• Joe was an average guy, a senior in high school, and whatnot. He was a football player, not the best, but better than worst. They all called him 'Smiler' because no matter what happened, he never lost that trademark smile or grin of his. I knew Joe, and it intrigued me, as to how he could deal with girlfriend problems, bad grades, due dates, and even abusive parents at home, and smile all the while. One day I asked him.

    "Joe, why is it you can smile so much? I know that sometimes you gotta frown man!" He never lost that smile, not even now. He nodded and replied.

    "Its simple really. I take all the bad, and separate if from the good. The good always wins." he walked away, leaving me dumbstruck and full of more awe than before.

    A few weeks passed, and Joe stopped coming to school. The once loathed 'Smiler' and disappeared. People began to realize how much they missed the guy, his happiness a morale boost all around. Then his mother came to the school, tears flowing through her mascara, all of her make-up ruined. She told the principal the news, and an assembly was held.

    "Students, a tragedy has occured. Joe...he took his life. He left a note, and his mother wanted me to read it."

    Dear friends,

    No matter the happenings at school, parents at home, dealing with no money, and such, I always kept a smile. I never could frown, unless I was alone. Then I let the sadness out, so that when I was around others, I could feel strong, not the weak little crybaby my father called me. Then, it grew too much, and I've finally had enough. I'm taking my own life, and no one can save me. I've become forsaken. Forgive me all. I love you.

    This is the story of Joe, the Smiler.

    So please, do yourself a right, and help your friends, do what I could not.