• I was too tired the night when we had taken out the boat to hold on. Everyone knew it. Ben and Dalin were doing something to me in the morning, I felt a harsh stinging in my shoulder.
    "Ow. Ow. OW!!!" I yelled finally.
    "Amy, sorry." Dalin apologized.
    "I took you on the shore and you got shot and poisoned. He frowned. I touched his face.
    "Not your fault." I said trying to comfort him.
    "It is though."
    I just finally gave up. He was too stubborn. He always won one way or another. I sighed. I was horribly sick. I didn't feel good. I sat up right. Obviously too fast my head spun. Dalin lay me back down. I went to sleep my eyes drooped too much.

    Well... Friends in war.