• ~The Visit ~
    ~ Chapter One~

    I opened my eyes. I stared into the blackness of my bedroom. I groaned. I was awake in the middle of the night. Again. I looked over at my glowing digital clock. Two Fifty-six AM. Great. Bright and early. While grumbling about how stupid my sleeping cycle was I noticed that there was a dry burning sensation in my throat. Thirsty… I mumbled. I sleepily, and stiffly, walked down the stairs, almost falling down them a couple of times, but I managed to keep my groggy balance, somewhat.
    I stood at the sink while I waited for my big cup to fill with water. It was hard for me to keep my eyes open but I managed…sort of. I turned off the tap and took a big chug of my drink. Ahh. Instant gratification. After a second of being in H2O filled bliss, I could hear someone walking on my porch. Clomp, clomp, clomp. I heard a soft knock as the person rapped on my big, wooden front door, and then the clunking again as they stepped back. It sounded as if they were in steel-toed boots. Weird. I looked towards my door. I could see the silhouette of the top of a head through the panes of glass above my door. The person was extremely tall. What the heck was Sasquatch doing at my door at three in the morning? I chuckled at my lame joke as I went to the door and reached to unlock it. As my fingers just lightly touched the lock, not even turning it yet, the person grabbed the door knob and gave it a good wrench. When they figured out, and they figured it out reasonably fast too, that the door was locked, they started to rattle and bang on the door. The hysterical voice of a woman rang out from behind the door. It was deeper than normal.
    “IT’S STARTING! HA! HA HA! IT’S STARITING AND YOU WONT EVEN EXPECT IT! HA HA HA! EXPECT HE UNEXPECTED! EXPECT THE UNUSUAL AND OUT OF THE ORDIANRY!” they burst out into hysterical laughter. I was pushing back on the door, throwing all of my weight against it. I was crying horribly. I thought she was going to break the door down. My feet were slipping because I was in my slippers, though I wasn’t thinking about my cold feet at the time, I was thinking on my god! She’s going to break down the door and I’m going to die. I’m going to be brutally murdered by this nut burger, right here! In my own flipping home! Then it stopped. I was pushed up against the door, sobbing. It stopped suddenly. I pushed the deadbolt that we rarely used across the door and ran, suppressing shrieks, into my little brother’s room, calling the dog with me. I lay there in my brother’s bed, curled up with the dog and stared into the darkness, scared enough to crap myself.
    The crazy lady came two more nights, which made three in a row. I locked the three locks we had on the door. One on the inside, one inside the actual door, and the deadbolt. I sat awake in my bed with the dog and listened, almost I tears as she screamed out her frightening nonsense. What was happening? Why me? Why now? Why? My dog whimpered every night she came.

    ~It Begins~
    ~ Chapter Two ~

    I breathed in the crisp, cool December air. I smiled. Shopping had taken my mind off of the freak that came to the door . My Aunt Sadie, and cousins Cam and Taylor had gone shopping with us. We’d started shopping at about seven in the morning and I was tired because I had the most stuff. We were walking down a ratty little street to find a triple A because Aunt Sadie had locked the keys in the car.
    From down the road we could all hear the roar of a school bus and we all looked. The bus came barreling down the road and screeched to a stop I front of us. The doors opened. A larger woman with sort blonde hair grinned at us. Her grin was a little creepy. It made me uneasy.
    “Need a ride?” she said, overly friendly. There was a cat, the size of a larger kitten, in her lap, a bigger cat, bigger than average size, was in the seat behind her. The big cat looked at us with these oddly intelligent eyes.
    "Yes!” Aunt Sadie motioned for us to climb aboard. We did. I looked at the people on the bus as we tried to find a seat. My friend Mona was on the bus. I smiled and waved. She looked at me, terror in her eyes. She mouthed the words “HELP ME.”
    After about a half hour, I figured we were going home, rather than to a triple A. aunt Sadie must have told the driver our address. Taylor went up to the front of the bus. I saw her talk to the bus driver. Then she looked at the cat and went a little pale, but picked it up. It rested it’s head on her shoulder and then jumped out of her arms. She looked at us all scared and motioned at us to sit in the front. We followed because she looked so scared.
    After a while Taylor leaned over to me and whispered to me and Cam.
    “The cat, did you see me pick it up?” we nodded. “Well, that’s because it said to! It talked to me! It said that we should sit in the front so we can get out easier.” I clutched my bags. Cam looked at me and we both knew she wasn’t lying. This scared me. What was wrong here?
    Soon we slowed and a man from the middle sprinted towards the doors. The driver closed them before he could get out. He screamed and sobbed and banged on the doors. A lady looked at him, trembling with sobs, though her face was serene, like she went through this several times before. That’s what sent me over the edge.
    It finally got to our stop. I grabbed my bags, and ran behind my cousins and Aunt. I just barely escaped. I had to push against the doors to get them open enough to get me out. After I was on the porch, a boy from the bus came out with one of my bags.
    “Here, you forgot this.” He said. He was about sixteen with blonde hair and glasses. He started to walk away, but turned to look at me again with a small smile. “Oh, by the way, don’t sit in the back.” He walked back to the bus.

    * * * *
    I hid my head under my pillow. I could hear someone banging on the door and yelling something I could hear all to clearly.

    Get ready, it’s starting…again…