• The Black Butterfly

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    ::Chapter One::

    Kiss of Death

    Years ago, on the day of the Butterfly Festival, a young couple was found dead next to a gold fountain. On the cheeks of the two adolescents, were two black butterflies. The people in the city of Chesia panicked. No one knew that there was such a thing as black butterflies. Everyone believed that black butterflies were just a myth, a folklore, a scary bedtime story to make sure children did what they were told. However, they were quite surprised when the two black butterflies appeared. As the full moon rised, more butterflies came into view...Children and adults stayed in there homes at night. They saw that the butterflies that had started coming out at night...were black. Nobody knew why they were here, or how they could be rid of them. But, out of the veil of black butterflies, a young woman with long, silver hair and pure white eyes with skin as white as the moon sat next to the fountain, and ran her hand in the water, turning the crystal clear water into a dark, crimson red...Blood.

    Young men around the ages of 20-30 grabbed weapons and foolishly went outside, glaring at the White Maiden. The White Maiden looked up at the men, and smiled. Time froze. Black butterflies appeared from under her long, silver hair, and flew in front of the men. Time started again, and the men stepped away from the White Maiden awkwardly. However, three black butterflies landed on the lips of three men...and they fell dead...The men that were untouched by the black butterflies' kiss threw down their weapons and threw themselves on their knees, praying out of fear of dying. The White Maiden stood silently and walked over towards the men, and stopped, five feet from them. She looked up at the women, the elderly, and the children that were watching. And there, she said, "If you wish for my butteflies to leave Chesia for good, then you will sacrifice ONE maiden...A young woman, who is almost as beautiful as me, and bring her to this fountain by moon rise tomorrow." And she vanished.

    The people of Chesia mourned about how they couldn't bare to lose any girls. But by the time that the moon rose, they still couldn't make their decision. Again, the White Maiden waited at the fountain, impatiently. She was just about to raise her hand until she heard a door open. A young girl stepped in front of the White Maiden, and sat on her knees. "Who are you?" The White Maiden asked. The young girl looked up. "Beautiful White Maiden, my name is Kirin. My parents disapprove, but I am willing to sacrifice myself so that you keep your promise...I will take the black butterflies kiss of death." Kirin said, her eyes showing a sense of bravery, truth, and compassion. The White Maiden smiled. "I see...You wish to sacrifice yourself to save your people. Very well, I will take you for the sacrifice." she said. The White Maiden walked over to Kirin, raised her head with her petal soft fingers, and looked into Kirin's eyes. Kirin and the Maiden heard the mother screaming bloody murder at Kirin. But the young girl ignored it. A very small black butterfly that was hanging from the left ear of the Maiden, flew down in front of Kirin and hovered above her lips. It stayed for a moment and performed a dance, telling the other black butterflies that after it landed, they would go away forever. The black butterfly landed on the lips of the young girl, and the maiden, Kirin, and the butterflies, all disappeared.

    Five years later...

    It had been five years since the White Maiden took the young woman, Kirin, for her sacrifice. Every now and then, the city folk would swear that they would see Kirin, dancing in a field full of black butterflies. But twas an illusion made by the moon. One day, Kirin's father passed by a statue of an angel, who was opening her arms wide and wearing a smile. Around her neck, she wore a pendant, the same that Kirin wore everyday. Kirin's father sat on his knees and prayed that good would always come to the city of Chesia, and then walked away, his face wearing a sorrowful face. A few days later, a young baby girl was born. The parents named her Kit, noticing a den of a fox family and their babies. Each day, the mother would tell her baby the story of a young, brave womam, Kirin, who sacrificed her life to save Chesia. And as each night she told the story, Kit grew to understand the reason why Kirin gave her life. Chesia was such a peaceful place, and no one in the world understood that. But Kit did...And she promised to protect it.