• A girl named Kyoshi went to the grocery store with her cat Nala. She found Nala roaming the streets of Tokyo so thin that she could see Nala's ribs. Before she could entered the store she heared a voice say " Hey kid. come here if you can buy me some food i will give this vial," the vial was full of a gray liquid. With Kyoshi only being nine was amazed. She rushed in to the store and gave the food she bought to the woman. " Here but this you must know once you drink it theres no turning back."

    Kyoshi not being the best listener just said " Yeah yeah" holding her hand out and looking off to the side. She got the vial and ran off to her house with what was left from giving half the food to the woman. When she got home she left the groceries on the table with her parents trying to say hi. When she got up stairs she popped the cork out of the vial she went to drink it but she heard a voice yell "NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOO!" Then Nala jumped and grabbed the vial with her mouth. and set it on her night stand. Kyoshi standing there not terrified but not knowing it would happen.

    " You may be suprised but I only speak because the gods had a feeling something would happen so they sent me the goddess of cats to watch you when you found me when you were five because they knew you were gonna do something. But remember what the old woman said once you drink no turning back plus I have seen that before its a vampire potion drink and be a vampire."

    Kyoshi said " Cool I wanna drink it!" "Fine but leave one half for me I always wanted to be a vampire not a goddess. It seems your out of your shock too," said Nala. Kyoshi drank half Nala drank the other half. "OW! My jaw hurts!" said Kyoshi " Mine too" They looked in the mirror but saw no reflections. Kyoshi fainted hours later found Nala asleep on her chest.

    Nala woke up and asked " lets go for a walk ok?" Kyoshi grabbed the leash even though its not needed because Nala is a goddess and knew to stay with Kyoshi but no one else knew Nala is a goddess. They took a walk but it was night pitch black no flash light they could see. " It worked!" they yelled. They continued to walk but bumped into something the felt it they felt jeans. "Luke?" asked "yeah what you doing out so late? vampire potion?" he asked "yeah and Nala you?" Kyoshi asked "same and my dog sweatdrop "

    She walked home with Luke "bye" they both said. She walked in. She took an umbrella to school and dropped out told her parents why she did and now takes night school for vampires they kept her cat and got used to Nala speaking. Nala is still a goddess of cats. Kyoshi goes out every now and then but only to go to a river to get fish so she and Nala could get blood her parents wont let her drink mammal blood. Kyoshi now only sees Luke during the night on night walks with Nala and night school for vampires.

    THE END!