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    A girl had a guy for a best friend.

    They were always having fun, getting into trouble and having a good time.
    They were inseparable always together through thick and thin.

    One day the girl realized that she was falling for her best friend. Slowly but surely. Her heart raced every time he was near. She felt ten times happier each time they got together. She felt her cheeks heat up every time his face is near hers'.

    One day, the girl decided to tell her best friend how she felt. So she asked her best friend to stay after school at the classroom. When the bell rang, students came rushing out of the classrooms. But the girl stayed in her seat and so did her best friend. The girl approached her best friend with a beating heart. She stopped in front of his desk and her face was all red. The guy smiled at her telling her everything is fine. Her heart raced faster as the guy held her hand for comfort.

    As she was about to tell him. The door of their classroom had opened a bit.
    Startled, the girl moved back to see who was there. She saw a girl with blond hair and pretty blue eyes.

    The girl approached the guy and gave him a kiss. The guy then happily returned the kiss on her cheeks. The girl was stunned and she couldn't move a muscle.
    Then the guy told her while holding the blond girls' hand. "Hey, this is the girl I liked that I told you about. We're together now." The girl felt her heart break into pieces. Her eyes were about to shed tears. But she stopped the tears from falling, and she smiled at her friend. "Great. Take care of her okay? This one's a keeper."
    She simply said. Then she took her bag and was almost at the door when she felt a hand stop her. "Hey you said you were going to tell me something." The guy asked. The girl simply shook her head and said "No. Forget it. It's nothing important anyway." Then she ran away leaving the guy confused.

    The girl ran from her school to her house while her eyes were shedding soft tears. As she got home she went to her room and cried and cried. When she calmed down she wrote what happened on her journal. She cried softly again when she wrote about how his eyes seemed so in-love with the blond girl. She made a promise to herself, to keep her feeling for her own and to be happy for her best friend.

    A few weeks had passed, the girl felt lonely since she and her best friend could never be together for so long. He always had to go somewhere with the blond girl taking her to movies and dinners. Every time they would see each other in the hallway, she would always smile and listen to his stories about the blond girl. She would always listen to him even though he doesn’t know that he was slowly breaking his best friend’s heart. Even though how much it hurt. She kept wishing the guy ‘good luck to him and his girl’. Then every time the guy was gone she would bite her lower lip and cry softly.

    Another week has passed, and the girl was in her room. Her phone started to ring. When she answered it, it was the guy and he sounded drunk. The girl asked where the guy was. Then she changed her clothes and went to get him. When she found him, he was leaning on a light post wobbling. She took his arm for support and asked him what happened. Then the guy told her that he found out his girlfriend was cheating on him and he was drinking to lessen up the pain. The girl felt sorry for her friend since he was so much in-love with the girl.

    As they walked it stated to rain. They were about to cross the street then the girl was sure she saw tears coming from his eyes. The guy was embarrassed and pushed her away and hid his face on his arm. He walked down the street when the girl saw a truck coming the guys’ way. She yelled the guy’s name but he couldn’t hear her. When the guy saw the truck coming his way, it was too late the truck was closing in. He was shocked when he was pushed out of the trucks path to the side. He shook his head to clear up from the shock, when he realized what happened. He rushed in front of the truck and got terrified on what he saw. His best friend covered in bruises and there was blood where her body was. He took the girl’s head in his arm shouting her name. He told the truck driver to call the ambulance. His eyes started to water, and then he felt a hand slowly cupped his cheeks. He saw the girl smiling at him. He took her hand and squeezed it tightly assuring the girl she was going to be fine. The guy was now crying while holding the girl’s hand and reassuring her that she’d be fine. The girl made him face her, the she shook her head ‘no’ then she gave him a warm smile. The girl then said “You know. I’m really happy that you’re here. At least I got to see you. One last time…”

    The guy’s eyes grew wide when he heard this. “What’re you saying? You’re going to be fine!” Then the girl’s eyes began to shed tears as well “I… Love you…” She said with her last strength as she slowly closed her eyes. Then the guy began to scream her name over and over telling her to stay awake. But the girl’s body grew cold and her hand fell from his grip. He then started to cry harder. The sirens of the ambulance were approaching; he lowered his head so that his forehead would touch hers. “I’m… Sorry… But I should’ve known… That all this time you’ve love me… Because… I love you too…” he whispered as he brought his lips to kiss her.

    Two days later, at the girls’ wake. The guy was outside staring at the sky. The girl’s mother then came to him and gave him the girl’s journal. “I’m sure that she would’ve wanted you to have this. The guy took the journal, and then the girl’s mother left him. He sat on a bench and started to flip through the pages. The guy chuckled at the memories the girl had written on her journal. His eye shed small beads of tears as the memories of their lives started to flashback at his memory. Then he got to the last page where there was a picture of the two of them and there was a message written. It was written a few weeks ago before he got together with the blond girl. Then the guy began to read it:

    Hey BFF,

    You know I love the way you laugh and the way you would act silly sometimes. I really happy that I got to know you, and of course I’m really glad that we became Best Friends. You know, I started to feel differently towards you lately. I been, I mean my heart has been racing recently every time we see each other. Yeah, I know that we’re always together. But, somehow this feeling is different. It’s not the same ‘brotherly and sisterly’ love we felt for each other when we were at elementary. No. It feels much warmer, much nicer. I think… No, I’m in-love with you I guess. Weird, huh? Well I couldn’t help it. Don’t worry I don’t expect you to feel the same (although I hope you do XD…)

    I want you to know, that, even if you feel the same, but towards somebody else. Always remember that I’ll be here for you. That’s what friends are for right? Oh well… Oh yeah remember our motto… “Never give up living just because something bad has happened. Instead live it to the fullest and be happy” heh heh heh, remember we made up this motto when we almost got expelled from the first year of high school, because you had to throw your red baseball in the air and shouted some stupid stuff. What was that again? Oh yeah “High School Means PARTY! PARTY!” and you had to drag me into doing our ‘shake-your-booty’ dance too. I still blame you for that. But, what the heck it was fun.

    Anyway let’s have fun at high school, and let’s graduate together.

    Love you… Now and Forever…

    You BFF
    Mwhaaa… xd

    After reading this the guy cried so much that he can no longer hold back his tears. He held the journal close to his chest as he wiped away the tears that still threaten to fall. Then he smiled at the sky and smiled, and he whispered: “I promise. I’ll live my life to its fullest... For you…”