• I lay in my bed, sobbing as freshly new bruises and cuts embedding my arms. Hugging the pillow close to my chest, beging for this horrible pain to end! My sobs continued, though I tried to hold some back as I heard my father in the hallway, heading towards his room, then back down the hall. Once he was gone and out the door, probably going back to the bar, I coughted out my sob, trying to wipe away any tears, but new ones followed in their place.

    I continued sorrow, letting it swallow me hole. But suddenly, there was a light tapping on my bedroom window. I bolted upward, sitting in my bed, with my gaze fixed on the window. "W-who's there?" I stammered, my eyes widen in fear. Slowly, I got up, walking towards my window, my hands shaking faster then a rattle snakes tail does when it's warning someone. Slowly and wairly, I openned the widnow.

    "Cassie!" I heard a whispered, jumping as I turn my head forward, releasing my glare at the ground, seeing my best friend, also my secret crush, looking at my face. I looked towards the ground, then back up to him. I could feel my jaw drop as he was just hugged the large branch of the tree that was next to my window.

    "S-sean...What are you doing here?" I asked, my voice was weak, when I wished it to be stronge. I was very proud that I had found the courage to speak, unlike the always, when I'd try to talk to Sean and my voice becoming hoase and a whisper. But it was almost liket the usal.

    "Please! Let me in, I need to talk to you!!" Sean murmured, his hand soon extended to whipe one of my newer tears away from my ivory pale skin. I nodded, backing away from the window, as he climbed the rest of the way in. Sean was busy to brushing leafs and dirt from his clothes.

    I crossed my arms, glaring at him. Why did he have to come now? "What are you doing here?" I said, my voice stronger now, as I continued to glare at him with my icy blue eyes. Sean's face was so beautiful! I felt somewhat jealous of him. But I felt a sudden pain send an earthquake through my heart as I saw his exprestion change as he looked at my arms.

    Sean just looked at me, looking as if he was about to start crying as well. Before my mind could catch up with reality, I could see Sean cross the room towards me in only two long strides. "Oh Casandra!" He cried, his arms wrapping around me and pulling me closer into his chest. My breathing cought, and I found my arms, wrapped around him too. I felt a warm feeling cover my face as I hid it in his chest. The tears return, I could feel him lift me up, as he carried me towards my bed. Soon, Sean was sitting on my bed, with me in his lap as he tried to comfort me, whiping my tears away. "I came here...To get you! Sean murmured, his voice strained. To take you away from this place! I had came over here to tell you that I had gotten the science project done, when I saw your father beat you in the kitchen." Sean growled, his lips pursed into a fine line.

    I sniffled as I looked at his perfect face, but it had held so much anger towards my father, I began to whipe tears from my eyes with the back of my hand and he continued. "When I saw this...I felt so much rage! He had no right to do that to you!! Why didn't you tell me in the first place!? I never want to see the person I love so much...Hurt ever again. So I thought of something, I thought-" He paused as he heard my gasp.

    "You love me!?!" I could feel my eyes bugging out of my head, staring at him in sudden happiness! Sean just smiled, whiping a new set of tears. But not tears of hurt, but tears of happiness from my eyes! His hand stopped on the side of my face, I leaned m head into his hand, a small smile had found it's way to my lips. Sean's hand was so warm, when it touched my face, it left fire there. I simply closed my eyes, enjoying the moment for as long as I could.

    I jumped as I heard Sean chuckle, as I openned my eyes. Was he laughing at me? Had he lied to me? I felt a pinch of hurt return to my already broken heart. Sean just simply shook his head, his lips to my ear. "I always have...And I always will. Now can I tell you my plan?" He chuckled, and I nodded mutely. "I want you to run away with me. Please." He whispered quietly.

    I gasped again, looking at the boy in shock. I thought about the plan in my head, ok. So if I did run away I would be with Sean forever, and away from my father forever too. I smiled at nodded. Sean smiled at my agreement. "Alright, first we must stop at my house and tell my parents, they won't be mad at all." Sean was now on his feet, me cradled in his arm as he ran down the stairs carring me gracefully. He openned the door, and jogging out of it quickly, but not enough to shake me. We soon just ran away, and I smiled at the house that I was leaving in happiness.

    I laughed on the inside, I never thought I'd leave that house in happiness, unless my father had beaten my so bad that I was dead and in a trash bag. "Thank you." I whispered to my hero, and I just saw him smile as we disappeared into the night.