• I was in his bedroom when i was changing.. i didn't want him to notice. He examined my body he looked up and down. I quickly pulled away from his arms. He gasped. My wings were coming out of my back.. something i never wanted him to see.. at least not right at this moment. I felt the halo coming up my spine. Tickling my back. I giggled. I started to smile. But what have i done wrong? It is apart of the rules that i shouldn't reveal my true self. I started to float in the air, it was unusual for him to see. He was sitting on his bed in shock. I told him to not be afraid it's still me. He gulped and nodded. My hair was turning a bright blond almost looking white. My skin glowing.. my dress turning into an angelic dress. I could see his eyes glowing in shock. Have i truly scared him? He got up from his bed and asked me what i was. I said..

    I'm your guardian angel.