• Suddenly, Kakuzu bolted upright in his bed and saw Hidan standing before him. "What the hell have you done!?" he demanded, making a clawed fist.

    "Easy, dude," Hidan tried to calm him down but it wouldn't work. This was Kakuzu he was talking to.

    "Who is she?!" Kakuzu caught sight of Mitsuko who had tried to scuttle under a hospital bed.

    "She's the one who revived you," Hidan told him.

    'Stupid Hidan,' Mitsuko thought.

    "Then why is she cowering under a bed? Where the hell am I?" Kakuzu stood up and realized he was naked. "s**t," he said, wrapping the sheet around him. "Sorry, girl."

    Mitsuko had been closing her eyes the whole time, afraid to look into the neon green eyes.

    "You've been dead for awhile, Kakuzu. You remember Shikarmaru? The little p***k that attacked us in the forest?" Kakuzu nodded, "This is his daughter. But before you attack her, hear me out. She saved me. Shikamaru had buried me in a ditch in her family's forest and she found me. She helped me get here to revive you."

    "Okay, thank you little girl but we must be getting on our way. Come on, Hidan. We have to report this to the leader. They're probably wondering where we've been," Kakuzu began to walk towards the door.

    "Kakuzu," Hidan called, turning towards him, "It's been almost thirty years, Akatsuki is gone."

    No affect crossed the man's face. "Well, then I guess I have no reason to be around you then." With that, he continued towards the door.

    Mitsuko watched Hidan's face as Kakuzu said this. Hidan was hurt. But not as hurt as she was when he only wanted to be friends. She would never forgive him for that. Her thoughts were interrupted as the door broke down and five ninjas jumped into the doorway, chakras flowing.

    "Mitsuko, come here!" Hidan shouted, holding out his hand. She didn't know what to do and she was scared so she took it.

    Kakuzu's arm turned black and he thrusted it into one of the ninja's chests. Mitsuko watched in horror as Kakuzu extracted the ninja's heart and put it into a hole that opened in his chest. He quickly did the same with three other ninjas and then on the last one, he strangled with his bare hands.

    "Gruesome, huh?" Hidan asked, smirking at Mitsuko. She trembled at his side as she held his hand. She felt so small and useless.

    "Let's go!" Kakuzu yelled at them as he ran out into the hall with the white sheet tied around his waist. Hidan pulled Mitsuko along and caught a kunai that Kakuzu chucked over his shoulder.

    "Aw, thanks man!" Hidan shouted at him gratefully after he took a quick glance at the weapon.

    More ninjas came and went as Kakuzu and Hidan fought them off so they could escape. Mitsuko soon realized she was caught up in something bad as her father stepped out in front of Kakuzu and took a drag of his cigarette.

    "Kakuzu! Stop man!" Hidan told his former partner. Kakuzu stopped and looked at Hidan over his shoulder.

    "Come on, this way you guys," Shikamaru cocked his head and darted towards a hidden passageway.

    The three of them followed Shikamaru through a small tunnel and emerged behind the building. But they didn't stop. Shikamaru led them all the back to his house and when they came in, he slammed the door shut, locked it and pulled the blinds down in the window. Mitsuko hid behind Hidan, her father was angry. And this time, he was angry with her!