• tab Shiraku Hosetsu and Orochimarus old snake Manda trained for three years learning new jutsus and practicing his taijutsu Shiraku was the best warrior Manda had ever seen. He learned incredibly quickly and mastered jutsus and hand signs with no problem. Shirakus' specialty seemed to be Genjutsu and Espionage. Shiraku excelled in camouflage jutsus and disguising his chakra making him virtually invisible to even the best of ninja.
    tab After his years of training Manda took Shiraku to the leaf village leaving him about a mile from the village so when ninja left on missions they would find him. The story Shiraku invented was that he lived in the mountains and his parents were killed by rouge ninja. The story he made up worked and within a week Shiraku was in a foster home in the Leaf Village. His foster family hated fighting but Shiraku knew it was his destiny. So Shiraku worked doing odd jobs around town until he had enough money to buy a small apartment (and by small i mean it was smal their was only enough room for a bed a toilet and a stove).
    tab By the time Shiraku was 13 he joined the ninja academy and was in the top of his class. Everyone in his class was also about half of his age but Shiraku didn't think that made a difference, ninja are born ninja no matter what the age. Shiraku was promoted to the honors class and he took the ninja exam 2 years before he was supposed to. The exam had changed a lot since the attacks on the Leaf happened.(First of all their were two different Ninja Training Facilities one trained the regular shinobi but the other was used to train medical ninja. The reason why this change was made is because the 5th hokage decided each team needs one medical ninja.)
    tab The final exam also changed drastically it no longer was just one simple jutsu that the ninja needed. To become a shinobi the student must challenge a ninja level chunin or higher to spar. In this sparring match it would start off like hide and seek, either the want to be shinobi will seek or he/she would hide. Their are three different ways to become a shinobi in this sparring match: 1. if the person hides from the shinobi for more than a single day then they will become a ninja 2. if the person traps the shinobi then this person becomes a ninja 3. if this person battles the shinobi and uses multiple jutsu and lands many hits on the shinobi then they will become a ninja. Shiraku made the most daring and stupid idea anyone could make. He challenged Naruto Uzamaki otherwise known as the 6th hokage.