• The first time I saw her was at the circus. She was a tightrope walker. I was suddenly in love when I saw her. She was so amazing, her aerodynamic body, her gentle face, her bright smile, and everything. I began to go to the circus more often. One day I decided to approach her, you know, to know her more. I sneaked to back stage and found the most disgusting thing happening. The circus master was whipping her into a cage. It turns out she lived in a cage... like an animal. I suddenly broke into tears. Why was such a beautiful creature trapped in a cage? I decided to try to save her. I took all of my money to buy her, but it wasn’t enough. I decided to try everything, and because I was a poor 15-year-old boy living in the 1930’s, I couldn’t get a decent job. So I robbed people. Soon, I got caught by the police and had to give back all the money I stole and more. But it was better than going to jail. I couldn’t do anything, so I decided to join the circus, to keep her company. I went to the circus master and asked for a job, he laughed, “Boy, if you were a circus folk, you’ll be trapped in cages, performing 24 hours seven days a week!” I shook my head and looked him in the eye.
    “I want to join the circus, I can do anything!” I cried trying not to tremble.
    “Can you be an animal cleaner?” he said, trying to seek my fear.
    “Yes” and so I did. I worked a week cleaning the animals. Their feces and all. And after that week, he approached me and gave me what would be ten dollars today. I graciously thanked him. He told me he wanted to promote me to a performer. That was my moment. I could finally see my beautiful love. I headlong accepted. Little did I know, I was performing as a lion tamer. I had no idea how to train a cat, let alone a lion, so I prayed it wasn’t a real lion. Days later, it was my day to shine. I slowly walked to the centre stage. My heart was pounding out of my body. I walked into the giant ring. Slowly... The crowd goes quiet... I take a deep breath... The last few moment of my life. I saw the lion walk in. He snarled loudly, laughing at me. I took my whip. I shot it at him. Suddenly the stage was dark, only a single light. On me. I ran towards the lion, and whipped him. I kept telling myself this was just a dream, but it was too real. A few seconds later, the lights went back on and the lion was on the floor. It was all a sham? Or was it just my mind playing tricks? Either way, I was out of breath, tired so I triumphantly walked away. I walked to the back stage and I was, as I thought, whipped into a cage. But, because of fate, I was in the cage with her, my beautiful love. I asked for her name. She told me ‘Hermione’. It turns out when she was five, her abusive family sold her to this hell and ever since, she was a tight rope walker. My soul died that day. I promised her, every day, that I would one day free her, “One day I will free you.” And she would smile. On dark, cold nights, she would sometimes cry. I would hold her in my arms and say, “One day I will free you.” She would look up at me and smile, but in my mind, I was actually saying ‘I will love you forever, no matter what happens.’
    It was almost a year since I sold my soul to the circus, and in a cold winter day the master said, “I decided to let one of you go. One of you will be free, but in return, the other will be here forever with no escape.” My heart pounded. This was my chance to free my beautiful Hermione! I looked at Hermione; she was quiet and hoped to be freed. I knew what I had to do. I took a deep breath and told him I wanted to stay. Hermione broke into tears. The master unlocked the cage. And pulled her out. She began to kick and scream. I closed my eyes and whispered to myself, “let go. Let go of the one you love. If she comes back, she will be truly yours.” I looked at her. Her tears made her face sparkle like the stars. I really love her, no matter what happens. Once again, I told her, “One day I will free you.” And she was dragged out. Months went by, I just laid there. In my cage. Lonely, heartbroken. I missed her. I didn’t eat anything, I was growing weak. I felt as if I died the day she left me. The master opened my cage, and walked me out to the stage. I looked around. At the happy cheering crowd. Then, Right there, I saw her. My beautiful Hermione and she mouthed my words, “One day I will free you.” I broke into tears. Was it really her? Was it really the one I loved so dearly? The lights went off and I searched for her, but it was too dark to even see. The lights went back on and she was gone. She must have left. I was discouraged. The master whipped me back to my cage, “Boy, you were real stupid to stay.” I nodded and slid back into my cage. I sat there. I really thought she was going to save me. I really thought she would want to live together with me. I sat there; I could still remember everything about her. Her beautiful face, her kind heart, and her incredible brains. Her voice was like the air I breathed. Then, in the shadows she walked towards me. Holding a bag. The master approached her. “Well, I see you’ve come back. I am guessing you want to buy someone?” She nodded and pointed at me. And whispered,
    “I told you I would free you.” She gave him the bag. It was filled with wads of money. He stared greedily at the money and unlocked my cage. I was finally freed. I ran toward her. I wanted to hold her forever.
    “I will love you forever, no matter what happens.” I said, embracing her. That day, I was revived by love. We got married that year, and we had children, and we told them our story, and they told their children. And she was forever my beautiful Hermione. No matter what happens.