• Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin...

    It was on a dark stormy night that our story began, as most good stories do.
    It was the eve of Halloween, and the heroine of our story was picking out her halloween outfit.
    But this was not to be any ordinary Halloween, such as you and I have. No... this was to be a night she would never forget...

    "Argh! Lord Almighty!" Jessica Taylor swore aloud as she cut her index finger for the third time that night.
    "Jess. I won't tell you again." Jess's father, Victor said sternly, not looking up from his newspaper.
    Jess stuck her tongue out at him as she put down her needle and the black dress she had been sewing silver stars onto.
    "I saw that young lady." Victor barked, still not looking up.
    Jess sighed and stood up, walking over to the kitchen door, she stopped to look at him.
    "I'm getting a drink. Want anything?" She asked.
    "No. I'm fine thank you." Victor replied, turning the page.
    Jess rolled her eyes as she walked into the kitchen and got a carton of orange juice out of the fridge.
    As she poured the juice into a glass, she looked around the room, admiring her earlier handiwork.
    The whole room had been decorated with orange and black lanterns, all glowing in the light. She had strung black and orange paper chains all over the ceiling, creating a maze of cheery Halloween colours.
    The walls were decorated with fake spider webs and realistic looking spiders and skeletons.
    Her father had gone mental when he had seen the display, but Jess didn't care. It was all worth it for her favourite holiday of the year.
    Jess had never had a proper Halloween before. She and Victor had moved a lot, due to Victor's job as a high class lawyer, so this would be the first year they had properly celebrated.
    Well, Jess would celebrate at least.
    She took a sip of her orange juice and gasped at how cold it was.
    She looked closer at the glass and saw that there were chunks of ice floating in it as well...
    'How odd...' She thought to herself as she opened the fridge again and looked at the temperature.
    "Huh? Who put it on 3?" Jess frowned, turning the temperature gage back up to 7, where it should have been. "Vic- I mean, Dad, did you change the fridge thermostat?" She called over her shoulder, shutting the fridge door.
    "No. Why would I do that?" He asked, sounding annoyed.
    Jess shrugged and took another sip of her orange juice.
    "I don't know. I was just asking." She said, draining the glass and setting it down on the side.

    She walked back into the sitting room and gathered her Halloween costume up.
    "I'm gonna go work on this upstairs. Get out of your way." Jess told Victor, already halfway up the stairs.
    Victor just grunted in reply.
    "Don't object too loudly, you might wake the neighbours." Jess muttered under her breath as she kicked her door open.
    Jess loved her room, with it's high wooden beams and slanted ceiling. They had only lived in the house a month or so, but Jess had already settled in.
    Her room was right in the roof, and she had a small dusty skylight on the left side.
    Her father had told her that the house had been built on an old mill, and that it was supposed to be haunted, but Jess didn't believe in any of that nonsense. She thought ghosts were stupid and childish. Heaven knows why she enjoyed Halloween so much.

    After about three hours of cursing and sucking her bloody fingers, Jess was finished.
    She stood back and admired the black and silver wonder that was her Halloween outfit.
    She was going to be a witch, and she wanted it to be just right.
    Jess yawned loudly and covered her mouth with her hand.
    One look at the alarm clock by her bed told her that it was near midnight, and she ought to be getting to bed.
    Jess quickly cleaned her teeth at the sink on the opposite side of the room, dressed in her jammies, and got into bed.
    She was just about to turn off her bed side lamp, when it turned off itself.
    Startled somewhat, Jess shook her head and snuggled down into her covers.
    "Power must have gone out." Jess muttered as she tried to get to sleep.
    Things like that were always happening at their house. The water and electricity cables were old and Victor said they needed re-doing, but as they weren't going to be staying much longer, he didn't see any point in fixing them himself.
    Jess was just about to drift off to sleep when her lamp came back on. As did the cold water tap on her sink.
    Sighing, Jess got up and went to switch the tap off. No sooner had she turned the metal fawcet, than the light went back off again.
    Swearing to herself, Jess made her way back to bed, blinded by the darkness.
    She was just about where she thought her bed roughly was when she touched something cold, and wet.
    She frowned as she tried to think what it was.
    Did she have a leak in her room?
    She was just pondering this when the lights went back on, and she screamed out loud.
    There in front of her was another person, with pale skin and terrified eyes, reaching out for her...

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    Part Two