful, ain’t it?” Coy broke the peaceful silence, poking his head in between the wolves’ bodies. Shen just nodded, her eyes fixed on the orange orb.
    Kioshi padded away softly, “I’m tired already. We can sleep under this fallen tree.” He nudged his head against a huge Oak, which was a big enough space under to fit at least five wolves. Shen nodded again absentmindedly, flicking her tail to tell him that she heard.
    “We’ll be there in a minute.” She said, holding back a yawn. Kioshi dipped his head, curling up. He quickly fell asleep, his deep, shallow breaths echoing around the small space.
    “Kioshi has grown so much older, it seems, over the last couple of days,” Shen whispered. “He used to be so quiet and shy. Now he’s so… so much more mature.”
    “Well, never knew ‘em before, but he seems like thee shy type.” Coy agreed. “Y’know, I always thought of ye as adventurous. Have ye always been that way?” Coy asked her.
    “I think so. I was never as shy as Kioshi. I always wanted to try new things. Go see new places. New things to do. I’d always wanted to get out of the den and see the world. And it happened, just not as late as I expected. Not how I expected either.” Shen muttered. The sun had set quickly, and the only light now was the small sliver of a Crescent moon.
    “Nothin’s ever as ye expect it, Shen.”Coy whispered, touching noses with her. Shen curled her tail around his without thinking. He jumped a bit, shaking partially.
    “Ah! Sorry! I’m sorry, Coy! I wasn’t thinking!” She said frantically. She un-wrapped her tail from his, scooting slowly away from him.
    Coy chuckled. “No, s’okay. I actually didn’t mind; I kinda liked it.” He curled his tail around hers again. Shen blushed, though her red coat hid most of it. She turned to him a second later, her nose meeting his. Her eyes widened, and she jumped again, but she soon relaxed.
    “Bleh. That’s gross!” Kioshi squeaked, making Shen jump for the third time. She turned and growled harshly at him.
    “Kioshi! You’re supposed to be asleep!” Kioshi just shrugged.
    “I was waiting too long.” He replied simply. This made Shen’s blood boil, and she fought to keep calm.
    “We’ll. Be. In. There. In. A. Second.” She ground out slowly, flicking her tail towards the tree. Her narrowed eyes watched him as he padded slowly back to the Oak.
    “Well, we should get back. Don’t want him surprising us again.” Coy said with a full-hearted laugh, making Shen blush yet again. They padded back even slower than Kioshi, their fur brushing together with each step.
    The two dogs curled up on the opposite side of the tree Kioshi was on, touching noses. Shen muttered a good night, though she didn’t go to sleep. She watched the last of the sunset, a tear slowly slipping down her cheek.