• I heard people screaming as they exited the school. My first day as a student and this happens. Zombies biting people, everyone they had in they're path. This was Josh's fault. He didn't listen now he was one of them. I loved Josh and he loved me, but yet he didn't listen to me. I heard my brain screaming commands but my body didn't move. A wall was falling my way, I knew it would hit me hard. I braced myself, then, something hit me in the head and I collapsed. I felt my brain slowly shut down, I knew because certain parts were starting to shut up. Soon, I felt my eyes open and there was Ben, my best friend watching me.
    "What?" My voice croaked.
    "Are you awake now, Amy?" He asked seriously.
    "Yeah. Why?" My voice was dry so it cracked a little bit.
    "You've been screaming and I've been trying to shut you up. I failed though." He said sadly.
    "I can't help your an idiot now can I?"
    "No. Your right Amy."
    "Yeah. I thought so."
    I got up to my feet. I looked at him shocked and I was worried, terrified. He looked back, puzzled.

    "Dalin. Where's Dalin?"
    "I honestly don't know Amy."
    I ran back to the ruins And I saw Dalin under excess wood and other materials.
    I ran to him and tried to pull him out. I finally, got him out. He coughed a little bit. He said
    "Alright come with me!"
    I grabbed him and pulled him along. He got water and we grabbed a boat.
    "Well I' glad it's over..." I said happily.
    "No....It's just the start." Ben said. "We've got a long road."
    "Yeah, and we'll travel it together." Dalin agreed.
    "Together." I agreed as well, as we sailed off in to the sea.