• As she looks through her mothers red leather journal, she starts to wonder who she actually is. Staring out in the rain is pooring out into the pond nearby, the wind blows softly and you hear the faint dropplets hit the window in an unreconizeable ryethem. Of course this is when the thinking comes to still the perfect nights sleep, that one passage in the that journal is it ment for me? Is it telling to look for my fauther who has been lost at war for three years? Soon to be four. Sitting up fast getting a little light headed, she knows her calling its to go to war and fight for the country, for her fauther. But how women are never aloud to be in the military.

    Then she look at her name... can Kelly harper become a mans name... mabey... She ran down the beautiful stairway that was made from stone, as fast as she could she grabed the sissors and went to the bath room. In the dark is when the black hair is rests on the floor. she puts on a par of old jeans and rushes out leaving her mother a suicide note, not knowing that she might not come back alive and making her mother search for her. she put little droplet and the paper as if she was crying. Kissed her and left. It was just after midnight and she felt even more powerful then she has ever felt in years.

    Standing in the straights line you could have ever imagened the comanding officer announces " gentalmen it war time I know you just arrived here, but we need you men to serve the army you will go in a week, so pack and be ready. I know some of you brave shoulders might not even make it out of here alive, but we all here to surve our country, arn't we so now this time we must defend it, if we want to win we must fight now, i wish you all luck, and good bye."

    With these word i knew that they are just using us as mice, we all were going to be put on the front line to be killed. a week later we are put in our spots with only a gun, not even for half of us. we march to a feild. Wait to what seems to be for ever, and then we see a shadow, a shadow that must be people waiting for us to attack. We got the wave and we all started marching in ryethem and the i remember the time i thought that i was going to join the army. What a stupid idea.

    In a horrible pain swept my body i fall to the ground, quivering in pain. Is this the end of my unstedy life, is this the end, feeling wind rush by i know it people runing by, guns seemed to be firing slowly, like in those movies when the poeple feel like there going to die, and every thing seems to be going in slow motion. Well that what seems to be happening, the darkness starts to sweep my eyes and i scream, i dont want to die...

    The pain stopped i lay on my back and look around and see other people fighting around me, people laying next to me gasping for there last breath. Why am i not dead yet? why are the people around me are moving so slow. Then the darkness comes and i close my eyes. This is the end. God please let my mother know that i love her and she will alway be in my heart and then nothingness came.

    A birght light shinded into my eyes, is this what it is like to be dead? To feel peace and no emotion at all? To feel like your floating on absoltly nothing, all of a sudden the pain returns, i start to fall, and I never want to go back. And i float again. I look down and see my body laying there lifeless on the ground, and say good bye, nobody besides my mother would care if im dead and she can join me once her time is up. I look around and go towards the beautiful bright light.