• Sparkle 2

    The last time we were with our adventurers The Klabbers family they were living the royal life. Each day they were under the care of the almighty Dolphin Queen, because they helped her in the worst of times. Today they had just finished there catered lunch by the queens’ fish servants, when all of a sudden the Queen burst in with such a worried look you would be worried to. The Queen told the servants away, shut the door and said,” Dear Klabbers I do not mean to interrupt but I have a problem once again.” Everyone perked up to that. The Queen continued,” I’m in search of a king that will tell I am beautiful with the wonderful word “Sparkle” you have uncovered for me, because I want to marry someone worth it. If you would please find someone worthy you will not go unnoticed there is a great reward.” With that, she left them to ponder this. They started to talk and in the end they came to agreement that they would all help the Queen with their special talents. They said they were ready for a summer of adventure and suspense.
    Let me tell you a history of the Klabbers. Each of the Klabbers members had a special talent that they had discovered in the previous summer. The previous summer they understood the bond that there family held and they strengthen it with the quest the Dolphin Queen has them do. The quest was not given to them personally but it was advertised. Many people feared they would fail so they never accepted it. The Klabbers family is well known in the sea so they are respected very much. Also the prize was they were to be taken under the care of the Queen. (The Queens’ real name is Emeralda. Most people just say the Queen and she
    doesn’t mind either.) But now we see ourselves back again with the Klabbers in the warm cozy room the Queen had left them in. To bring us back to the problem at hand, the family came to an agreement that they would help the Queen. So they packed their things, and went to find the Queen and tell her their decision. When they finally found her it was about dinner time so when she heard the wonderful news she declared that she invite everyone in the land of Mapgrins to a feast. They all ate to their hearts delight.
    So after the feast they said their good byes and headed into the unknown. They traveled out of the town and went west. As they heard the town of Flipatania, was known to hold the richest of Dukes, Duchesses, Princes and Princesses. But most importantly it held the nicest king in the land. Flipatania was no to far to the west, only a days travel away. So the Klabbers Clan ( as they were known) set off eagerly and could wait to meet the king. While they were traveling they encountered a stream and decided to set camp there since the sun was setting rapidly. The stream was melted water from the highest mountains over the ocean and the finest too. ( The water got here through special tunnels and was strictly for camping and drinking purposes. No fish occupied the water. Keep this in mind as you read.) As the Klabbers Clan set up camp they started to converse. “ Man my fins ache so much I haven’t had this much exercise since last summer.” I complained. “ Don’t you get exercise at school? “ Mom said. ( a.k.a Cindy) “ Not really. All we do is WALK laps.” I said. “ Well then I will have to talk to the principal about that then. Because all young growing dolphins need strong fins to survive.” Mom commented. “ Here we go again “ Brandon groaned. “ Well lets just set up camp and go to bed. “ Dad said. ( a.k.a Lee ) “ Ok then good night everyone.” I Yawned “ Night “ Said Dad. “Nighty night “ Brandon half
    yawned half said. Then everyone was sound asleep.
    After everyone awoke promptly at 7 they packed their things and set off once again for Flipatania. They arrived in only 3 hours. Once they arrived they were fairly surprised to see many people shopping around and milling around doing……well nothing. The first thing they saw was the Royal Palace they were surprised to be rushed in once they explained themselves. The next second they were right in the king’s room and faced a mid-sized man with no queen and fairly handsome. He had blue eyes brown short cut hair. He was dressed in the finest of clothes and sat on the most beautifully embroidered chair also. The king spoke first and said, “ Welcome to my town of Flipatania, I have heard you have a problem in the land of Mapgrins and I am always here to help. Oh yes by the way I am King Caxel.” “ I would also like you to meet my son, Prince Luka.” With that a boy of about 12, the same age as I. I was awed at the beauty of Prince Luka. He had blue eyes like the king dark brown hair the was grown to the perfect length. He also wore the finest tunic and he had perfect radiant skin. The Klabbers Clan were all considered to be Princes and Princesses and I was in love with Luka.
    Then Prince Luka spoke up, “ Today I will train to be a true prince and help you deal with your problem. As I ask now what is that troubles you all? And may I also ask of your fine people your names and titles.” I spoke first, “ I am Princess Leahanne of Mapgrins.” After that she blushed rose. The Brandon spoke, “ I am Prince Brandon, along with,” - gestures at Carson - “ Prince Carson.” Next Mom spoke, “ Me and my husband are their parents with no titles.” “ Also our problem is the Queen of Mapgrins is looking for the perfect suitor. “ I said shyly. “ Ah and I can see where the problem arises then.” Pronounced Luka. “ Prince Luka,

    may me and my family have a tour of your fine, er, town?” I said. “ Oh yes excuse my manners but you may your family may go with my family while, if you want, can come with me and have a private and personal tour?” Luka said. “ Oh yes I would be delighted.” I said so eagerly I couldn’t contain myself with the excitement. I thought, Wow I think this handsome prince has a crush on me as do I.