• The vampire, the nurse, and the children were celebrating their victory and freedom on their dead enemies bodies and ash, but sadly this is not how the story starts off. It begins when the last know vampires of the world were going into hiding due to the annihilation of their kind from vampire hunters. Now most vampires were not all bad. Most vampires are usually scientist or rulers but helped the people they ruled. The good vampires rarely drank human blood normal cows blood or pigs blood, on the rare occasion they have the people pour them some in glasses so that they do not turn too mindless ghouls. Latter on the humans discovered was of storing it for them and the vampires, what’s left of the surviving vampires. For most humans vampires are something strange to them and fear them and make weird but true at times about vampires making them hated and hunted. Things like their just monster to kills us all, creatures with no feelings from hell to corrupt us. Theirs some people in the world that thinks that they can capture them and use them for experiments for war and chaos. Anyways back to the vampires there is one special in particular rare vampire a Day Vampire named Leon. Leon was a smart, protective of the town’s people, but had emptiness or a void that was slowly eating him from the inside out. The people of the town respected him but also feared him for who he is and vampire that walk amongst them in the daylight. They were glad for the creations he made them for farming technology to new hunting rifles. Leon was also found a way to not drink human blood that somewhat subsided the peoples worry abut rose a new worry, he would mix werewolves blood and pigs blood for a human taste. For Leon he was normal helpful with heavy stuff due to his build and normally stared at due to what he as and his baby face too. Also, he had a soft kind heart that most people didn’t understand or took advantage of but that’s for latter on.
    Mean while in another time and place there were two young twin girls that have extronary gifts. The oldest named Teresa has the gift of the phoenix. She has the control of fire and rebirth from the ashes. Her sister Clare has the gift of water. She controls the water and also has rebirth except she rebirths from the water. Though this is only their 2nd life they still do not have full control of their gifts so they have to go through life again from birth to death.
    Unlike two other twins in the other side of the world that also have gifts of nature. Dante and Vergil have full control of their powers so when they go through rebirth they can come out whatever age they wish. Vergil being the oldest and more relax has the gift of air. Dante being the youngest and more of a cocky attitude has the gift of earth.
    At last the last one to come the nurse slash Doctor. She is not like the last four but only half like Leon; She is a half human and half vampire. She has all of the powers of a vampire but she hasn’t figured it out yet. She is also a brilliant scientist, creating elixirs and finding cures for things like cancer and prevention of tommers. She also has a fascination with robotics and firearms. She’s created prosthetic limbs that work just like a real limb if not better and created a few better weapons that are not suitable for mankind.
    As Leon was helping the farmers with their equipment and crops three people walked up behind Leon with desires of spiking him in the back so they would have to go through huge fight. As they walk a farmer spotted one with the stake and told Leon about them. Leon dodged the spike and ran for his maze full of creatures. As he ran he lead the 3 slayers into creatures that protect Leon at all cost. Sphinxes, Menatars, a heard of Centars, a few trolls and giants and through a pit of basklets that guarded Leon, but their was also a lake in the middle the only way to get to Leon’s house on the other side of the maze. The slayers made of three people, the first was the leader a huge man in thick armour and I giant buster sword. The second was a smaller man was a ranger with a bow made from yew and the string from a Pegasus tail and a spear. The third was a special one that knew her ways around the maze but the creatures knew her because she used to date Leon. Her name is Grace, she dated Leon and left her pet a water dragon in his care but she didn’t come here to kill Leon but to save him because she still has feelings for him. She was the assassin of the group, carrying almost anything u could think of smoke pellets, throwing stars and knives, a katana, and a few explosives. The first creatures like the mentars and sentars were no problem the ranger took care of them while they were running the trolls and giants gave the two some trouble but left Grace alone. Then they came to the pit of Basklets. The ranger tried shooting one but it was more like hitting the snake with a pebble. Basklets are giant snakes about 300 feet long and diameter of 150 feet. They also have really think top skin, they are very poisons, and their eyes are hypnotic to lure pry to them. The ranger and the leader did not see another way around so they had to go through them and fight. Due to the basklets size there was only 6 of them in the pit asleep. They dropped down but the leaders armour clanked loudly that it woke them up. The leader was thinking of was to get through but only one came to mind to fight two each. Grace you take the left two I take the two in front of us and that leaves u with the right two. They split up grace was the first one done with heave sleeping pills into the basklets mouth and climbed out of the pit on the other side and yelled at the leader and ranger “Are you two not done yet?” which discrated the ranger. At that moment a Basklet lunged forward and bit off the rangers arm poisoning him and bleeding to death. When the leader saw this he decided to just run, but while he was running the basklets kept knocking him around like a ball and children which made Grace burst out laughing. When the leader finally got out grace was almost in tears due to how hard she was laughing. What’s so funny, we still have a job to do so shut up and follow. When they finally came to the lake they saw Leon on the other side talking to Grace’s Water Dragon. Their was only one boat to get across and it was barely big enough of the leader to fit in, which was fine because grace knew how to run on the water or have her dragon take her across but didn’t want to let the leader know. Grace started off first and was half way across when she noticed that the leader was till trying to get the boat to shove off when he finally did she was waiting for him on the other shore. He didn’t have trouble until he was half way through the lake when he noticed a school of sharks swarming his boat and then attacking it. When the boat was snapped in half the leader still wearing his armour fell into the water and was falling deeper and then a shark bit his head off and swam away. Grace still sitting at the shore when her water dragon appeared with the sword of the leader, she took the sword from the dragon and slammed the sword into a stone and said a prayer for her fallen people. When Leon walked into his house under the mountain he heard Grace giggling then saying “nothing has changed since I’ve been here last has it Leon”. Sorry but no it hasn’t I’ve been too busy helping the people of the town. I know but still u could of cleaned a bit. So why are u here and with to slayers coming after me? We were sent by The Queen to wipe out all vampires, she’s on wits end after the attack from a created vampire through German technology. Don’t worry I’m not here to kill you I want to save you. I’ve learned an enchantment that would put u in stone for one hundred years but it required for you to be asleep. When Leon was passing out from another enchantment he saw Grace on top of him and then he was out. After she put Leon in the second enchantment in the stone 2 guards came in to inspect how the progress was coming when they saw her they were shocked and told her that her highness would like to speak with you. When they got their The Queen was far too busy to see her and told her to come back another day. A day led to a week a week lead to a month and a month lead to three months when The Queen finally saw Grace but when grace walk in her presence the queen was questing what has happened to her. Your majesty I’m grace that single-handedly took down a vampire, and as for this belly I the last person I slept with was almost four months ago but he is no longer here. The queen was in aw when grace told her this and said Grace you are the most noblest of all of are defenders I can not allow you to single handily give birth to a child and try to raise it you will stay here. Six months latter grace was giving birth to twin girls but was different. The first came out dry and extremely warm, the second after they dried her she was still soaked and cooler than most babies. Their mother and the queen gave the girls the names of Teresa and Clare. A few years has past sine they were born and Grace found a new love who is also an assassin, the girl were old enough to walk and play games. That night when the girls were a sleep a guard passing by their room on patrol noticed that some of the stones were getting red hot and went in to check on the girls. When he went in half of the room was scorched and melted a little bit the other side was flooded. The next night the girls were moved to a different room while repairs on theirs were being done. That night the same thing happened again but their was a guard in the room with them to watch to see if it happens again, sure enough it did and he was half burned and half droned but barely alive when morning came. The medical team found out what happened told a guard to report it to Grace. When Grace found out she ran to her girls and held them and asked them to follow her to the Queen. Your majesty these advents that have been accruing have been my girls. We are sorry for the damage to your plaice and we will be leaving soon to the mountains. The queen agreed and said that they’re always welcome here and this will always be their home. The next day they packed up their belongings and set out. Grace told the children that they were going to see their father and live in his old house but to be really careful were they went in the maze for their was still creatures still living their, and the poison of the basklet might still be on stuff. When they reached the gate of the maze the children were excited and the assassin still had to carry everything. In the maze, they saw some of the creatures that were kill repopulating and tending to the maze like nothing happened. They ran into the centars and talked to them a while to see how thing were and what she had missed since she was their. They helped them with to the lake, but on they was the assassin tripped over the spear of the ranger and cut his leg. Not knowingly he continued until he fell dead. Grace dashed over to him and found the cut and a green drop of liquid and knew that it was the poison from a basklet. They came to the lake and the leader of the centars said “I’m sorry my dear but this is as far as we can go for now we must get back to our work. Its ok I still have my pet that will guild us over the lake. Then Grace pulled out a flute and started play a song when an old Water Dragon appeared before them. Long time no see my old friend. These are my girls the one in red is Teresa and the one in blue is Clare. You would have fun with Clare because she has the gift of water and I want you to help Clare to control her gift and ask your sister the fire dragon to help Teresa to control hers. I will Grace with the help of the centars of course. I will teach to control and use of their gifts, the centars with teach them other things meaningful to life. Dragon one more thing can you take us to the other side with our stuff to live in Leon’s old place? Yes. They climbed with their stuff on the dragons back. It was a short ride, when they reached the other shore. They said bye to the dragon and hugged it