• Phil and Jen have been dating for many years. It started out with itty bitty cute cootie crushes kept secret in elementary, and onto middle school where they became best friends, always together; inseparable. Finally, during their freshman year of high school, Phil stepped up to the plate with all his courage in a bundle and laid it upon the table and asked her out, knowing he was completely vulnerable to rejection, like a stranded individual lost in the shark infested depths of the seas containing whatever their imaginations came up with. After all these years of being best friends, how could Jen turn such an offer down? Of course, Jen accepted Phil’s request.

    Now, they’re both happily attending colleges nearby. While Jen and Phil were enjoying a nice picnic upon a stone platform in front of a sparkling fountain provided on Phil’s campus, he became nervous as he watched the ants success somewhat in their forage. He once again bundled up all his courage and supported himself upon one knee and proposed to her, thinking strongly that she would gladly say yes with a light level of delight. To his surprise…she began crying. He knew girls were emotional during this kind of thing, but the tears didn’t seem happy, they only seemed sad. He looked into her eyes with concern and uncertainty and apologized without knowing exactly what it was in which he was apologizing for. She then ran off and drove home. He thought it might be a better idea to not follow this time.

    Later that day he called her and texted her repetitively out of concern and curiosity, but she wouldn’t respond nor answer. He pondered about what he had done wrong and soon became stressed with the situation. He was very upset but he had a big game bright and early and knew that getting some sleep and giving Jen some time would be the right thing to do. So he lay in bed and gazed up at the ceiling, hoping that she is okay. He never fell asleep. And didn’t intend to.

    Jill on the other hand had gone crazy! She was so furious. Why would a boy ask her such a stupid and pointless question? She drove to his dorm in the middle of the night knowing his room mate wasn’t in town and she had the extra key. She then walked in and told him to stay lying in bed. She then tied him to the bed and told him she wanted to play a little game. Jen took a lighter from her purse and smiled as she lit the end of one of the sheets upon his bed on fire. She became filled with excitement as the flamed danced around freely.

    Phil screamed for help but she held a pillow over his face enabling any form of help to be to his aide. He panicked and struggled violently against her strength and the tangles of rope to get free but that didn’t work. Soon the fire had reached to tips of his feet and singed and scorched his skin as it quickly arouse and climbed up his body. He screamed in pain and fear. The fire alarm caught a slight aroma of smoke and screeched loudly. Everything was happening so fast! Then, his alarm clock screamed and beeped, and he woke up from his nightmare.