• ~~~~~BEGIN~~~~~

    It all started the day I met his brother. That was the day it changed. My life, that is.

    It started off as any regular day would, I got up, got dressed and headed to school for graduation with an empty stomach, and no money. My dad had been out all night at the office again and my brother wasn't home, he hardly ever was.

    I was born into a decent family, I had a mom, a dad and an older brother. We were the poster family for happiness...on the outside, but on the inside we were torn apart. Mom and Dad fought all the time, and I was always to blame. I wasn't nearly as good as my older brother, he could do everything I couldn't and more. Until that day, the day that he confided in me that he was gay.

    He was not going to be able to help populate our family, so that was being dropped onto me, but, I myself was also gay. I just didn't know it yet. Anyway I am getting a bit ahead of myself so let me back up and tell you how this spiral of destruction began, ending in me telling you my story while I slowly bleed to death in my own home, a sword sticking out of my gut.

    I thank Kami that Kohaku, Kai, Reichi, Chiske, and Shintarou are at school right now.

    ~~~~~NINE YEARS AGO~~~~~


    "Now for those of you who passed the Jounin exam step forward as I call out your name." Genma said. "Namikaze Naruto" A blond haired young man of about sixteen stepped forward. "Uchiha Sasuke" A pale black haired young man around the same age stepped forward. "Hyuga Neji" A young man slightly older than the other two stepped forward he had long dark brown hair. "Nara Shikamaru" A young man with pineapple shaped hair lazily stepped forward with a yawn.

    "Now for our Jounin Rank Medical Ninja, again step forward as I call your name." Genma said. "Haruno Sakura" A young woman with pink hair stepped forward. "Hyuga Hinata" A young woman with blue black hair stepped forward. "Odoriko Shanbara" A young woman with pitch black hair stepped forward. "Yamanaka Ino" A young woman with blond hair stepped forward.

    "That is all. Thank you. Those of you who were called head to the Hokage Mansion and speak with Godaime. The rest of you may go home, I wish you good luck next year." Genma said and everyone took their leave.

    Outside of the exam stadium a young man with long blond hair pulled up in a half ponytail on his head while the rest covered the left side of his face waited beside another young man, this one pale with black hair and worry lines on his face.

    The older blond one waved at someone coming out of the stadium. "Naruto, over here!" He said excitedly. The young blond from the exam stadium, known as Naruto walked over to the other blond. "So did you pass? Are you Jounin?" He asked. "Yes, Deidara, I am Jounin. I have to go speak with Tsunade now, please excuse me brother." Naruto said with a bow as he left.

    "Good job, Naruto." The older black haired male said, as Naruto walked away. "So Sasuke, did you pass as well?" The man asked. "Yes, Itachi I did pass, I am now a Jounin. Now I am going to speak to Hokage-sama, please excuse me as I do not wish to be late." Sasuke said with a bow. He also walked away.

    "Uchiha-san your little brother is a jerk. He completely disregarded the fact that he was in the presence of two people who outrank him." Deidara said as he turned to his comrade. Itachi scowled. "I realize that, Namikaze-san. I will deal with him later." Itachi stated.

    Naruto and Sasuke along with the six others who passed the exam went into the Hokage Mansion and waited to be spoken to by the Hokage. "Namikaze, Uchiha, Nara, Hyugas, Haruno, Odoriko, Yamanaka, the Hokage will see you now. A woman knows as Shizune said as she walked them back to the Hokages office and ushered them inside. "These are the eight that passed the exam Hokage-sama." Shizune said with a bow.

    The Hokage, Tsunade, looked over the eight of them. "A Namikaze and Uchiha again this year? Two Hyugas, a Haruno, a Yamanaka, a Naru, and an Odoriko? Quite the turnout. We got exceptional new Jounin and med-nin. Here are your Jounin vests and your medical vests. Congratulations. You are now officially on my at call mercy. If I find a mission that you can do, I shall summon you to do it. It would be in your best interest to get to know Uchiha Itachi, Namikaze Deidara and Akasuna No Sasori. They will be leading any missions you may go on." Tsunade said. All the ninja in her office got their vests and left.

    Naruto headed to The Ameguriyama for some dumplings. His elder brother was there along with Itachi. "Hello aniki, Uchiha-sama." Naruto said with a bow. He continued to bow. "You may stand, Naruto-kun." Itachi said. "Thank you Uchiha-sama." Naruto said as he stood upright. "Itachi." Itachi said. "Huh?" Naruto asked. "You may call me Itachi." Itachi said.

    "Thank you, Itachi-sama." Naruto said. "Just Itachi. None of that 'sama' crap. Makes me feel old. I am only eighteen, not eighty." Itachi said. Deidara giggled. "Whats so funny Deidara?" Itachi asked. "You might not BE eighty, but you sure act like it! Get laid already." Deidara said.

    "Get bent, Deidara. Take your own advice and get boned." Naruto said as he rolled his eyes at his elders antics. "Either that or your sexual frustration will get you killed on the battle field." Naruto said. Deidara backhanded Naruto. "You little snot! Just you wait! I will tell father what you just did and he will 'spar' with you to teach you a lesson!" Deidara yelled as he continued to hit Naruto, who made no move to defend himself. Itachis eyes widened.

    "You made Jounin by letting people obviously weaker than you beat you, dobe?" Sasuke asked as he walked into the Ameguriyama. "Hello aniki, Deidara-sama." Sasuke said with a bow, he just stood back up.

    "Deidara stop or I will report you to Hokage-sama. You know as well as I do that intentionally hurting a Hokage candidate is forbidden and punishable." Itachi said. Deidara stopped hitting Naruto and looked at his handiwork. Naruto had a black eye, busted lip and was unconscious. Blood also ran down the sides of his mouth. Deidara smirked.

    "I will take his to get medical attention. Sasuke you stay here and get to know Deidara-san better." Itachi said as he bent down and scoped the younger blond into his arms and dashed off to the hospital.

    Itachi ran inside the hospital and got Naruto immediate medical attention, then he went to the Hokage.

    "Tsunade-sama, Uchiha Itachi wishes to see you, he says that it is urgent." Shizune said through the door. "Let him in." Tsunade said. "She says go on in Uchiha-san." Shizune said. Itachi nodded and walked into the Hokages office. "Tsunade-sama there is an injured ninja who needs your immediate care, he was hurt badly, to the point of coughing up blood. I took him to the hospital and they sent me to get you." Itachi said.

    "Alright, who is this ninja who needs my help and what happened? You can brief me on the way to the hospital." Tsunade said. 'The fact that this injured ninja has Uchiha Itachi worried must mean he or she is a precious person to him.' Tsunade thought.

    "The injured ninja is Namikaze Naruto. Namikaze Deidara raised his hand to Naruto repeatedly resulting in Narutos injuries, Naruto did not try to defend himself." Itachi said. He looked at Tsunade and noticed that her face had darkened. "I will tend to Naruto, you go get me Deidara and have him wait in my office for me. I will deal with him." Tsunade said.

    Itachi nodded and headed off to get Deidara. "Namikaze-san, Hokage-sama wishes to speak with you. She told me to have you wait in her office for her. She will be back there shortly." Itachi said. Deidara nodded and poofed away to the Hokages office.

    Tsunade healed Naruto up to be like new, and Deidara was locked in the Hokage torture chamber for three weeks. During that time, Naruto had slowly gotten into his fathers good graces and earn himself a place in the family. "Naruto, I know you do not want to be forced into anything, but we signed a contract when you were born. You are to be married on your eighteenth birthday. You will not know your future mate until then." His father said.

    "Yes, Father. Thank you, Father." Naruto said with a bow. "You may stand Naruto." "Thank you, Father. Good night, Father, Mother." Naruto said as he left the room and went to bed.

    "Are you sure that is wise to not disclose that he is to marry an Uchiha? He has the right to know." Narutos mother said. "Do not question me, wench!" Narutos father said as he hit his wife repeatedly. She fell to the floor as a broken person. Blood seeping out of her head as she lay there.

    Naruto awoke the next morning and headed down stairs for breakfast, but he did not smell anything. His mother must still have been sleeping, he thought. He smiled, it was a very rare occasion that she got to sleep in. He was happy for her.

    Naruto was walking through the living room, thinking about his future bride. He was wondering what she was like. Was she pretty? Was she sweet? Was she loud? Was she shy and quiet? Was she ugly? He really wanted to know. He kept thinking, until he tripped on something soft, but solid on the floor.

    He got up and looked at what it was. His eyes widened and he let loose a scream so loud the Hokage heard it. 'What was that?!' Itachi thought as he took off in the direction of the scream, it lead him right to the Namikaze Estate. He ran inside the gate and ran in through the open front door.

    What greeted him on the other side of the door was a pale, shaking and hysterical Naruto, and his mother, who was dead. Obviously having been that way since the night. "Naruto? Naruto?! What happened?! What is going on? Naruto come back to me! Come on you can do it!" Itachi coaxed Naruto. Naruto stopped crying and flung himself at the other man.

    "Itachi! Its terrible! Last night my dad told me I am to be married on my eighteenth birthday and now on my seventeenth birthday my mother is dead! My dad is gone and Deidara is still locked up!" Naruto sobbed into Itachis chest.

    "It will be alright, Naruto. I know who you are to be married to, but I am not able to tell you." Itachi said as he comforted the blond.

    After awhile, Naruto stopped crying, he had fallen asleep on Itachis chest. Itachi smiled and lay Naruto down in his room. Itachi then summoned a cleaning crew and had the remnants of Narutos mothers violent death erased. He then went to the Hokage and informed her of what had transpired.

    ~~~~~EIGHT YEARS AGO~~~~~

    Naruto waited in the back of the church for his cue to walk down the aisle. He had no clue why he was wearing a white tux, because he thought the woman wore white.

    They finally called for him. "You look wonderful, Naruto." Hyuga Hinata said to him. "Yeah, you're gonna knock his socks off!" Haruno Sakura said. "Go get him, tiger!" Yamanaka Ino said as she slapped him on the back. They all walked out right before him and then he walked down the aisle.

    When he looked at the altar standing next to the Hokage was none other than Uchiha Itachi. Standing to the side of Itachi were Subaku No Gaara, Akasuna No Sasori, and Uchiha Sasuke.

    There were few people who didn't attend the wedding. Narutos father was not there. Deidara looked genuinely happy for his little brother.

    Naruto reached the altar upon which Itachi stood with the Hokage. "You knew this entire time and you couldn't even drop me a hint eh, Itachi?" Naruto asked a smile on his face. "And here I thought my old man didn't care at all about me."

    "I am sorry for not telling you, Naruto-kun, I really did want you to know that it was me you were betrothed to, but I couldn't tell you. It was to be a surprise." Itachi said. "Its alright, at least I know you." Naruto said.

    "Dearly beloved, we are all gathered here to witness the matrimony of these two shinobi. The rings please." Tsunade said. Sasuke handed Itachi his ring and Sakura handed Naruto the other.

    "Itachi say your vows." Tsunade said. "I know we haven't really know each other that long, but Naruto, I have loved you from the first moment I laid eyes on you." There was a collective 'aww' from the audience. "When I found out you were my betrothed, but you were not to be told I was crushed, although temporarily. I knew that you would be pure for me. I hope to share a happy life with you. I want to make you as happy as you have made me in the time I have known you. I might even make you happier, you never know." Itachi said.

    "Good, now repeat after me: I, Uchiha Itachi, take Namikaze Naruto as my lawfully wedded spouse, to have and to hold in sickness and health as long as we both shall live." Tsunade said.

    "I, Uchiha Itachi, take Namikaze Naruto as my lawfully wedded spouse, to have and to hold in sickness and in health as long as we both shall live." Itachi repeated.

    "Naruto say your vows now." Tsunade said.

    "Well at first I thought my spouse was going to be a girl, but now that I see first hand who I am bound to for all eternity, words cannot describe this feeling of wonder and excitement that awaits me as soon as we seal the deal with a kiss, and to be honest with you, I cannot wait to be yours forever and always." Naruto said.

    "Naruto repeat after me: I, Namikaze Naruto, take Uchiha Itachi as my lawfully wedded spouse, to have and to hold in sickness and in health as long as we both shall live." Tsunade said.

    "I, Namikaze Naruto, take Uchiha Itachi as my lawfully wedded spouse, to have and to hold in sickness and in health as long as we both shall live." Naruto repeated.

    "Good, exchange rings now." Tsunade said. Itachi slid the ring on Narutos finger, and Naruto slipped the other on Itachi.

    "By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you life mates, you may now kiss each other." Tsunade said.

    Itachi grabbed Naruto and kissed his lips softly. "I now want you all to welcome Itachi and Naruto Uchiha!" Tsunade said with a smile.

    Itachi and Naruto went to talk to Tsunade right after their reception and dinner. After all the guests had left of course.

    "Naruto there is something I need to tell you. You were born with a rare birth defect. You have a full female reproductive system in your body. It functions similarly to that of a woman, except that you do not menstruate. You can get pregnant, and on your honeymoon, you are to try your hardest to get pregnant. I will check you when you get back. Enjoy your three month vacation in Hawaii!" Tsunade said.

    Itachi smiled and so did Naruto. They went home and packed bags for their honeymoon.

    "I am happy for you, Naruto. I know mom would be too. I am sorry for how I treated you in the past. Know that I love you and wish for the best." Deidara said as Naruto waited for Itachi to show up to get him to head out for their honeymoon. Itachi showed up twenty minutes later.

    "Hello, love. You ready?" Itachi asked as Naruto got in the car. "As ready as I will ever be." Naruto responded.

    They get to the airport and get in their plane. They arrive in Hawaii a long time later. They go to the Uchiha beach house in Honolulu. They unpack their bags and head to the room for bed.

    ~~~~~THREE MONTHS PASS~~~~~

    Itachi and Naruto get back to Konoha. Tsunade sees Naruto the day after they get back.

    "Congratulations, you two are going to be parents." Tsunade said.

    Naruto and Itachi smiled.

    "You're about two months along. Here are some prenatal vitamins take them everyday after you eat breakfast. Itachi make sure he does so. You are both off from missions with pay." Tsunade said.

    ~~~~~SIX MORE MONTHS PASS~~~~~

    Naruto had been in labor for three hours already when Itachi finally arrived with Sasuke, Deidara and Sasori in tow. "Sorry it took so long lobe, I had to search for them." Itachi said.

    "Its alright b*****d. Just get over here and hold my hand." Naruto growled out.

    A wave of contractions hit Naruto and he yelled obscenities. Itachi paled even more than normal.

    "Don't worry Itachi, all women in labor do that. He will not even remember what he threatened you with once your baby is in his arms. All negative and violent thoughts towards you and your p***s shall live to see many more children." Shizune reassured the paler than normal Uchiha.

    Two grueling hours later. "Its a boy!" Tsunade called out. "I still feel like I need to push!" Naruto yelled. Itachi cut the cord of the baby. Shizune took the baby and cleaned it up. "There's another one crowning!" Tsunade cried out. "Push Naruto!! I need you to push!" Two pushes later. "Its another boy!" Tsunade yelled.

    Kohaku and Kai Uchiha were born on August 23.

    ~~~~~ONE YEAR LATER~~~~~

    Reichi, Chiske and Shintarou Uchiha were born on July 18.

    ~~~~~FOUR YEARS LATER~~~~~

    Kai and Kohaku were five, Reichi, Chiske and Shintarou were four. They were all in the academy.

    ~~~~~THREE HOURS AGO~~~~~

    Sasuke had come to visit his brother, but Itachi was not home. "Where is Itachi?I need to talk to him its urgent!" Sasuke yelled at me.

    "Hes at work right now, he should be back in a few hours. Can I help you in any way?" I asked. "No, I will come back later. Thank you though." Sasuke said as he walked out of the house and back to his own.

    ~~~~~TWO HOURS AGO~~~~~

    Sasuke had come back and Itachi still was not home, Sasuke is starting to worry me. I wonder what Itachi can help him with that I cannot. I shake my head and start to cook lunch.

    ~~~~~ONE HOUR AGO~~~~~

    Sasuke came back again. He was still asking for Itachi. "I might be able to help you, if you would just give me the chance to Sasuke!" I said.

    Sasuke glared at me. His eyes bled into the Sharingan and he began attacking me. He hit me with a black chidori. I coughed up blood.

    "Who are you?! You are not Sasuke! He would not harm the mother of his nephews!" I yelled at him. I Summoned a frog and told it to go find Itachi. Sasuke began to attack me relentlessly. He pulled out a sword and began swinging it at me.


    Sasuke had managed to hit me with the sword I was now losing blood at a rapid rate. He smirked an evil smirk and rammed the sword through my torso. "Why?!" was all I managed to get out.


    Sasuke had snapped out of whatever trance he was in. "Naruto?! Oh god! Naruto?! What have I done?!" He cried.

    "Its alright" I cough up blood, "I know you didn't do it intentionally," I cough up more blood, "Tell the boys that mommy will be waiting in heaven, and please, " I cough up more blood, I feel my energy leaving me fast, "and please tell Itachi that I love him." I finish.

    "I won't have to tell him anything, he already knows." Sasuke said. I weakly turn my head and see the silhouette of my husband of nine years in the doorway. "Please," I cough out, "He didn't mean to, Itachi," I wheeze out, "forgive Sasuke, he was possessed." I say and my world goes black.

    ~~~~~SOME DAYS LATER~~~~~

    I wake to an annoying beeping noise and I look around me. The walls are completely white. There is but a single window that the sun is streaming through. I look to my left and see Itachi and the boys all asleep around me tear tracks on all their faces.

    "Itachi." I say weakly. "Itachi." I say again. This time he wakes up. He looks at me and jumps up. "How are you feeling? Do you need anything?! I will do anything you want! Just tell me what you need!" he said.

    "I could use some water. How long have I been out?" I asked. "Four days. Tsunade did all she could, but she couldn't save them." Itachi said as new tears began falling down his face.

    "We can always try for more, Itachi. I will have as many babies as I can for you. I love you. What happened to Sasuke?" I asked, hoping for the best.

    "He was put in the asylum, Uchiha Sakura is taking care of him. You know they are expecting their third child sometime soon." Itachi said while he looked at me sadness in his eyes.

    "He is not going to be there to see the birth. Of his first son." Itachi said. "They say he is too dangerous to be around children." He finished. "Well then I am just going to have to snap him back to reality and get that damn curse mark off his neck then wont I?" I say.

    "You can get rid of it?" Itachi asked me. "Yes, I am a seal master. I shall summon him and Sakura when I want to remove it. I am glad he did not get reprimanded for attacking the Hokage. I would not let them punish him for something he had no control over in the first place." I said. Itachi smiled. "I am glad I married you, Uchiha Naruto." He said as he kissed me.

    ~~~~~A FEW WEEKS LATER~~~~~

    I have been set free! No more nasty hospital food! I dance happily.

    The boys laugh at me then join in my dance. Everyone is happy to have me back home. I summon both Sasuke and his wife and remove Sasukes curse mark. "Thank you, Hokage-sama." Sasuke and Sakura both say with a bow.

    "My pleasure, Sasuke, Sakura, you guys treat each other right you hear me?" They nod and we have a small laugh together.


    This is the end of my tale, I hope you did not cry to hard, for I am still alive and Itachi and i are expecting our first daughter in a few days. I cannot wait to show the little bundle of joy to the world.

    Itachi, the boys and i all smile. We let the camera take a picture and we make it into our Christmas card. Speaking of Christmas, that is when Sumari is born.

    ~~~~~THE END~~~~~