• The cafeteria seemed different in many ways, for one thing, there were hardly anyone eating in here.
    "Micheal where is everyone?" I looked around to find many lunch tables empty.
    "No one wants to be here, they are scared after the incident that happened with you. They are scared that the same thing that happened to you, may happen to them." His expression was tired.
    "That's stupid" I laughed.

    we can see Jake easily in a blue sweater across the cafeteria. He wasn't alone.
    "Um....... Micheal, who is that person eating with Jake?" I looked back to see Jake talking happily with a girl around my age. she had on a red shirt that said "I'm an America" and blue khaki shorts. she had big blue eyes that stretched adorably across her face, her red big lips look like those of a people out of a fashion magazine, and her long shiny blond hair went far down her back spreading the aroma of rose throughout the room.

    "Oh her?" Micheal said with no interest in his voice. "Shes a transfer student, her name...... I think is Raphael."
    I looked back to find the happy Jake and Raphael sitting right next to each other, exchanging glances. A sudden burst of jealousy flash through me.
    "What makes her so special?" I asked. Micheal heard the jealousy in my voice.
    "Some one jealous?" he asked teasing me.
    I didn't mean to be a jerk to Micheal. Its that I just don't like the thought of Jake being close to any girl besides for me. Although both Micheal and him doesn't know that I'm in love with Jake.
    "No! I'm not jealous! are you stupid or something?" I asked letting my anger out on him
    "Sam take a chill pill. ok? didn't mean anything mean by that. Man I didn't think you would get angry over something like that." His face searched my face, to see if I were to explode again. "If I would have guess. It seems like your in love with Jake" He laughed facing away from me.

    that did it. I turned around in the opposite direction of Micheal and stormed out of the cafeteria.
    I don't think he notice that I had left. I heard no foot steps chasing after me or maybe he didn't care to come after.
    But it doesn't matter now.
    I was in the hallway, and I can feel tears streaming down my face. It was both from the embarrassment and anger. Micheal hit the spot, and he knew it.
    My tears were screwing up my vision now, I had to stop and sit down on a bench.
    I still couldnt see out of my eyes. when I heard a strange voice.
    "Are you ok?"