• I was hiding in my room from my mother who was, once again, high and drunk out of her mind. I had know Idea what to do. she came and pounded on my door.
    "Jenna! I got some thing I was sposed to tell you like 3 weeks ago but forgot to!" She yelled.
    "What could possibly be so important that you have to tell me right now!" I yelled "I'm bussy!" I wasn't really doing anything, but I didn't want to listen to her voice.
    "Well unbussy your self! your moving to Chicago tonight!"
    "WHAT!!!!" I screamed. I jumped up and threw my door open. Who the hell am I living with in Chicago!" I asked, hoping she wasn't giving me away to some random friend of hers.
    "your sister. She want's youy for some odd reason, I don't know why. But Yea, Pack up. Your Flight is in like 5 hours."
    I couldn't belive it. I was going to live with my older sister Dannie! I had missed her so much. And she was reasponsable enough that she would be able to take care of me, I knew that for a fact. I packed my things as quick as I could. Just as I had finished It was time for me to go to Chicago.
    When I got off the plane, Dannie was waiting right there for me.
    " how much did mother tell you?"she asked.
    "that I was moving to Chicago with you and that's it." I awnsered.
    " Okay, here's the rest of it. You're not living with me, you have your own home." she informed. I was dumb struck.
    "What!?" I screamed.
    "Don't worry J, I trust you can handle this. It'll be way better than living with mother."
    "Why aren't I staying with you?" I quesioned.
    "Cuz I didn't venture for you, I had already been denied by the courts. She disowned you and told me to deal with the rest of it" she infored me. I felt like runnig, but I knew that was a very bad idea. She took me to my new home and Almost promply left. I started to unpack my belongings. I was almost half way done when I felt like I could bearly breathe, so I decided to go for a walk. I came acrossed a park and sat down on one of the benches to rest. I knew nothing about where I was and started to think about my past and how bad It had been. Tears started to stream down my cheeks.
    "Going through a hard time?" I heard a man say. I looked to him to see warm brown eyes lined with a small amont of eyeliner, shaggy brown hair and a small but welcoming smile. " I'm Mat." he introduced, and held out his hand.
    "Jenna." I replied, taking his hand for a shake. For some strange reason, I trusted him. He sat down next to me.
    "So what's up?" he asked.
    "It's A long, long storie." I replied. "you probly don't have the time to hear it."
    "I've got all the time in the world." He said.
    "Well, to shorten things up, my mother disowned me, and sent me here." I told him.
    "So you have no idea where you are right now?" He asked. I nodded. "where'd you come from?"
    "Modesto, California."I responded.
    "Wow. That's a ways from here."He said. I looked up to see that it had started to get dark.
    "I have to get home before it's too dark." I told him.
    "here, let me help you around." he offered.
    "Alright." I agreed. I was lost anyways and could really use his help. We started on are way, and I could help but wonder who exactly this was. "Tell me a bit about your self." I requested.
    "Well, I'm the Vocalist of a band called Kill Hannah." he said.
    "Oh, really?" I replied. "So I take it this Hannah person is some sort of relation to you?"
    "not really." He said. "she was some crazy girl." He stared off into space. I smiled at him.
    "just some crazy girl huh?" I asked. we reached my house and stepped inside.
    "yea." he said. "it was nice meeting you, Jenna."
    "Could I have your number incase I need some help later on?" I asked him.
    " Sure." he said. " but you have to give me yours as well, you know so I know it's you and not one of those crazy girls out there."
    "Oh really, so how do you know I'm not one of those crazy girls" I asked him.
    " you may be, but until I know you better than this I'll assume your not." he awnsered. He wrote down his number for me and inreturn I gave him mine. we said our goodbyes and he left. I went to my kitchen made me some food and sat down. about then I heard my phone scream at me about a text. I rolled my eyes and picked it up.

    I don't know who you are, But some how you are braking my heart, And I don't know where you are, But your like a drug lifting me up to the stars, It's why I'm feeling alive, for the first time, Here's hoping this day won't end, I don't know now what to do, I don't care, I need ten more minutes with you


    I looked at it a while longer. I couldn't beleive it. He was messing with me. He had to be. Tears came to my eyes.

    How can you even stand being around me. Nobody else ever wanted to. Nobody cares about me. Nobody would notice if I left. I should just die.

    He responded almost instantly.

    When you opened up, What you said, It was so sad, That no one would notice if you ran away, Then your mascara it ran, Don't you vanish tonight, I'm alive just to say, Love you to death.

    I got angry. He had to be messing with me. I didn't know what to say to him. Then I heard a knock on my door. when I ansered it, there he was.
    "Why are you here?" I asked.
    "Because I wanted to see you." he awnsered. Tears came to my eyes again.
    "Why?" I shouted. " I end up just about killing every one who comes near me! I'm crazy! I'm not dead or alive! I'm mosterous!" I tied scaring him away, but he wraped his arms around me and pulled me close.
    "Baby is homicidel, and she got messed up in china town. But when I found her on coney island she said I'm not dead, but I'm not alive. Baby is homicidel, and she got tears and they're pouring down. She's my cry baby, She's my cry baby. now don't cry, cry baby," he sang to me.
    "why not?" I asked.
    " Because I love you to death, cry baby." he whispered. he then pulled me in closer and kissed me lightly. "Do I get my 10 more minutes?" he asked. I couldn't speak, so I nodded to him. he moved in close "Thankyou cry baby." he said and we kissed again.