• Well, a long time ago, in the darkest times of the world, legend as it that an angel rose from the very depths of Hell.
    His name was Chrysippus.
    This 'angel' would find a young female and perform very unusual rituals to help cleanse his soul.
    Some of which involve placing them on a stone slat then scalping the victim then peeling their skin off some little strips at a time until you could see every inch of muscle that there is to see.
    He would then cut off the breasts of the young woman then feed it to snakes who would rest in a pit in Hell.
    After that he would cut off the top of the head then scoop out the brains with a scolding hot spoon of iron.
    He would then fill the head up with spideres and scorpions so that the victim is sure to be dead.
    He would wait ten hours for the spiders and scorpions to die and start to rot in the cavities of her head.
    Soon after the heart came out, he would scrape it out with a very sharp rock then put it in preseves.
    He would then travel to the top of the tallest mountan with the heart then put it on a platter then play the Song of Dying Roses on his flute made from the bones of his mother.
    Whom he killed to save his soul.
    The song could be heard from miles around.
    When he finishes his song he then gives the heart to the leader of Hell, The Devil, Satan, Lucifer, as a peace offering so he could live for one hundred thousand more years.