• My onyx hair blew viciously behind me as I ran down the golden beach. Sand stuck beneath my toes and sprayed onto my legs, but I didn't care; soon I would be in the clear blue ocean. I looked over beside me to my huffing and puffing brother who was struggling to keep my pace. Then all of the sudden, the hot sand left me and cool water rushed to greet me. I closed my eyes and slowed my pace. Aaaaahhh. It felt so great on my legs after the long roadtrip here. I heard my brother jump into the splashing waves beside me. I opened my eyes to see him squating in the knee high water beside me, giggling when a wave came and washed him a little ways toward the shore, then he would walk back to his place and wait for another.
    I began padding forward into deeper water. "Where are you going?" My brother called behind me. I turned toward him, "For a swim." I called back. Before I knew it he had splashed his way over to me. "Come on!" He said with a swirling movement. I nodded then dipped my body under and opened my eyes. My vision was blurry but I still could see my brother walking slowly beside me and picking up shells. I swam through the water like a torpedo. Soon, I had forgoten all about my younger brother. I seemed to dance with the reflection of the wave ripples on the ocean floor.
    I came to the surface for a breath and found I had swam out far and could barely touch the sandy bottom of the ocean now. I stood on my tip-toes but the water was up to my chin. I looked around me, but found my brother nowhere in sight. Then I saw him. He was standing on a sand bar about ten or so feet away. I smiled in relief. But then I saw his expresion. His horrified face gawked at me and a shaking finger pointed to me. I stared for a moment wondering what was wrong. Had I hit my head on a rock and now looked horrificly disfigured? I giggled to myself. Then I noticed his eyes weren't focused on me. And his shaky hand pointed to something... Beside me... I had no time to react. I suddently felt a sharp slam into my legs. I tumbled over into the water and whiped my head around to see what had happened. A dark gray mass backed away from me. Then I noticed it wasn't going alone. I felt a sharp tug at my hips. It had my leg! I tried to scream but only felt the salty water rush into my mouth.
    The water was turing pink with blood. I struggled to pull away from the large shark, but it's grip was very strong. All of the sudden, I saw nothing but darkness. I was being thrased around like a rag doll. I felt nothing and couldn't figure out where my head was. Then the darkness opened up and I could now only see out of one eye. I had no idea what had happened to it. I then realized my head had been in the shark's mouth. Then I felt a ram to my side and the sickening noise of my bones snapping pierced my ears. I'm going to die! I'm going to die! I'M GOING TO DIE! Was all I could think. Then It all went black and all my senses were cut off.......

    "Emma?" I heard the noise but I could hardly process what it had ment. "Emma, honey, can you hear me?" The sound pleaded. I opened my eyes warily. "Oh, thank god!" The voice squealed. "Emma? Are you all right?" Another voice sounded. I looked up to see his face. He stood beside me dressed in white medical shrubs. "Do you understand what is going on?" He continued slowly. I struggled to remember how to speak. "Y-yes." I managed to choke out. "I was a-atacked." I continued slowly. "B-by a shark." I spit the last line out. His face was confused now. "No. Emma. You weren't attacked by a shark." His face was serious now. "You seemed to have a... attack of some kind. But it wasn't a shark. Otherwise you would most likely be pretty scratched up and-" I interupted him. "But the w-water! It was pink! A-and it ripped my l-leg!" I gasped.
    "Hmph," He grunted quietly. He walked over to the foot of the bed where my mother stood and mumbled something to her under his breath. Her eyes widened with his words. Then she scowled and shook her head at his next set of words. He mumbled something else, something urgent and louder. Sounded something like: "It would be better for her." My mother sighed in defeat. "Well... Okay. But only if you promise." She said in a normal voice now. The male doctor smiled, "Promise."

    (Sorry if you think it sucks so far... I'll try to write more soon)