• An unsettling fog drifted over the town as everyone gathered at Rising Sun High school for the debut of the Fashion club’s hard work, the student models stood backstage preparing by having make up put on them and ther hair fixed while the designers tried their hardest to fix, and alter their creations so that they could win the prize for best entry, which was a 10,000 yen shopping spree at a designer store in the main city nearby.

    The fog had an eerie feeling about it as a couple walked across the campus towards the wide open doors of the auditorium where the fashion show was being held, the couple looked over their shoulders because they had an odd feeling that they were being watched

    “Did you get the same feeling that I did?” the man asked his wife as they hurried along so that they could get out of the scary fog, the wife nodded as her husband put his arm around her shoulders ushering her towards the door, the couple entered the thickest part of the fog and vanished from sight; there was a loud effeminate scream and the fog slowly dispersed to reveal a large vast amount of nothing in the vicinity that the couple had just been standing in, it was as if they hadn’t been there at all.

    Haku looked out the side of one of the curtains hoping to see his parents sitting in the front row seats that he had reserved for them, but they were empty except for the signs that he had written and left for them

    “My parents said they would be here…” Haku frowned as he looked over at Suichi standing tall next to him as Suichi peeked out, but he wasn’t looking for his own parents, he knew they wouldn’t be there.

    “Leiko, have you seen the outfit that Suichi is supposed to be wearing?” Kinoko asked as they looked out over the long white runway that had been professionally laid out by the fashion club themselves, Leiko shook her head and put another hand full of the popcorn that she had brought along with her, into her open mouth.

    The music started and the first few models made their way out onto the runway, Haku smiled at Suichi and bowed his head

    “Do me proud…” Haku replied effeminately as he turned away and pulled out his pink cell phone to call his parents, Suichi glared after him with a weird look on his face

    “Double-entendre, funny…” Suichi said as he turned around and poised himself, he was next for the runway.

    Haku dialed his mother’s number and as the phone rang a young girl answered

    “Hello?” the girl asked, Haku looked at his phone

    “Mom?” Haku asked in his girly voice

    “No, I’m sorry…I just found this phone in the quad…I’m not sure who’s it is, I think they dropped it…” the girl replied as she walked into the auditorium to meet Haku as he directed

    “Thank you for returning my Mom’s phone, I’m sure she’s around here somewhere…” Haku smiled at the girl and walked away as he pocketed his mother’s cell phone and stood against the wall to watch Suichi strut the runway wearing the clothes he had designed, Haku felt horribly; this was his moment and his parents weren’t even here to share it with him; Haku looked at the floor and then turned his back on the runway and walked out of the auditorium into the quad.

    The fashion show was a smash hit but to much surprise, Haku did not win;

    The following day Haku did not seem to be his same old bubbly flamboyant self, he skulked around school with his head hung as if he had been defeated and when anyone would ask what the problem was, he would just reply with a quick

    “Nothing” and return to sulking in his own little world.

    After the fashion show, Suichi’s popularity skyrocketed because of the way that Haku’s clothing fit him, between classes Suichi could hardly walk a few steps without being bombarded by a bunch of lovestruck girls

    “uhm…sorry girls…but I’ve got a girlfriend…” Suichi would reply, but he would only get attacked again by girls with their cries and screams of

    “but I’m better looking!” or the classic “she doesn’t deserve you”, which to no surprise to Kinoko was causing Leiko some very hard to endure pain as she had to hold herself back from throwing large fireballs into the crowds of girls

    “come on…just one…I want to burn her hair off” Leiko replied as Kinoko pushed her against on of the lockers holding her hands down at her sides, a red headed girl turned the corner and saw this scene and yelled for the others

    “GIRLS, Suichi’s free game…LOOK: LEIKO’S A LESBIAN!” the red headed girl yelled as she ran off with the larger group of giggling fans to find Suichi, who was currently at Swim practice with Kouji and the other team mates

    “LESBIAN?!” Leiko screamed as she threw her fist into the locker, causing a large dent in Kinoko’s locker, Kinoko looked at the dent and hung her head

    “And they just replaced my locker door too…” Kinoko frowned as she dragged Leiko off towards the pool where they all agreed to meet.

    Once they reached the pool they were lucky that the boys’ coach was very selective about which spectators were allowed to actually enter the pool area and watch the boys and girls of the Swim Team practice and Suichi and Kouji’s friends were some of them.

    “So I hear you’re a Lesbian now Leiko…” Yuki asked as she pushed a strad of blonde hair behind her ear, Leiko looked at her as is she were going to spit

    “where did you hear that?” Leiko demanded, Yuki smirked and jabbed a thumb over her shoulder at all the girls gawking at Suichi as he swam a 500 meter freestyle race, Leiko plopped herself down next to Yuki who taunted her

    “Not to close…I don’t want your gay on me…” Yuki joked, Leiko punched her in the arm and they both laughed.

    The group met at Mr. Hiro’s house again for their weekly training regiment, they were all progressing, Meicho had learned how to levitate large boulders in the shape of shield to protect him and the others; Yuki had progressed into her second powered attack “Lightning Dance” which caused lightning to surround her and power her attacks as she gracefully performed ballet moves that caused large amounts of damage to whatever she came in contact with; Kinoko finally started to understand Bosatsu, he was old and losing his mind which was slowly starting to grown on her and she realized that he was much smarter than he looked, Bostastu turned onto Kinoko’s favorite weapon: A long bow. Kinoko was part of the archery team so this weapon seemed to fit her, but for some reason she couldn’t perform any magical attacks like her friends; Suichi and Leiko were using each other as sparing partners and tryign to progress into their third level of magic power, but for now they were being forced to fight without weapons

    “Why without weapons?!” Leiko complained one day, Mr. Hiro hit her with a large fan that he had started to carry around

    “What are you going to do if someone kidnaps your Spirit Guide? STAND THERE?!” Mr. Hiro yelled in her face and that was the last time she questioned him; Kouji was starting to become unstoppable with his spear, anything that was thrown at him was used to his own advantage and he was starting to get the hang of his Wind magic; but to no degree could they get Sota to join them for their training, he would just tell Leiko off for trying to get him to help them

    “I’m sorry Leiko…but I have to work…I’m sorry that I can’t help you guys more often, but if I don’t work then we don’t eat” Sota frowned as he turned his back to her and continued grading papers for the class that he was now permanently substituting for at Rising Sun High School.

    Shin walked home one after noon from school with Donna at her side, after all the nasty things that Donna had told her about Suichi and the others, she didn’t want to be associated with such filth and only to add to her frustration, Shin hadn’t seen or heard any peep from anything that could be remotely close to a “Spirit Guide” since the last time she saw them, she hadn’t experienced anything close to the Darkness that she had that day when she saw them fighting with animals

    “They are so stupid…and now I hear one of them is a Lesbian…even worse, they just get filthier and filthier” Shin said to Donna who wore a large red smile, but the red was because of the lipstick that she thought accentuated her “large breasts”

    “Well darlin’, don’cha think it’s high time we stopped ‘em? I mean, if they’r doin’ everythin’ you say they ar’ a doin’…don’ ‘cha think we should stop ‘em?” Donna looked down at Shin with a horrible look that could scare tiny cute puppies out of their skins and into death, on her face and she watched as a smile overcame Shin and Shin looked up into Donna’s face and nodded

    “Yea, let’s show them…” Shin looked off into the distance and headed home, Donna smiled down at her dog and winked at him

    “The Darkness is starting to consume her…soon, she will be completely under my control” Donna smirked as she snapped her fingers and vanished completely in a large mass of Dark Energy.

    “What are you watching?” Kinoko asked as she followed the others into Leiko’s living room one afternoon

    “the news, they found Haku’s parents” Leiko replied, Haku’s parents had been missing since Monday, it was now Saturday

    “What happened?” Kouji asked as he dropped into the seat next to her, Leiko pointed at the screen

    “they found their bodies dumped in a dumpster a few miles North of School” Leiko continued

    “Their bodies were completely drained of all liquids, like they had been embalmed and they said that Haku’s Mom’s body was missing it’s lips and his Dad’s body was missing it’s legs…” Leiko replied, Yuki made a disgusted face

    “Who would do something like this?” Yuki asked as she turned away from the television as they showed pictures of the bodies

    “I don’t know, it does sound odd, do you guys think we should check it out? Incase it has something to do with the darkness?” Kouji asked as he looked up as Suichi who was leaning over the couch behind him and Leiko

    “I don’t know, but just to be sure we probably should” Suichi smiled at Kouji who returned it with one of his own and Suichi’s heart leapt, Suichi immediately stood up and looked away from Kouji hoping no one saw anything as Suichi blushed a little and he only caught the last sentence of the reporter before Leiko turned off the teevision

    “Reports of a strange fog have been showin…”

    “Well what do you guys want to do today? We have the day off…” Leiko asked as she stood up and stretched her arms towards the ceiling

    “Why don’t we just go and research into this whole mess today?” Kinoko asked as she sat down on the loveseat next to Yuki, everyone agreed and they set off for their respective houses to grab much needed items and their Spirit Guides to catch the train North to the scene of the crime.

    Donna entered her home and immediately walked over to a brand new cage that was sitting in the center of wall opposite the door

    “aww…ar’ ya’ hungry ‘lil’ fella?!” Donna crooned over the palm sized light brown mouse that was sitting in the corner of the cage

    “When I get out of here, I swear I’m going to turn into a large scythe and rip your throat out!” squeaked the mouse as it gnashed it’s teeth at her

    “big talk coming from a tiny rodent that I can squash with my pretty goulashes here…” Donna threatened as she lifted one of her feet which bore the boots she was indicating, her accent vanished and her eyes turned a ugly shade of purple as she looked down at the pest

    “When I escape…hear this Donna…Shin and I will show you our power…and we will run you through…” retorted the Mouse

    “I’m sorry little one, we’re you saying something…I was admiring myself in the mirror above you” Donna smiled and made kissing faces at him as he sat in the corner with his tiny arms crossed angrily, Donna laughed maniacally as she went off to do her usual routine.