• on the night before christmas, a reindeer that we all know, sat lonely in a small playyground. he was famouse a year ago for saving christmas, but now that no one needed him, he was agian lonely, not even faline liked him. rudolph sat alone, wishing for a christmas miracle.
    now, only a few blocks away in a small reindeer school sat a little male reindeer named Jasper. he hated school so much. it was incredibly boring, because all they talked about was this guy named santa, that he hadn't even seen before. Jasper didin't believe in santa. as snack time started, jasper crept out the back window and hurried to go and play on the playground.
    rudolph sat, praying that he would be loved agian, his tiny tears gushing from under his eyes.he wimpered loudly, sniffling every so often. a patter of footsteps came from behind him. he stopped and listen. had someone heard him? had his wish come true?
    " BOOO!!!!!" jasper screeched as he lept in front of rudolph, stufffing a hoovefull of artificial snow into his face. jasper laughed at the priceless face of rudolf.
    rudolf looked down. his wish had not come true, it was just jasper, the boy at school that was a troublemaker and liked a girl named aspen. he started to cry agian.
    jasper stopped laughing. he'd never made anyone cry before. was rudolf faink it?
    " you okay, rudolph?" he asked quietly.
    " no! noone likes me anymore and no one seems to want to be my friend!" rudolf cried loudly, almost yelling.
    jasper looked at rudolf and decidied he was telling the truth.
    jasper studered words he said constantly but never meaning intill now, "sorry."
    all of a sudden aloud screch came from the barn that the famouse reindeer lived in. vixen had, had a heart attack! everyone was shouting for rudolf to help save the day. his miracle happened rudolf lept up and ran to santa's oped arms. so, santa was real, jasper thought.
    a small chubby elf name cruso, waved a mistle toe above jaspers head and giggled softly. aspen walked up to jasper and kissed him. his knees buckled and he fell to the grounf and aspen teasingly kicked the fake snow into his back.
    hope you like it! merry christmas!
    Happy Eeyore