• "hey Dave."Daniel had left 3 hours ago but it felt like three years.gale had confessed her feelings for Dave and left her in the cold by saying it would be easier if they weren't together so that the "confusion" would be less complicated." hey gale....why are you calling at....10:30 at night?"
    "...Daniel ended it between us......" she softly whispered.
    oh....my......god....those were all the words Dave could think of to describe his mixed feelings.happiness,confusion,anger,sympathy....chance. he froze in shock as he heard a silent weeping come through the lines. "gale?"
    she wiped her eyes and sniffed sharply, letting out a hoarse that didn't even fool her."i fine...i just had a moment."David couldn't take it anymore...just hearing her suffer so greatly made him loathe his brother even more."im coming over."
    "what?" before had time for David's words to sink in he had hung up the phone at grabbed his coat.Gale finally let his words sink in and went into panic.her and David in a room together alone was not good in her mind. as she ran to her room to clear her mind she saw her reflection in the mirror. her hair was a mess! her deep brown hair against her natural tan skin tone made her look like a hippie. she grabbed a brush when she noticed her outfit." good god!...what am i thinking!" she shut her door behind her with a slam as she primped herself.

    "gale, i know your in--" before David could finish his sentence gale answered the door and David was struck stock still.gale had her hair tightly wound up in a messy bun compared to the anslot of hair that fell to her shoulders.his eyes fell to her heart-shaped face that was only touched by the lip gloss that lay lightly on her lips and her black eyeliner that was softly draped on each eye. his eyes trailed to the rest of her. she was wearing a tight shirt that perfectly cupped her--" David?" he fell of trail of thought when she interrupted his thoughts."hm?"she smiled before bluntly stating."come in."i really need help....i didn't come here to seduce
    didn't you? a deviant voice racked in his mind.
    no...not really...maybe
    well the dude down there is very sure that it came to get some
    David watched as gale bent over to pick up her glass of wine and wanted to pick her up and carry her to her room to get rid of his "problem".David felt his body move on its own as if in a trance.gale turnt and stood to find David 3 inches from her face." David?" he stared longingly in her eyes before taking her chin in his fore finger and thumb. without a second thought he kissed her shiny lips.

    chapter six.....awesome at a whole other level!!!!