• Faysal, Sam and his minions got more than they bargained for, Lee turned into a beast, and (although) they had the power to knock it out, they were still no match for the behemoth.

    Once Laurel and his mates tapped into Lee’s heart, he finally found himself and became a human again.
    With Faysal’s Chaos Powers and his minion’s elemental powers, this could be the final battle between good and evil, but Lee (in his new, powered-up form) might be out-matched by the Chosen One of Chaos

    Lee looked at Faysal and his minions with such dark hatred and anger that it would have made people cower in fear. Laurel, Aaron and Nick were looking at Lee with such wonder and shocked that Nick asked Lee if he was the same person.
    Lee looked at Nick with anger, but the anger and darkness vanished the instance he saw one of his mates and smiled.

    ‘Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you; after all, you lot helped me released my power, and for that I thank you. But now I must end this fight now’ said Lee

    He turned to see Faysal, who seem to be wanting a match to with Lee since he heard about him, shouted in a commanding tone.

    ‘Lee, it has been too long, I’am the Chosen One of Chaos and has I have more power than you and the Chosen One of Light put together, I must ask you to fight me!’

    He didn’t wait for Lee to reply, he ran towards Lee with an energy ball in his hand, he jumped high into the air and shouted ‘Chaos Flare!’
    The energy ball grew and it went straight for Lee, and then it exploded on impact, all was left was a grey fog.
    Faysal looked around, Lee was moving around so fast, no one could see a thing, he raised he fist and punched it in the air; all they heard was a ‘thud’ on the ground.
    It seemed Faysal got Lee in the stomach, and Faysal resumed his attack on Lee.

    Then all of a sudden, Faysal and Lee were fighting at super speeds until they blasted through one of the War Room windows and headed straight for Birmingham, whilst fighting in the air.

    Sam and his mates transformed into their Elemental Forms and followed their master, whilst Laurel teleported Aaron and Nick towards the fight.

    Meanwhile, in Birmingham…

    Unlike the Mansion, Birmingham wasn’t flooded with water and thunderstorms; it was a beautiful night, with moonlight pouring over the Bull Ring.
    A lot of people gathered to see the 10th Birmingham Psychic Festival, which has been 100 years since the first Chosen Ones appeared.
    The Mayor was speaking through a very loud microphone; everyone was looking in surprise and excitement.

    ‘Welcome to the 10th Birmingham Psychic Festival, this is a special time when the Psychics created the Chosen Ones of-Hey, what’s that up in the sky.’

    There was a small explosion, where two people were fighting in the air; the people thought it was part of the show and clapped their hands and cheering.
    Faysal and Lee were fighting, furiously with speed and power far beyond their normal capabilities (the audience clapped again) and although Lee seems to be winning, Faysal was taking no damage what so ever; Faysal blasted Lee in the chest and was hurled at one of the buildings,
    Laurel, Aaron and Nick appeared, followed by Sam, Mark and Nathan, Lee came back resumed fighting with Faysal.

    ‘I need to help Lee win against The Chosen One of Chaos; otherwise we’ll all be doomed’.

    She flew to the battle scene, where Faysal just grinned and said

    ‘The Chosen One of Light has chosen to fight a useless battle; but there’s something you don’t know, The Chosen Ones of Light, Dark and Chaos cannot die, at the hands of another Chosen One.
    However, I’ve been training for 90 years and I have surpassed that skill, so I can’t be kill-

    Faysal disappears, Laurel looked around, but unknown to her, and he was right behind her

    -But you can be killed’.

    Faysal grabbed her by the arms and chucks her at another building, but Lee had recovered and blasts Faysal with a dark wave in the back, which sends him flying.
    Lee knew Faysal can’t die at the hands of another Chosen, but he weren’t going to let Faysal win, so he summoned all of his energy and moved his hands to where Faysal was standing...


    Faysal just stood there and smiled, he knew that if Lee missed his attack, he would destroy everything on the planet…

    ‘Lee, I will take on your attack, without blocking it or dodging it!!!’

    Laurel, who seems to have noticed, told Nick and Aaron to warn the people and find cover, Sam and his minion’s teleported away from the battlefield, like cowards running from a bullet.

    Laurel flew to Lee; she also charged her power to the limits, (Faysal seemed amused) and both of them shouted at the same time. Aaron and Nick told everybody to take cover and run.

    ‘Light Flare’ Shouted Laurel
    ‘Dark Flare’ Shouted Lee

    A bright white beam appeared out of Laurels hands, whilst Lee’s was a dark, red beam; both of them merged together and was heading straight for Faysal, who seem to have noticed how powerful this attack was.
    He tried to block it, but the blast proved overwhelming,

    Laurel and Lee were drained and tired, 95% of the energy was used for the energy blast, but they were smiling, they had finally beaten Faysal...
    Aaron, Nick and the people was in shocked; Laurel and Lee looked down and couldn’t believe their eyes.
    Faysal was standing there, a barrier protected him, he was bleeding, but he appeared not to be hurt or damaged at all.

    ‘Lee, Laurel; that was fun, you used up most of your energy by using that blast, and I have a lot of energy left, I hate to end this game and all, but…’

    Faysal teleported and kicked Lee in the back and punched Laurel in the stomach, they both came crashing down, but before they fell, Faysal ran and speared kick them both.
    He pummelled them both with fists and kicks, without resting.

    ‘Come Lee, you were a lot stronger than this when you were fighting Mark and Nathan.’

    Lee blocked the attack and punches Faysal in the stomach, and sent him crashing down to one of the buildings. Taking advantage of this moment, he launched a barrage of energy attacks, whilst Laurel went down to the others to recover.
    Surprisingly, Faysal didn’t appear to get up, but Lee came firing attacks..

    Aaron and Nick, who seemed worried, were talking to each other, when Laurel came down.

    ‘Lee and Laurel are getting battered, we need to help him.’ Said Nick

    ‘How can we, we don’t have powers, unless…’said Aaron.

    ‘Don’t even think about it’, said Laurel, who heard the conversation, ‘I couldn’t defeat him before, and I won’t now. Its amazing Lee can stand up to him, and it’ll be a while before we can recover.’

    Lee stopped firing, and thought he had won, so he went down to see the others. He staggered as he walked towards his friends, smiling as he finished off the threat.

    However, Faysal appeared again, and was laughing.
    ‘Those energy attacks were brilliant, but a bit crude, I don’t know why you are fighting me, when you should be kneeling before me, but I have a surprise for you.’ Said Faysal

    He raised his hands; Sam, Mark and Nathan appeared, apparently shocked by how he did that. But they knew what he was doing.
    He raised his other hand, Mark, Nathan and Sam’s powers were being drawn from them. Sam, who knew this from the beginning, kept a little power so Faysal couldn’t sense it.

    The powers of earth, fire and thunder have increased Faysals power tenfold, he seem to be glowing around the body.


    Just when all hope lost, and Laurel and Lee stood there hopelessly, The Psychics arrived.

    ‘What are you doing here?’ asked Faysal.

    ‘To tell you the future, and it contains some bad news, Faysal, you shall be the most powerful Chosen One ever’ said one of the Psychics, who seem to be cowering.

    ‘Laurel, Lee, Aaron and Nick shall be killed.’ Said a Female Psychic.

    Faysal laughed, using the power of telekinesis, he grabbed Laurel.

    ‘You shall be my bride, when I conquer this world-OW!!!’

    Laurel kicked him the mouth, Faysal became angry and hurl her at the sky, he teleported and was a couple of metres away from Laurel,


    He raised both hands to where Laurel was and shouted, ‘SUPER CHAOS FLARE!!!!!’

    A huge energy wave appeared and got Laurel in the back, there was a big BANG and Laurel’s body came crashing down with a ‘Thud, then an avalanche of bricks came on top on Laurel, thus…’

    Aaron and Nick went to Laurels aid, whilst Lee was standing there shocked, Faysal blasted Lee with another ‘Super Chaos Flare, and was very close to Lee, who everyone thought he was going to accept death.

    But his power burst forth a dark barrier, and the attack disappeared. Lee ran up to Faysal and started fighting again (Faysal noticed Lee’s power has been restored). In the distance, Sam and his mates were sitting in one of the broken buildings; Sam got up and told his mates.

    ‘I gonna do what I’ve should of done the moment I knew what was happening, if I don’t make it, you’s two are in charge of the gang’ said Sam.
    And in a flash of lighting, he went to the battlefield.
    Sam appeared where Laurel was, Aaron and Nick thought he was going to kill them, but he removed the rubble that was on top of Laurel.

    ‘Why are you helping us; you could of killed us by now’ asked Nick.

    ‘Because, I didn’t know this was going to happen, Faysal said if we defeated Lee, we can go back to our lives, but not like this.’

    He looked at the battlefield; Lee was fighting Faysal with the same speed and power like last time. Laurel got up, whilst in the rubble, half her power was restored, so she went to help out Lee again.

    Sam gave Nick and Aaron a bit of his own power, both feel a bit stronger.

    ‘Aaron, Nick, you two are going to attack Faysal when he least expects it, he said he can’t be killed by Lee nor Laurel, but one of you could kill him.
    Sam walked away and said ‘Farewell’ and with that, he disappears.
    Aaron and Nick looked at each other, both smiling confidently and flew to the final battle.

    Faysal was finally feeling the strain from the continuous attacks from Lee and Laurel, so he blew them away and flew high in the sky, he was powering up to the max.

    ‘I’ve had enough, I’m gonna use a fully charged Super Chaos Flare so I can blow up the world!!!’

    Lee saw everyone, even the children were praying to God for a miracle, so he and Laurel were on the ground powering up to the max as well.

    Faysal, now fully charged, raised his arms, and summoned up the most powerful attack in history.


    A massive energy wave, bigger than his last one, burst forth from his hands and was going slowly towards Birmingham, Everybody was looking, crying out for a miracle.
    Laurel and Lee, once again, shouted in unison.

    ‘DARK FLARE’ Shouted Lee
    ‘LIGHT FLARE’ Shouted Laurel

    Like last time, the dark red energy wave merged with the bright white beam, both of them headed straight for Faysal’s energy attack.
    The energy beams collided and they had massive power struggled, Laurel and Lee couldn’t allow Faysal to win, other wise the world and everyone and everything in it will be destroyed.

    However, despite Lee and Laurels fully restored strength combined, Faysal seem to be having an advantage.
    Faysal made things worst when he increased his attack, thus pushing the beam towards Lee and Laurel, who seem to have noticed and increased their power as well..

    Nick and Aaron saw the energy struggle in the sky, A Father, a mother and a child walked towards them and asked them world going to end...

    ‘Nah, the two people on the ground trying to push it back are our friends, and they have never gave up, and they won’t now’ said Aaron.

    ‘Az, remember what Sam said, ‘Attack Faysal when he least expects it, he means now, he must of known about this from the very beginning...’ said Nick.

    ‘That’s because Faysal doesn’t know the whole truth. Said a heavenly voice.

    They both looked around and saw the three Psychics, standing there.

    ‘Faysal only knows half of the prophecy; we told him that to get his hopes up,
    I don’t know if any of you will die, but one thing is for certain’.

    The Psychic whispered something into both Aaron and Nick, when they were done, both of them looked shocked.

    ‘You need to do it now’ said another Psychic.

    Aaron and Nick teleported behind Faysal, who didn’t noticed them.
    But Faysal was increasing his power and the energy beam was pushing towards Laurel and Lee, who couldn’t increased their power, and had to use all their energy just to maintain it.

    Aaron and Nick moved their hands and aimed it at Faysal, and both of them shouted together, ‘Lighting Surge!’

    Two lighting beams were aimed at Faysal’s back, who noticed it and made a shield, then blew them both away.

    THIS IS IT, YOU’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!’ shouted Faysal.

    The energy beam was going towards Laurel and Lee, who saw this and tried to increase it, but they couldn’t do it.

    Both Nick and Aaron charged up for one final attack, hoping they have time to use it

    Finally, after a minute of charging and waiting, both of them summoned up two samurai swords out of pure lighting.

    ‘Oi Faysal, try and block this!!’ shouted Aaron and Nick.
    they plunged his sword into Faysal’s chest, who screamed in pain, and both energy attacks disappear. Laurel and Lee looked in shocked as the two tried to kill Faysal with their swords, but Faysal disappeared and appeared on one of the buildings.

    Faysal was in complete shock, no-one, could ever do that to him, not in a 100 years.

    ‘I must admit that was a good attack, but that doesn’t matter, Lee and Laurel cannot kill me and I still have half my power left, so I’m going to kill you all-

    ‘Wrong, You didn’t know the Chosen One’s limits; they cannot get killed at the hands of another Chosen One, but if a non-Chosen One attempted and succeeded to kill you, you still have your powers, but you no longer possess your immortality.. said Aaron.

    ‘So, that means if Laurel or me kill Faysal, he’ll be dead.’ Said Lee.

    After several moments of thinking, Lee decided that if anyone had to take Faysal down, he had to be him and him alone.

    Listen you guys, I finally know my fate, and I’m the one that’s going to end this fight once and for all. I want you all to get to a safe distance. Whenever I win or die, one thing is for certain, I’m going to take you down.’

    Lee rushed up to Faysal, and started fighting, both of them tired and half of their energy gone, but they were still fighting.

    Faysal attacked with another 'Super Chaos Flare', and Lee countered with 'Super Dark Flare' they both screamed as all their power was being used for one final attack...

    Another energy beam struggle happned, Laurel, Nick, Aaron and all the others was screaming, as Birmingham and everything in a 5 mile radius was covered in a white dome, as buildings began to crumble and the pavement was ripped apart…

    Aftermath: 2 hours later.

    Birmingham was devastated, buildings had been destroyed and some of it was crumbling. The Bullring was still standing because a white barrier; Laurel protected the Bullring because everyone was inside the building.

    Everyone was in a state of shock; Laurel, Nick and Aaron cleared some of the rubble, trying to look for Lee. Everyone helped out in removing the bricks and mortar.

    They found Faysal’ body, but they couldn’t find Lee’s body; everyone shouted and pleaded for him.

    Eventually, Nick found Lee’s body
    They all couldn’t believe their eyes, the one person who would save them, had given up everything; just so he could save the one thing he cherished the most.

    Lee, woke up, and whispered to Laurel, Nick, Aaron and anyone else who could hear it.

    ‘If you see Birmingham covered in sunlight and there’s is no clouds in the sky, then it means I will return someday.’

    And with that Lee closed his eyes, and went to have the longest sleep in his life.

    The Mayor walked up to them, to try and comfort them, and spoke to them

    ‘You lot are heroes, when we restore Birmingham, we shall tell everyone around England that you are heroes and we shall reward you. However, I must ask who was the one that saved us from destruction?

    Nick, Aaron and Laurel looked at Lee’s body.

    ‘His name was Lee; he was the one who saved you all.’ Said Aaron.

    ‘Well, we shall give him a proper funeral, he would love that.’ Said the Mayor...

    ‘Wait!!! we never told Lee our secret, can we please say that to him before we bury him? Asked Laurel.

    The Mayor nodded, and all three of them stood near Lee.

    ‘We never told you this because we thought you might of freaked out, but the truth is that Laurel, Aaron and me are the Psychics, we the ones that have been predicted the future, we’ve been sent to watch over you, we knew this from the very beginning this was happening, but we never wanted this.’ Said Nick,

    ‘We hope you enjoy yourself in heaven, see ya soon bro.’ said Aaron.

    Aaron saw Faysal’s body being carried away, and in a moment of anger, he blasted Faysal and he disappeared…

    I’ve sent him to Hell, he shall never return here again.’ said Aaron.

    All three of them created a barrier and within five seconds, Birmingham was restored to the point before the final battle, it was morning, with no cloud in the sky…

    ‘Let us say goodbye to Lee, Birmingham’s first, and last ever hero’. Said the Mayor

    Laurel whispered to Lee’s ear, ‘See ya soon’, she kissed him and two cold tears ran down her neck and into Lee’s face.

    They all left, with sad hearts, when all of a sudden, they heard a cough and a splutter.

    They all looked around, and they saw Lee standing up, staggering at first, Laurel. Aaron and Nick ran to Lee and everyone, including the Mayor was cheering in happiness.

    ‘The Prophecy came true, if you see Birmingham covered in sunlight and there’s is no clouds in the sky, then it means you’ll return someday, and you did!!!’ Shouted Nick.
    ‘I’m proud to present Laurel, Nick, Aaron and Lee, whose act of courage and determination have saved us all, anything they want!!! Said the Mayor.

    The citizens grabbed a camera and recorded this live
    Lee was asked by the Mayor what he wanted and Lee said.

    ‘I wanna do, is to save the world from people like Faysal, to help people when they need it the most, to save the people I care for.
    But before I do that, I’m gonna go back home and have a break, and to spend time with my family and friends.’

    And with that, as the morning sun was rising, Lee, Nick Laurel and Aaron jumped in the air (everyone cheered as they did this) and flew back home, for a small celebration, with the friends he cherished the most....

    The End