• (chapter 2 a faint dead image,)
    The next day the boy finaly was asked what his name is he wrote it down on a peice of paper he wrote Forleng Hurmon an ancient name meaning fear and shining glow Forleng runs out the door afraid that he is going to be arrested for having an ancient name, but they just let him be. Forleng awakes the next morning then he see's a boy on a hover board so Forleng hides getting ready to steal it from the other boy, with a rope and some bricks he has it all planned out, just then Forleng yanks the rope trowing bricks into the air knocking the boy off the hover boad Forleng takes it and rides away. A couple days later Forleng is caught. He helps by helping soldiers but instead he has another plan, in a second he ambushes the soldiers with a a gun and runs free.
    Running for his life Forleng hides in a old house, Forleng looks around he see's that the house is old cold damp and hasn't been lived in for years. He looks down sad and depressed
    he wants to know why, but for some reason his memory is blank. All he can remeber is a faint image of a little child running with and older woman,then the sound of laser being shot at the women just makes Forleng shiver. Thinking to himself just hiding then, clank clank clank, looking out the window scared Forleng gets ready for a tiny battle. The soldier looks in the house just in a flash, Forleng is already choking him then,thud as the dead body hit the floor. Forleng looks behind him the other soldiers getting ready to shoot him, in a flash Forleng whips out his pistol and then with smoke arising the bodies fell with a hard landing. Knowing he can't stay there any longer, he takes the rifle and runs. Just as he went around the corner he has been out numbered. With the switch set to fully auto, click boom!,the rifle had blasted all the soldiers flying back. Giving time for Forleng to get away he takes the chance. He rember's the hover board in his backpack,throwing the tiny shiny box in the air,a hover board appeared. Gliding staright in the air, a blast hit the back of the hover board sending Forleng in the air.
    Knocked out Forleng is taken in to the police office.