• I probaly dident tell you this but Rayne was a vampire.
    So she always got mad on a full moon Its because her mom got killed
    by a vampire killer.I was the only one from her and death.
    I only Killed one vampire killer Thats how i got my scars.
    I finally found her after 2 hours of looking. "come on why did you kill them?"
    "because brian was starting to get mad at me and zeke said he would kill me."
    "They found out?" "yeah" "why did you hurt raziel?" "i did not she was asleep."
    Well she has bad wounds like a cannibal eat her." Come on we need to get back " i said as
    i teleported us to the living room" Raziel tell me what attcked you?"
    "i looked like a zombie but with armor on so i couldent really see"
    "thats weird ill go and look" As Rayne and I left the house we heard Raziel moaning it probaly a mutant
    I Grabbed my shotgun this war has lasted for 3 years now i never see rayne anymore.
    Hidden in some shadows i waited for the enmy to arrive one did but you never know with this type of enemy.
    I turned around and stabed the Mutant.I was the last Soilder in the war everone else is dead.
    All of a sudden 10 came running to me. I had to leave the war its to much for me i already got bite by one.
    I teleported to rayne. "shade!" Rayne said as she hugged me "hi we have to leave there was to many and I was the last one.
    also i got bit by one yesterday it dident hurt me, it was like 1 centimeter deep ill be ok"
    "ok im ready to leave already"