• Darkness slowly melted awayas the fires burned bright. It was like when the sun rose and burned away the night. The view was hypnotic, and if it wasn't for how scared or depressed i was, i would have been pulled into the fires majestic beauty. What kept me was the fact that my family and friends were slowly disapearing as the fire grew. Even from the hill, i still felt the fire's rage.
    Suddenly, i was snapped out of my trance when a stick snapped behind me. I whipped myself around, only to see my worst nightmare. The creatures who killed and burned my village were right there, and with a wided eye expression i sprinted as fast as i could threw the forest we were near. As i weaved between the trees and shrubbery, memories raced through my mind of my childhood days here. Even when my parents warned me not to, i'd secretly wonder aimlessly though here only to find myself back at the village.
    When i was little, i'd always found it strange that i could never get lost, but now the invisible barrier had been shattered and i was lost. I'd gone farther than my known world, which wasn't isn't all that much since i don't recall anything before the age of nine, but what could i do?
    I looked behind me and found no one, so i stopped running. Looking around, i found the shadowy forest too quiet. I turned north and started running once again. I felt like an animal being hunted; nowhere safe to go and only myself to depend on. Out of all that has happend, what scared me the most was having these freaks chasing after me and not knowing why. All i knew was that they were going to do anything to get me, for i was this badly wanted. I also knew that they were from my past, but no memories came to me of how i knew them...